Honors Algebra II

Ms. Stewart



Welcome to Honors Algebra II.  I’m looking forward to a successful year with you.  The following is some information of what to expect from this class and what I’m going to expect from you.  Please take the time to read this over and then keep it in your notebook so that you can refer to it throughout the year.


Supplies:  You will need to bring the following to class every day.

Spiral notebook and a folder or a 3-ring binder with paper

Graph paper

Cm/inch ruler or protractor that has a ruler edge

Sharpened pencil with eraser or mechanical pencils

Graphing calculator – TI 83 plus, or 84 plus

Colored pencils (just a few colors that you keep in your backpack or binder will do)


Attendance:  The school attendance policy will be followed.  You are responsible for making up any work that you missed as well as getting the class notes from someone else in the class.  Make up work is due the class after you return.  You will only get half credit for make up work from unexcused absences.  After 4 unexcused absences that will drop to 10%.   All work not made-up will be graded as zeroes.


Notebook:  How you organize your notebook is up to you.  One suggestion is that you keep one section for notes and another section for assignments.  You will also need to keep all returned tests or quizzes in either a folder or your 3-ring binder.  If you have a different way of organizing your work, that is fine but do keep your work organized!


Assignments:  All assignments are essential for practicing your new math skills and is worth 15% of your grade.  I expect all assignments to be completed with all work shown by the due date.   Homework missed due to an excused absence must be made up within one week after you return to school.  Please title (by page number or whatever) and date all of your assignments.

 Assessments:  These will include quizzes and tests.  These two combined will be worth 65% of your grade.  If you are absent, please make sure to e-mail me about when you need to make up any test, quiz or project.  Unless we discuss something different, all work should be made up within 48 hours from when you return back to school.  Unexcused absences will have a penalty. 

 Participation:  You need to take an active role in your learning.  I will be observing and taking notes on how much you participate in class.  Participation includes that you volunteer to explain homework problems, ask pertinent questions in class, and are on task during all activities. 

 Respect:  This is very important to me.  I expect that when I am talking or another classmate is talking, that you will listen and not talk.  Everyone in class deserves your respect and you deserve that same respect.  Do not leave class without my permission.  Finally, do not have hats, food, drinks cell phones or pagers in class (or at least have them off and away).  Feel free to bring water.

 Assessment/grading:  Your semester grade will be determined by averaging the points you have accumulated in each category and then a weighted average will be determined.  Assignments (including homework) are worth 25%, Assessments are 65%, and your final is 10%.  The following scale will be used to determine your letter grade.

            A  90% -100%

            B  80% -89%

            C  70% -79%                          

            D  60% -69%                         

            F  Below 60%

Grades that are in between like 89.5% will be decided based on your effort and attitude in class.   


Extra Help:  Do not hesitate to see for extra help during my office hours.  I will be happy to offer additional explanations.  You should come see me as soon as you feel you need the help.  Please don’t wait until the last minute.  My office hours are Mon, Tues and Thursdays and are after school from 3:10 to 3:40.   


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