AP Government and Politics


In Class:


  1. Political Ideology Tests for Seating Chart
  1. One of 3 Philosopher Readings and Chart
  1. Class Info
  2. Philosopher's impact on the Founders
  1. Chapter 2 for multiple choice quiz Friday
 8/24/18 1. DoI/Articles of Conf./Con. Comparison
2.  Fed 68 and importance of Federalist papers
1.  Fed 10 reading and questions

     8/28/18 1. Discuss Fed 10
    2.  Released Exam pretest

    Brutus 1 and Fed 51 Reading and Questions
    Chapter 3 terms
    8/30/18 1.  Brutus 1 and Fed 51                 
    2. DoI-Articles-Constitution
    3. Black out poetry 
    4. Federalism Intro

    1.  Ch 3 terms
      Chapter 3 terms linked above are due next class
    2.  Blackout Poetry Due 9/10
     9/4/18 1.  Turn in Chapter 3 terms
    2.  Escape Room!
    Federalism Packet
    Sign up for Fantasy Congress Draft:

     9/6/18  News Emergancy: 25th Amendment

    1.  MC test on Unit 1 Moved to next friday!
     9/10/18  Finish Federalism SC cases
     Federalism Packet

     9/12/18 FRQ 3 and Federalism Unit 1 MC next time and all things due
     9/14/18  Unit 1 MC Test  Federalism and Black Out Poetry Due!
    9/18/18  1.Intro to Unit 4: Demographics Read Chapter 6 Finish Demographics Unit.  Multiple Choice Quiz on Ch 6 on Monday 9/24
     9/20/18  1.  There is more to politics than left and right.
    2.  political compass
    3.   Political typology 
    4.  FRQ 2 practice
     Quiz on ch. 6 next time.  Finish political typology assignment as well.
     9/24/18  Polls
    Polling Activity
    Read Chapter 7: Media Quiz on Friday
     9/26/18  Media intro

     Quiz next time
     9/28/18 Quiz over Ch 7  
    Media Bias 
    Intro to Voting Behavior

     Read 9.5-9.8 Campaigns and voting behavior
     10/2/18  Elections and Voting Behavior
    Shelby Co v. Holder (read and take notes Gabby and Caleb! This is NOT one of 15 required but will be used to compare to one that is!)
    Who is Gerry and why is he so bad at maps: Gerrymandering Cases
     Ch 6, 7, and 9.5-9.8 terms due next monday with TEST!  (both MC and FRQ
     10/15/18  Primary vs. Caucus
    Read Ch 8 Quiz next time
    Campaign Finance 
    Open Secrets. (DO NOT finish for homework!)  I will give you time next class and it will be due next Tuesday

     Citizens United Pod Cast and Questions
     10/19/10  Finish Campaign Finance Discussion 
    Finish Open Secrets from last time
    Finish Open Secrets
     10/23/18  Citizens United and McCutcheon v FEC

     Quiz on 9-9.5 next time
     10/25/18  Interest Groups
    Interest Group speed dating
     Finish Resume and come to class prepared to date
     10/29  Speed dating   
     10/31/18  Finish Iron Triangle
    Intro Congress and Mock Congress assignments
    Bill Format for you to follow
    Sample Bill Sen. Gardner
    Sample Bill Sen. Bennet

    Research Bills from Committee's
     Terms for Test.  Due on Nov 6th

    Important Legislation Due November 12th.
     11/2/18 Mock Congress Committees   Test on 8, 9-9.5 and 10 next time
     11/6/18  Test!  Bills for Mock Congress Due Next Class
     11/8/18  Mock Congress Debate Bills  Read 11.1-11.3

     11/12/18  Congress Read the rest of 11 Quiz next time
     11/14/18  Quiz over 11
    Election update
    Congress and legislation
    Intro President if time
    Important Legislation
     11/16/18 Chapter 12
    Cabinet Activity

    Job of President: Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat and Commander in Chief discussion:  Was Hamilton right in Fed 69?
    Fed 70
    Practice Argumentative Essay 
    Civil Liberties Cases to start working on for after Break

    STUDY!  Test on 11 and 12 only 11/29/18
     11/27/18  Roles of the President
    Was Hamilton right in Fed 70? 

     MC Test over 11 and 12 next time and November Madness!
     11/29  MC over Ch 11 and 12
    November Madness Compitition
     Bureaucracy Speed Dating
     12/3/18  Finish November Madness Bureaucracy Speed Dating  Read Chapter 14
    Speed Date
    Budget 101
     Finish Budget 101/Read Chapter 13
    CC video 1
    CC Video 2
     12/7/18 Quiz on Chapter 14 
    Fiscal Ship
    Civil Liberties
     Civil Liberties Cases 12/13(Chapter 4)
     12/11/18  Incorporation 

     Chapter 5
     12/13/18  Required Court Cases  Fed 78 
     12/17/18  Required Court Cases  Letter from a Birmingham Jail
    Extra Credit corrections
     12/19  Final: MC Chapter 13, 14,15, 4 and 5 and Argumentative Essay  

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