HL Year 2 
 9.4 Supply and demand
Finish chapter 2 reading guide link
Work on chapter 3 reading guide link (SL content only!)
 Read about linear demand and supply functions in IB Course Companion

Quantitative Economics pp. 3-10
Survey about personal finance
 9.6  Equilibrium: market efficiency and the role of the price mechanism  Finish reading guides for chapters 2 and 3
 Quantitative Economics pp. 33-44: Calculating costs, revenues, profits, and levels of ouptut
 9.10 Practice graphing supply and demand
Finish supply and demand packet
Supply and demand quiz next block
Optional podcast for awesomeness: Listen to Freakonomics podcast "Why Uber is an Economist's Dream"
Write on question #1 on p. 33 A good DED (no evaluation)  NEVER MIND. NOT ENOUGH TIME.
 9.12 Final supply and demand check/questions
Quiz #2: supply and demand

Price elasticity of demand link
 Chapter 4 reading guide link
Complete student workpoints 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4 as you read.
 Quantitative Economics pp. 11-15: Elasticities
 9.14  PES, XED, YED
Engel curve
 Elasticity packet  Stay for Engel curve. Then, Quantitative Economics pp. 28-32: Floors and ceilings
 9.18  Practice with elasticity
Writing Brain Dumps link
 Study for quiz over chapter 4 (elasticities)  
 9.20  Quiz #3: elasticities
Taxes, subsidies, price controls link
 Chapter 5 reading guide link  
 9.24  Price ceilings and floors
Student workpoints 5.2, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6
Evaluation in IB Economics
2 choices... Pick 1!
1. Listen to Planet Money episode 862, Big Government Cheese, and fill out this sheet 
2. Write a good DEED: Discuss the consequences of setting a maximum price in a market of your choice. (Spend 30 minutes on this.)
 After Evaluation in IB, Quantitative Economics pp. 16-27: Specific taxes and subsidies
 9.26 Finish graphing price ceilings and floors 
Minimum wage focus: "The Value of Work"
Econ Graph party Google form
 Finish chapter 5 reading guide

Listen to one or two of these awesome minimum wage podcasts from Planet Money: 
Planet Money Episode 562: A Mall Divided link
Planet Money Episode 510: The Birth of the Minimum Wage link
Planet Money Episode 104: The Riddle of Minimum Wage link

Or, hear some professional economists discuss minimum wage: Russ Roberts and Mike Munger link (feel free to forward to minute 37 and listen to the end)

 9.28 Minimum wage
Quiz #4 next block: chapter 5
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