IB English 11

May 22-24  Documentary Presentations

May 22 Blocks 1, 2, 3 
May 23 Blocks 4, 5, 6
May 24 Blocks 7, 8

May 17   Documentary Presentations  
 May 15  Documentary (group)  
 May 11  Documentary (group)  
May 9   Documentary (class)  
 May 7  Paper 1  
 May 3  WT1 Due
All LOC must be returned or you will receive a fine. 
Review for Paper 1 
May 1   Workshop Finish WT1 
Upload WT1 to Turnitin.com
 Apr 27 WT 1   
 Apr 25  WT1 Proposals Due 
Apr 23  Review technology, media bias,  political campaigns, 

Review WT1
Samples and scoring 
Complete Proposal 
LOC can be returned at this point. Lost or damaged books will incur an $86 fine.

Why The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted Answer questions 7 & 9 
Facebook Friendonomics Qestions 1 - 7
 Apr 19 The Greatest Movie Ever Sold 
 Apr 17 Create an Ad   
 Apr 13 Gallery Walk and Present
Complete group Evaluations 
Guerilla Ads
"Weasel Words"
Find an ad that uses at least one weasel word. Explain how the word is used and the effect within the particular advertisement. 
 Apr 9 Visual Analysis of Ads
SOL Exhibits
Work on SOL Exhibits 

 Apr 5 Work on SOL Exhibits   
Apr 3  Begin Advertising and Persuasive Lang
Types of Ads

Read assigned SOL chapter
SOL Chapter Sign Up

Jan 31 I am on maternity leave. Please contact Mrs. Kirby if you have questions about assignments. 


 Jan 29

1. Discuss Malala Speech
2. Political Speeches from recent years
Complete a detailed Big 5 for 
Emma Watson - Speech to the U.N.  (there are also YouTube videos of this speech you may choose to view as you respond/analyze).
3. English EE overview (if it was not completed last class)

Read The World of Doublespeak, by William Lutz
Choose one of the speeches we have read in class (including your top 5) and explain how the ideas of Lutz's articles apply to the concepts of the speech. You may also choose a new speech for this activity. More recent political speeches (including campaign speeches of the last 5 years) may provide more applicable content. 

Bring your copy of the BIG 5 questions next class.

 Jan 25

1. Share the Top 5 speech selections
2. Queen Elizabeth I - Speech to Troops: Answer analysis questions
3. English EE Overview 

HW: "Address at the youth Takeover of the United Nations" by Malala Yousafzai 
Choice 1: Answer questions 1-6. 
Choice 2: Answer any 3 questions and do the activity in the Language in Action box including the writing a response to the bottom paragraph (instead of a class discussion)

Jan 23 JFK Analysis Activity Speeches - Course Companion 185-190
If you are interested in taking the AP exam, register here
Explore AP credit policies here
 25 speeches

Top 5 Best Speeches - Choose a speech and argue in a paragraph why your speech should be voted in the top 5 based on its appeal to its audience and its use of language.

Speech Site

21st C Speeches I

 Jan 19

Kennedy's Speech 50 Years Later

Read the NPR article on the impact of Kennedy’s speech. How does the article shed light on the impact of language in campaign speeches? How is the effectiveness of a speech measured?

Analysis Activity Turn in activities from LOC ch 3

Read JFK’s Inaugural Address LOC pgs. 69 - 78
Jan 17

Everything’s an Argument - Chapter 14: Visual and Multimedia Arguments

TExting is Killing the English Language Spoken vs written language

LOC ch 3 - pgs. 97 - 136 activity on 109, 128, 137
Jan 12

Newsworthy Activity - Ranking importance of stories

Understand the 12 News Values in determining top headline stories

TED - Does the Media Have a Duty of Care?-

LOC Chapter 3 - pgs. 81-97; do the activities on page 92 & 96

Characteristics of Media. Understand how each is unique: Editorial

Feature Article






LA: Should language be censored?

HW: Todd Gitlin's "The Liberal Arts in an Age of Info-Glut" (LC 251-253)

Discuss: What is the role of education in a media saturated world?

Begin working on Gitlin's homework assignment--this should be a short, fun assignment. Copy, paste and print. You must bring to class on 1.12
Jan 8 TED : The Future of News: Virtual Reality

The Power of the Media

Key Questions:  

The role of media has changed significantly just in the past few years.

What is the role of education in a media saturated world?

Do "we" influence the media or does media influence "us"?

What are the roles and responsibilities of the media?

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