In Class:


 May 17  1. Complete Plant Experiment Lab Report - turn in through Google Classroom
2. Begin to work on review
 May 15  
1. Collect data for plant experiment
2. Create data table and graph in lab report (Google Classroom)
 May 11  
1. Ecological Impact Activities - see ppt below
Human Impact on the Environment Unit May 11.pptx
Pick up article and calculation sheets from Ms. Morgan
 May 9
 1. Finish Life in a Square Meter Activity
2. Succession notes and Fire Ecology Activity
Human Impact on the Environment Unit May 9.pptx
Fire Ecology documents are posted in Google Classroom
 May 7  
Life in a square meter activity
Life in a Square Meter.pdf
 May 3  
1. Water Plants
2. Wolves in Yellowstone Case Study
Wolves in Yellowstone.pdf
3. Succession Webquest - log into Goggle Classroom for links and questions
 Complete Succession Webquest
 May 1
 1. Water plants
2. Finish Medicine Man movie
Turn in summary 
 April 27
 1. Water your plants
2. Begin Human Impact Lab Report (research question, hypothesis, procedure) Google Classroom
3. Medicine Man movie
 April 25
 1. Discuss Experiment
2. Plant seeds
3. Nutrient Cycle POGIL
 Complete POGIL
nutrient cycle pogil.pdf
 April 23
 1. Symbiosis Lesson - notes in ppt below
2. Ecological Interactions Activity
Human Impact on the Environment Unit April 23.pptx
 Ecological Interactions Activity questions
 April 19  
1. Introduction to Ecology
2. Watch "Pole to Pole" and complete notes on worksheet.
Planet Earth Pole to Pole.pdf
Video - Planet Earth Pole to Pole (may be available on Youtube
 No homework
 April 17  
1. Finish Reproductive System Parts
2. Notes - see ppt below
3. Birth Control options activity
Homeostasis Unit April 17.pptx

 No homework
April 13
 Homeostasis Presentations  No Homework
 April 9  
1. Open note quiz
2. Revisions to Homeostasis Project
3. Human Reproductive Structures Activity
Homeostasis Unit April 9.pptx
 1. Complete Homeostasis project
 April 5  1. Review Blood Glucose Diagrams
2. Research time
1. Open note quiz - nervous and endocrine next class
2. Rough draft of project due by 3:30 April 6
April 3
 1. Endocrine System notes
2. Urinalysis Lab
3. Blood Glucose reading and diagram
Normal Blood Glucose Regulation.docx
Homeostasis Unit Mar23 April 3.pptx
 1. Work on Project Research
 Mar 23
 1. Project Research
2. Introduction to Homeostasis and Feedback Loops
 1. Work on Project Research
 Mar 21
 1. Nervous System lesson - see ppt.
Homeostasis Unit March 21.pptx
2. Homeostasis Project Research
 Mar 19  
1. Introduction to Nervous System notes
2. Reaction time lab
Homeostasis Unit March 19.pptx
 1. Complete Reaction Time Lab questions
Reaction Time Lab.doc
 Mar 15  1. Immune System Quiz
2. Introduction to Immune System
3. Research time

 1. Complete Day 1 Research
2. Start Day 2 Research
Both in Google Classroom
 Mar 13  1. Immune System Lesson
2. Immune System Jigsaw
immune system jigsaw.pdf
1. Immune System review - Quiz next class
Immune System Review 2018.docx
2. Complete Day 1 Research - Google Classroom
 Mar 9  
1. Introduction to Homeostasis Project (Informational Document in Google Classroom)
2. Data Base Research - Mrs. Bell
3. Begin research
 1. Complete Day 1 Research - Google Classroom
 Mar 7  Work on conclusion of Antibiotic Lab Report  
Complete Antibiotic Lab Report
Submit in Google Classroom
 Mar 5
1. Complete Graph on Lab Report
2. Finish Immune System Webquest

 Complete Immune System webquest - document posted March 1
 Mar 1  
1. Collect Data for antibiotic lab
2. Complete Data Table on Lab Report
3. Go over Homework
4. Begin Immune System Webquest
Immune System Webquest.pdf
 No homework
 Feb 27  
1. Set-up Antibiotic Lab
See Ms. Morgan if you were absent
2. Transmission of Disease POGIL - Pick up from Ms. Morgan if you are absent
 1. Transmission of Disease POGIL - pick up from Ms. Morgan

