Syllabus Alg II

Honors Algebra II (IB Prep)
Fall 2017 Syllabus


Instructor:                                 James Buck

Contact Info:                           [email protected]

 (o) 303-982-0433

Course Location:                    B206   Office Hours are 3:10-4:00 in B206




Algebra II is typically the first mathematics class in High School to challenge students to think in a different way.  Following this class, students will be able to manipulate functions, not just numbers and variables.




The purposes of this course are to:

  • Ensure all students meet the state and district standards for Algebra II
  • Present advanced students with challenges appropriate to their abilities, and
  • Create curiosity about and enthusiasm for mathematics.




  • All students are in the class of their own desire.  Students should be willing to work in order to understand the material and complete the assignments.
  • Advanced classes do not mean just extra homework.  Advanced students are expected to learn the material at a deeper level, not just with increased proficiency.





Classwork will be completed in class.  Students will have opportunities to build and display their knowledge and abilities through the assigned problems.   The classwork will be worth 15 percent of the total grade.


Homework will be assigned on a daily basis and students should complete the assigned problems in a timely fashion.  Students will have opportunities to build and display their knowledge and abilities through the assigned homework problems.   The homework will be worth 10 percent of the total grade.

Quizzes and Tests

Quizzes will be administered at random during the semester.  Projects may have various formats and point values but each student will be expected to complete all projects to before the end of the semester to pass the course.  Tests will be administered at the end of each unit.  Tests will contain both new and old course content from the semester.  Absence the day before a test is not an acceptable reason to avoid exam participation.  If you miss a test date, you will have two class periods to schedule and complete a make-up exam, in accordance Jeffco School’s policy.  Quizzes and tests will be worth 65 percent of the total grade.


The final for each semester will cover material from that semester.  The final exam will be worth 10 percent of the total grade.   

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