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Significant Figures and Unit Conversions
Crash Course Video on Sig Figs and conversions
Khan Academy Video on unit conversions
California State University professor George Wiger problems and solutions about significant figures
Thoughtco worksheets for conversions and sig figs
Science Geek online practice for metric unitsrules for counting sig figspracticing sig figs, and a sig fig quiz to test yourself with!
Socratica video on unit conversion (part II is here)

**Please note: These links are in the process of being updated. They will all be live ASAP!**

Classification of Matter video by The Science Classroom 
Properties of Matter video by The Science Classroom

Atomic Theory and Electron Configuration
The History of the Atom video by Socratica
The History of the Atom video by The Science Classroom
"Just How Small is an Atom?" video shows what atoms look like on a bigger scale
Video on Electron Configuration walks through the basics of electron configuration and the different notations
ChemWiki page on atomic theory
TEDEd Video summarizing the history of atomic theory
CrashCourse video on the history of atomic theory
ChemWiki page on electron configuration
Socratica video on electron configuration
CrashCourse video on electron orbitals, orbital diagrams, and electron configurations

Elements and The Periodic Table
CrashCourse video on the Periodic Table history and arrangement
Periodic Videos is a website that has a video for every element on the Periodic Table! It's a great way to learn cool things about each element!
ChemWiki page on trends on the Periodic Table
Royal Chemical Society page that lets you click on a trend and see how it changes across an interactive Periodic Table
Khan Academy videos on trends on the Periodic Table

Chemical Bonding, Naming, Molecular Geometry and Polarity
CrashCourse video on types of chemical bonds 
Khan Academy video on types of chemical bonds
Science Classroom video on how elements combine to form compounds
Socratica videos on ionic bondscovalent bondsstrength of different bond types, and metallic bonds
CrashCourse video on types of compounds, Lewis structures and electron dot structures
Bozeman Science video on Lewis structures and VSEPR theory
CheminTen video on VSEPR theory
Chemical Formula and Naming game lets you practice naming and writing formulas for ionic and covalent compounds
Quizlet flashcards to practice naming compounds 
Chemistry teacher's online quiz for naming practice!
Online practice for naming and formula writing- with immediate feedback on answers!
Science Geeks page on practicing naming and formula writing
McGraw Hill/Glencoe online practice problems for naming and writing formulas for compounds 
Write Formula is a free game from iTunes that let's you practice making compounds!
Mahjong Chem is a free online game (that can be downloaded as an app for your phone!) that let's you practice charges, compounds, and naming!
CrashCourse video on naming organic compounds
CrashCourse video on polarity in molecules

Moles, Molar Mass and Molarity
Khan Academy video about moles and Avogadro's number
Khan Academy article about molarity and molarity calculations
CrashCourse video on molarity, molality, and solutions 
Practice worksheet for molarity and concentration problems (only one or two useful worksheets, lots of work we haven't covered yet)
Science Geek practice problems on mole conversions
Science Geek practice with moles and volume
Chem Academy video about converting between moles and grams

Writing and Balancing Chemical Equations and Types of Reactions
Science Geek problems on balancing equations
More Science Geek problems on balancing equations
Science Geek practice game for balancing equations
California State University web-based quiz that lets you practice balancing equations
ChemTutor page on chemical reactions and equations (balancing, writing, etc.)
Practice worksheets for balancing equations and predicting products (other worksheets also linked for subjects we haven't covered yet)
Science Geek practice problems for identifying types of chemical reactions
Science Geek practice problems for predicting products in single and double replacement reactions
Science Geek predicting products practice problems
TedEd video on the Law of Conservation of Mass
Socratica video on balancing equations (multiple methods shown!)

Stoichiometry and Limiting Reactants
WikiHow page about stoichiometry that walks you through the steps of different types of stoichiometry problems (grams to grams, moles to grams, etc.)
ChemTutor page on stoichiometry topics (including moles-moles, grams-grams, and gas stoichiometry)
CrashCourse video on stoichiometry 
ChemCollective tutorial on reaction stoichiometry (video with practice problems)
ChemCollective tutorial on theoretical yield and percent yield calculations (video with practice problems)
ChemCollective tutorial on limiting reactants (video with practice problems)
PBS video about stoichiometry (mass-mass and percent yield calculations)
Chem Academy video on stoichiometry problems
ChemWiki page on various types of stoichiometry (including notes and practice problems)
Socratica video on stoichiometry basic problems
Socratica video on longer stoichiometry problems (mass to mass)
Khan Academy video introducing stoichiometry
Khan Academy video introducing limiting reactants
Khan Academy stoichiometry problem examples (example oneexample twoexample threeexample four)
**See the link below to find a listing of all the interactive practice problems available for stoichiometry**

Gas Laws and Gas Stoichiometry
CrashCourse video on the different gas laws (Boyle's, Gay-Lussac's, and Charles, as well as combined and Ideal)
CrashCourse video on using the gas laws to solve problems (mostly Ideal Gas law)
TedEd video about the properties of gases 
TedEd video about the different gas laws  (Boyle's, Gay-Lussac's, and Charles')
Socratica video on Boyle's law (with example problems)
Socratica video on Charles' law (with example problems)
Socratica video on Gay-Lussac's law (with example problems)
ChemTutor page on gases and gas laws
YouTube walkthrough of a gas stoichiometry problem (by one of the chemists behind
Chem Academy video on the combined (mixed) gas law
Chem Academy video that walks through some combined gas law problems 
ChemWiki page on the different gas laws (including notes and practice problems)
Khan Academy video explaining phase diagrams
Khan Academy notes on and example problems for ideal gas law (example oneexample twoexample threeexample four)

Thermochemistry and Reaction Rates
CrashCourse video on calorimetry (talks some about Hess's law, which we did NOT cover)
Khan Academy video on specific heat, heat of fusion, and heat of vaporization (Includes heating/cooling curves)
Khan Academy video on heat in, heat out problems
Notes and practice problems on calorimetry from The Physics Classroom

chemistNATE video on calorimetry (heat in, heat out)
SMS Science video on how to read heating and cooling curves
TEDEd video about collision theory and factors that affect reaction rates 
IsaacsTEACH video on the factors that affect reaction rates
Mindset Learn video on factors that affect reaction rates (we watched a small portion of this in class!)
Teacher's Pet video about changes of states of matter
Tyler DeWitt video about exothermic versus endothermic reactions
The Organic Chemistry Tutor video about exothermic versus endothermic reactions and their graphs
Ohio State University video on heat stoichiometry

Nuclear Chemistry
CrashCourse video on nuclear chemistry (includes brief discussion of half-life)
Khan Academy video on the three main types of radiation (alpha, beta, gamma)
Professor Dave video on nuclear reactions, radioactivity, fission, and fusion
Video about writing nuclear reactions

Acids and Bases
Chem Academy video on the properties of acids and bases

General Links
These links might be helpful for a variety of topics. Take some time to explore them!
Crash Course Chemistry Playlist on YouTube
The Science Classroom channel on YouTube
Socratica channel on YouTube
Khan Academy Chemistry Index
General Chemistry Online tutorial index
Practice Worksheets for Various Topics
California State University Professor George Wiger's Chemistry Problems Index
Science Geek Chemistry Practice Index
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