 Feb 23  1. Bacteria Lesson
2. Introduction to Antibacterial Lab
No homework.
If absent you will need to complete the prelab - see Ms. Morgan
 Feb 21  1. Look over Natural Selection Exam
2. Finish Contagion 

 1. Read 19-1 and complete Reading Guide - see online textbook link
19-1 Reading Guide.pdf
2. Exam Retakes: 2/22 - 3/1
Must complete Review
Evolution Review 2018.pdf
3. Endangered Species Project revisions by 3/1
 Feb 14
 Natural Selection Exam
If absent - schedule a time to make up the exam.
 No homework
 Feb 12  1. Practice Natural Selection Exam - access through Google Classroom
2. Microevolution Activity - pick up materials from Ms. Morgan
1. Natural Selection Exam - Feb 14
2. Lab Notebook Check - Feb. 14
3. All Natural Selection late / missing work due Feb. 14
Feb 8
 Complete Whale Evolution Activity
1. ankle bones
2. DNA analysis
If absent pick up materials from Ms. Morgan
 Complete DNA analysis questions and complete cladogram - "family tree"
 Feb 6  
1. Finish Speciation lesson
2. Continue Whale evolution activity
If absent pick up materials from Ms. Morgan
 Whale fossil discussion questions
 Feb 2
 1. Friday Quiz
2. Endangered Species Project
Endangered Species Example.pdf
 Endangered Species Project due Feb. 6
 Jan 31
 1. Day 3 Research - Solutions
Day 3 research document is found in Google Classroom
2. Begin Whale evolution activity
 1. Complete Day 3 research in Google Classroom
 Jan 29  
1. Speciation lesson - see ppt for notes and links to videos
2. Day 2 Endangered Species research - see Google Classroom for research documents
Natural Selection Unit Jan 29.pptx

 1. Complete Day 1 and Day 2 Endangered Species research - Google Classroom
 Jan 25
Endangered Species Research - documents in Google Classroom
2. Selection Notes - in ppt. posted below
3. Speciation Lab
Natural Selection Unit Jan 25.pptx

 1. Complete Endangered Species Research
 Jan 23  Antibiotic Resistance Activity
See ppt below for link to video and data collected in class
Natural Selection Unit Jan 23.pptx

 1. Complete "SuperBug" lab questions
Arms Race with a Superbug.pdf
Arms Race with a Superbug table and questions.pdf
 Jan 19  
1. Natural Selection Quiz
2. Rock Pocket Mouse Activity
Agenda and link to video in ppt.
Natural Selection Unit Jan 19.pptx
 1. Rock Pocket Mouse Activity
 Jan 17  1. Finish up Darwin's Influences
2. Peppered Moth Simulation
3. Natural Selection Notes
Notes and links in the ppt below
Natural Selection Unit Jan 17.pptx
1. Finish Peppered Moth
Peppered Moth Simulation.pdf
2. Cactus Natural Selection
Natural Selection Homework 2018.pdf
REMEMBER: quiz next class and lab notebook check
 Jan 12
 1. Science Terms Quiz
2. Discuss Homework
3. Intro to Evolution Activity
Notes and Agenda in ppt below
Natural Selection Unit Jan 12.pptx
 Jan 10
 1. Video: Dogs and More Dogs
Dogs and More Dogs video questions.pdf
Link to video and daily agenda in ppt below.
Natural Selection Unit Jan 10.pptx
 1. Bacteria Evolution Article
Unusual gene evolution in bacteria article.pdf
 Jan 8
 Introduction to Natural Selection
Activities and notes in powerpoint
Natural Selection Unit.pptx
 Dec 13
 Work on 
1. Genetic Disease Pamphlet / Poster
2. Letter to parents - Google Classroom
 1. Finish Poster - due 12/15
2. Finish Letter - due 12/15
​All missing work due by 3:30 on Friday, Dec. 15.
 Dec 11  1. CRISPR lesson
2. Genetic Disease Research

 1. Complete Genetic Disease research: symptoms, genetic basis and treatment.
All in Google Classroom
2. CRISPR Extra Credit
CRISPR Radiolab Podcast Questions.pdf
Radiolab: CRISPR

 Dec 7
 1. Review Transcription and Translation
2. GMO article and lesson
 Transcription and Translation Extra Credit
Transcription and Translation Practice.pdf
 Dec 5
 1. Review Transcription and Translation
2. Genetic Disease Research

