9th Grade English Honors

Welcome to Mr. McVey's English 9 Honors
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      You will need this for the 1st day 8/24 !                                                                              
Syllabus for the year is below
Teacher Name: Mr. Jon McVey Email: jmcvey@jeffco.k12.co.us

Classroom: A112   Office Location: A115

Website: Lakewood Faculty Website, and Google Classroom (login instructions provided in class)

Syllabus is coming soon! Check back by the end of the week 8/21

Teacher Name: Mr. McVey  Email: jmcvey@jeffco.k12.co.us or jmcvey@jeffcoschools.us

Classroom: A111   Office Location: A115 Website: Google Classroom!!

A Different School Year - A Message from your Honors English 9 Team

Welcome to high school! We wish we were welcoming you all in-person and getting ready to force you into awkward team-building activities - alas, we are going to try our very best to recreate the welcome you would have received remotely. We all know that this year is going to be different. We have different time constraints, different models for learning, and more health concerns than we ever imagined. It is our personal goal to provide our students with the best learning experience that we possibly can -- but the reality we have to recognize is that given these circumstances, we will not be able to cover as much breadth of curriculum as we have in standard school years. We have selected what we believe to be the most critical elements of study, and we will touch on all the necessary skills that make this an honors, advanced class. We will study at least one major piece of fiction per quarter, students will be asked to read one major piece of fiction on their off quarter, and it is our hope that we can have a shortened study of drama 3rd & 4th quarter as well. Each quarter students are enrolled in English will cover at least one major writing piece, along with daily writing practice. Our chief concern is the well-being of our students, while making sure they feel challenged and engaged by their academic content. So here’s what we have planned:

Year at a Glance

Semester 1 - Quarters 1&2

Semester 2 - Quarters 3&4


  • Short Stories and Elements of Literature

  • Major Work of Fiction: The Alchemist - Paolo Coelho

  • Major Writing Unit: Narrative Writing 


  • Short Nonfiction

  • Major Work of Fiction: A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini

  • Major Writing Unit: Literary Analysis

  • Possible Shortened Unit of Romeo and Juliet (we hope!!)

  On your off quarter prior to your 3rd or 4th, you must independently read one of the following, which typically come from our year-long curriculum: To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men, Like Water for Chocolate, The House on Mango Street, In the Time of Butterflies,  Fahrenheit 451

Google Classroom

Students can access basic course information through the Lakewood homepage, and all daily assignments and agendas will be posted on Google Classroom. This should be the primary online point of access for class information. For days when we are actually meeting via video, we will be using zoom -- I will post meeting links via google classroom for those days. When we are strictly remote or when you are on your asynchronous learning days at home, you will access EVERYTHING that you need through google classroom - slides, videos, and all assignments will be posted there.


The gradebook functions on a continuous point-based system, and all assessments are broken into the following two categories:

  • Formative: Practice-oriented, smaller-scale assignments that build up to larger assessments. This could include homework or classwork responses, small group discussions, or quizzes. 

    • Formative assignments generally range from 10-25 points. 

  • Summative: Major, end-of-unit assessments that demonstrate overall skills and understandings from a particular unit of study. This could be essays, projects, formal discussions, or presentations. 

    • Summative assignments generally range from 50-100+ points. 


Attendance is a requirement of this class!  That includes to zoom meetings that take place remotely! Of course this looks different on your asynchronous learning days -- make sure you have work turned in by your assigned time (usually 3pm) to get your attendance for those remote learning days. If you have an unexpected absence, check google classroom AND contact me as soon as possible.  For unexpected absences it is also your responsibility to make up work in a timely fashion.  

Turning in Work

Abide by all deadlines, especially in the remote learning environment where it is easy to fall behind and begin feeling overwhelmed. If a long term assignment or project (an assignment you have known about for a long time) is due and you are absent, it is still due that day.  If you are sick, do your best to communicate with me and let me know, but of course I will be reasonable with serious or debilitating sickness. Extensions for other extenuating circumstances are never out of the question, but those are more likely to be granted if you are proactive. 

  • Late Work: Late work (with no prearranged agreement) will be accepted but at a penalty.  For each calendar day the assignment is late, 10% will be deducted from the student’s score (2 days=20%, 3 days=30% etc.).  No more than 50% of the student’s score will ever be deducted for submitted work - unless less than 50% of the work is actually completed.

  • Make-up Work: Students will have the district allowed two days per every one excused absence to make up both work.  Always talk to me if you’ll need more time.


Now that all the important stuff is done....welcome to high school, and welcome to 9th grade English. We hope to instill not only academic skills that will help you succeed, but an excitement for reading, writing, and thinking. Make the most out of your time here - participate, be engaged, strive to learn, share positivity, and respect one another. Expect the best from yourself and from me, your teacher. If you can do these things, you will certainly find success. Go Tigers!

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