IB English 12 19-20


What we did in class today Homework
 Sept. 16
  1.  Ethan Frome IOC
  2. IOC write up- turn in today- or tomorrow if you did not finish- Don't forget!!
  3. IOC reflection- turn in today
  1.  Get a copy of "Hamlet' for next week
  2. Binders will be due Wed. 9/25
 Sept. 12
  1.  CAS
  2. Academic honesty contract
  3. IB test registration
  4. Retreat feedback
  5. Wrap up Ethan Frome- themes/motif chart
  1.  Download Otter to your phone for Monday's IOC
  2. Prepare for IOC
 Sept. 10
  1.  IBPA's LHS Chalk festival!  Friday 5-7.  Sign up for a square at this link:
  2. Review chapters 4-8 of Ethan Frome
  3. Connect to your passage from Friday
  4. Begin choosing appropriate passages for the IOC
  5. Motif chart
  1.  Finish the book for Thurs.  - remember the study guide
  2. Determine any other passages that would be good for IOC
  3. Order- secure a copy of "Hamlet"
 Sept. 6
  1.  Reading check chapters 4-5
  2. Practice commentaries on chosen passage
  1.  Read chapters 6-8 for Tues.
 Sept. 4
  1.  Binder instructions
  2. back to the look for patterns of use in EF
  3. Determine possible motifs
  4. model annotation
  5. Choose a motif and find a passage 10-15 lines which develops the motif
  1.  Come to class Friday with your passage- you should type/write it out on a separate sheet of paper for easier annotation
  2. Read chapters 4-5 - don't forget the study guide!
 August 30
  1. Join IB senior Remind:  text @K8bc3g to 81010 or to 971-239-0403 
  2.   Turn in IOC reflection
  3. Lit. terms test re-take
  4. Ethan Frome context
  5. What do you know about the reading...or you might call it a quiz
  6. Potential motifs?
  1.  Ready chapters 2-3 and complete study guide for Wed.
 August 28
  1.  Practice IOC- summer reading/recording and reflection
  2. How to do well in IB English
  3. Ethan Frome reading schedule
  4. Ethan Frome study guide
  5. Agree/disagree- Ethan Frome
  1. Prepare for lit. terms re-tak- Friday- 1st thing
  2. Complete your IOC reflection to turn in Friday
  3. Read the prologue and chapter 1 of Ethan Frome- complete study guide
 August 26
  1.  Lit. terms test review
  2. More lit. analysis
  3. IOC rubric
  4. pull passage for IOC on Wed.
  1.  Prepare for IOC Wed.  (download "transcribe" app for I-phone and "Otter Voice' for andriod)
  2. Prepare for lit. terms re-take- either Wed. or Friday
  3. Bring a copy of Ethan Frome for Wed.
August 22
  1.  Lit. terms test
  2. Analysis defined
  3. Apply analytical skills to summer reading
  1.  None, really....make sure to have a copy of Ethan Frome for next week
  2. Be ready for the retreat tomorrow!
 August 20
  1.  Socratic Seminar
  1.  Prepare for lit. terms test Thurs.
  2. Bring retreat permission slip!
August 16
  1. Welcome!
  2. Course overview- IB English Assessments, syllabus
  3. Questionnaire
  4. Why lit. analysis?
  5. Lit. terms review
  1. Prepare for socratic seminar- Tues.
  2. Prepare for lit. terms test Thurs.
  3. Permission slip for retreat!
  4. Get a copy of Ethan Frome
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