 Complete Disease symptoms and genetic basis - in Google Classroom
 Nov 29  1. Transcription & Translation lesson
2. Transcription and Translation activity

 1. Complete transcription and translation  activity
Biology Transcription and Translation.docx
 Nov 16  
1. DNA structure notes
2. Video - Cracking the Code
3. Genetic Disease Research - Symptoms:  log into Google Classroom to find documents
 DNA structure & Replication POGIL
 Nov 14
 1. Review Mitosis
2. Build DNA Model
If absent, pick of from Ms. Morgan
If absent - pick up from Ms. Morgan
 Nov 10
 1. Cell Cycle & Mitosis Notes
2. Mitosis in Onion Root tips
 No Homework
 Nov 8
 1. Cell Size Lab
2. Cell Cycle diagram
 1. Mitosis reading
Mitosis reading HW.pdf

 Nov 6

 Energy of Life Exam
 Nov 2  1. Energy of Life Pretest
2. Work on Study Guide
1. Complete Study Guide
Energy of Life Study Guide.docx
 Oct 31  
1. Complete Spinach Lab Report in Google classroom
2. Carbon Cycle Activity 
If absent see Ms. Morgan to make up activity
 1. Complete Spinach Lab Report
2. Graph and Summary of Carbon Cycle Activity
 Oct 27  1. Photosynthesis & CRespiration Model activity
2. CRespiration notes
 No Homework
 Oct 25  Photosynthesis & Respiration in Spinach Lab  
Complete Lab Questions
If absent - see Ms. Morgan for alternative assignment
 Oct 23
 1. Finish Sweet Beet Case Study - pick up from Ms. Morgan if absent
2. Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration POGIL - pick up if absent
 1. Complete POGIL
 Oct 19
 1. Review Enzyme Lab
2. Introduction to Photosynthesis
3. Sweet Beet Case Study
 1. Lab Notebook Collected next class
 Oct 17  1. Review Enzymes
2. Enzyme and Temp Lab
If absent make arrangements to make up the lab.
1. Enzyme Lab Questions
Yeast Catalase Lab.pdf
2. BIOMAN: Enzyme Game
BIOMAN Energy Game.pdf
 Oct 12  
1. Amoeba Sisters: Enzymes
2. BIOMAN Enzyme Game
Video Links.docx
 Oct 10
 1. Finish Membrane POGIL
pick up from Ms. Morgan is absent
2. Finish Gummi Bear Lab
 1. Finish Gummi Bear graph
 Oct 4  
1. Finish cell notes
2. Bubble Lab
 2. Finish Bubble Lab Observations
 Oct 2
 1. Cell Article - pick up from Ms. Morgan if absent
2. Cell Coloring - pick up from Ms. Morgan if absent
 Sept 28
1. Chemistry of Life Exam
 Sept 26  
1. Chemistry of Life Practice Test
2. Biochemistry Sorting Activity
Pick Up from Ms. Morgan if absent
 1. Use pretest to study for exam
Exam next class!
 Sept 20   Work on Nutritional Bar Project  Nutritional Bar Presentations NEXT CLASS!
 Sept 18  Work on Nutritional Bar Project  
 Sept. 12  1. Review
2. Discuss Enzyme Lab
3. Protein Research
4. Collect notebooks
 1. Lipid reading - pick up from Ms. Morgan
 Sept. 8 1. Protein Notes
2. Cracker Lab

 1. Complete Cracker Lab questions
 Sept. 6  1. Review Carbohydrates and Finish Project Research
2. Proteins in Foods Lab
 1. Complete Lab questions - if not completed in class
 Sept. 1 1. Testing for sugars and carbohydrate lab questions
2. Carbohydrate reading
3. Carbohydrate research for Nutritional Bar Project
1. Complete lab questions - if not completed in class
 Aug 30 1. Lab - Testing for sugars and carbohydrates  
 Aug 28 1. Introduction to Nutrition Bar Project
2. Nutrition Label Activity
1. Complete Nutrition Label Activity questions
 August 24  1. Finish Characteristics of Life Activity
2. Introduction to Nutrition / Energy Unit
 August 22 1. Class Norms
2. Set-Up Notebook
3. Characteristics of Life Activity
 Signed Expectations
Expectations and Norms.pdf
 August 18 1. Class Introduction
2. Student Survey
No Homework


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