IB Euro Expectation Sheet


IB European History –   

Mr. Stennes


Room A204


What will we study?  In the junior year students learn European history from 1814 to the 1930s and in the senior year students learn specific themes like World War II, the rise of single-party states, dictators, the Cold War, etc.   Mr. Stennes, Mrs. Barnes, and Mrs. Roybal work together carefully on all aspects of the course.  


Grades.     A = 90% +     B = 80% +    C = 70% +    D = 60% +     F =  < 59.99%

  • Your grade is determined by your essay scores with an adjustment for reading quiz scores of +5% if you have a passing average (at least 60%) or -5% if you have a failing average (less than 60%).      

Example 1:   82% essay average, 70% quiz average = 87% B
Example 2:   82% essay average, 55% quiz average = 77% C 

  • Your grade starts over every Six Week grading period and your Semester grade will be based on the average of the three Six Week grading periods.
  • Use the Campus system to check your grades, but you will have to calculate the +5% or the -5% manually because it will not be earned until the end of each grading period (tell your parents and coaches because they will be confused).


Homework.  There is no textbook in the junior year  -- reading assignments are posted on my website, which can be accessed from the LHS school website.  Simply reading the readings is not enough – you must learn the important ideas in each reading.  Develop a strategy.  Which ideas, names, arguments, events, dates, etc. are important?  How can I best learn them?  We will have written reading quizzes every day and oral reading quizzes very frequently.  Please remember that this is only the first year of a two year class – so, when you are learning readings be sure that your strategy will help you remember important information in May 2021.  Simplify.  Be organized.  Learn carefully and thoroughly NOW to help you in the future.


Do not be tardy.  If you are late to class you will get a 0 on the quiz for the day.


Make up work from absences before you miss!    Option 1:   if you know you will miss class, take a reading quiz early – read and learn the reading and then simply find Mr. Stennes before school, during Tiger Time, during a passing period, etc. to take the quiz early.  -OR-   Option 2:  email Mr. Stennes on or before the day of the quiz and ask for quiz questions by email – to receive credit for the quiz, you must return the email by the next class or bring your answers directly to next class (this is typically 2 days).   For example, if you miss on Tuesday, email Mr. Stennes on Tuesday and then bring quiz answers to class on Thursday.   There are absolutely no make-up quizzes after an absence.  The class policy for missed essays is even more strict – if you miss class, take your essay before the assigned day!  To be fair to all students, if you cannot take your essay before the other students have written their essays, then (1) late make-up essays may be different questions and (2) late make-up essays will not have the advantage of being graded on a curve.  In short, do not ever miss on the day of an essay!!



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