8.17 Cave-O-Nomics: what is a free market system? introductory activity Read segment from The Worldly Philosophers and answer these questions (annotation and jotted notes will suffice as preparation for the class discussion)  
 8.20 Finish Cave-O-Nomics discussion Discuss Worldly Philosophers Economic trilogy link
 Read chapter 1 and complete the reading guide  
 8.22  Rationing systems presentation Read pp. 48-57 of Economics of Social Issues (attached). 1. Using the Chinese experience as the example, argue the benefits of the pure market economic system relative to the pure command system. 2. Discuss the three major problems embodied in the near-pure command system that existed in China from 1949 to 1978.
 8.24  Finish rationing systems notes
Focus on command and transition economies
Examine economic freedom reports
Choose one option and be prepared to share it with your colleag
ues 1. Listen to the Planet Money podcast episode 549: "A Teenager's Guide to Doing Business in North Korea" link 2. Watch segments from Frontline's "Secret State of North Korea"--I recommend minutes 22-37 and 43-end, though the whole thing is pretty rad.. link 3. Listen to Planet Money podcast episode 800: "North Korea's Capitalists" link Your first content quiz is in 2 blocks...
 8.28 Production Possibility Curves lecture 
PPC practice
How to write in IB Economics (Answer the question--do a GOOD job--Define terms--Examples--Evaluate--Diagrams)
Content quiz next time: economic trilogy, rationing systems, PPCs.

Write A good DED (no evaluation) to answer the following prompt (part b):
"The freer the economic system, the better." Evaluate this view.
 Watch videos about Paper 3s

Come back with 30 minutes left to learn about writing in IB
 8.30 Quiz #1
Introduce microeconomics: supply and demand presentation
Market simulation
Briefly skim the first half of chapter 2 and work on reading guide link (SL content only... not HL!)


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