Course Guidelines and Expectations

AP Lang/Comp Summer Assignment_2019 AP Language and Composition Course Guidelines: 2019-2020


Jennifer Webb:

Office Hours: after school and by appointment

Planning:  varies by semester


Course Overview:

This course aims to provide you with a strong foundation for critical thinking, analytical and argumentative writing, and public speaking.  You will work toward course standards by completing reading and writing assignments, and by participating in class discussions and other activities. Meeting these standards should prepare you to take the AP exam in English Language and Composition in May. Our primary text is The Language of Composition, 2nd edition.  Students will also read essays and articles from a variety of other print and non-print source. Writing assignments will vary; however, be prepared to write multiple essays each semester. During 2nd semester you will also complete a lengthy argumentative research paper. You will participate in practice AP Exam sessions for both the multiple choice and the open response sections of the exam—whether or not you intend to take the exam (actual exam is optional but encouraged; the cost of the exam is determined by College Board--I will know the exact cost the beginning of Spring semester).


Attendance, Make-Up Work and Behavior Standards:

I adhere to the school’s attendance policy and behavior standards as detailed in the Student Planner and Jeffco's Code of Conduct. Exams and activities often include questions on material presented in class, so performance on these indirectly reflects attendance. If you miss class, see me during office hours the next day, email me or check my website via the school site. Make-up work must be completed in a timely fashion.

Long term work assigned before the day of an absence is still expected to be turned in on time, even if an absence occurs. If work is handed in after the due date, the work will be considered late.  If you are in the building or participate in any school activity on the day of your excused absence your work is due on that day, regardless of your lack of attendance in English!


Grades will be a combination of points from tests, quizzes, essay writing, journals, group work, individual projects, formal presentations, etc. All assignments are due at the beginning of class unless otherwise noted. Essays, other papers, and all out-of-class assignments MUST be typed!  Journal entries should be completed as assigned in ink in a composition book. Journals will be collected regularly. Late work is accepted for partial credit as per LHS policy, and will be accepted until the end of the six weeks grading period in which it was assigned.

Grading Scales:

A=100%-90% B=89%-80% C=79%-70% D=69%-60% F=below 60%

Please note:  I will NOT “round-up” your grade.  Furthermore, I typically do NOT offer “extra credit” points.  Your grade will reflect your actual course work.


You MUST bring ALL of the following to every class. You will receive a TARDY if you must return to your locker to retrieve forgotten materials!.

  • Blue or black pen(s), pencil, loose leaf paper

  • All books, handouts, worksheets, homework, etc.

  • Composition book or something similar to use as a journal (to use as a journal)


Academic dishonesty will result in a grade of 0% for the assignment, a phone call home to your parents, and a referral to your vice-principal.  It is NOT worth it!

Classroom Expectations Respect for yourself, others, and this school is key in this classroom. It is expected that you treat others kindly and fairly and that you abide to the behavioral rules outlined in the Jeffco Student Handbook. In addition to this, here are some rules specific to my class/classroom:

  • No food will be allowed in class.  Students may, however, have water in class (water is NOT clear, sticky soda, nor is it a beverage from Starbucks, etc.)

  • Gum is fine as long as we do not see it or hear it.  Please do not chew gum if you are giving a presentation—yucky!

  • No headphones or ear buds—ever.  Leave your ipod/mp3 player at home.  Laptops are not acceptable unless we are working on a paper or project during class time.

  • Cell phones should not be seen or heard during class. Texting will NOT be tolerated!

  • Come prepared for class daily.  Students who must return to their lockers to retrieve forgotten materials will be marked tardy and will lose participation points.

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