HL Year 2 
(SS 10 2018)
 Demand-Side policies: Fiscal Policy link
Automatic and discretionary policies link
Play Fiscal Ship link
 Finish chapter 14 reading guide
Finish Fiscal Ship
1. Taxes link and link if time
2. Credit link and then link
11.6 Debrief Fiscal Ship
Introduce Monetary Policy lecture
Prepare for a quiz over chapters 13 and 14   PFL
1. Investing link and link and link
2. Financial Pitfalls link (with extra cool links at end of doc)
11.8 Quiz 6 over chapters 13 and 14
Lecture Aggregate Supply link
Chapter 15 reading guide link
Chapter 16 reading guide link
1. Saving
2. Banking
11.12  Worksheets to practice
White boards with IB Workbook p. 98 prompts
Supply-side policies link
Focus on differences between Keynes and Neo-Classical (Hayek) slopes of AS link handout
 Study for quiz over chapters 15 and 16  
11.14  Quiz 7 over chapters 15 and 16
Unemployment link
Podcast link
 Chapter 17 reading guide link  Quantitative Economics p. 47: Calculating the unemployment rate
11.16  Finish unemployment notes (plickers)
Unemployment handout
Crowding Out
Handout link
Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!   
 11.27 Inflation link
Inflation Monster video
Queen for a Day
 Chapter 18 reading guide link  Quantitative Economics pp. 48-49: Weighted indices and the inflation rate
11.29  Drawing board video
Inflation, continued
Paper 1
Chapter 18 reading guide
Prepare for quiz over chapters 17 and 18 next block 

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