Teen Choices

 5/22  Finish the Final  
 5/20  Begin the Final  
 5/16  Vaping- Guest Speaker  
 5/14  Word Search and Definitions  Definitions and puzzle
 5/10  Birth Controls  Worksheet
 5/8  Guest Speaker- STI's  
 5/6  Female and Male Reproductive System  Worksheet
 5/ 2  Present Eating Disorders  
 4/30  All work from April is due. Research Eating Disorders Eating disorders 
4/26  Reading a Food Label  Food Label
 4/24  Emotional Eating and Teens Need Real Food  Take quiz and answer questions over the article
 4/22  Intro to Nutrition/Foods  Finish questions
 4/18  Followup on speakers and stress  Questions over speakers and stress
 4/16  Guest Speaker- Family Tree  
 4/12  Guest Speaker Joe Chavez  
 4/8  Finish Movie  Questions over Movie
 4/4  Movie "Pursuit of Happyness"  
 4/2  Stress and Coping  
 3/22  Project PAVE  
 3/20   Project PAVE  
 3/18  Project PAVE  
 3/14  Guest Speaker Joe Chavez- SNOW DAY Joe will be rescheduled  
 3/12  Fishbowl QUestions  
 3/8  Finish Assessment #2  Finish Assessment and fishbowl questions
 3/6  Start Assessment #2  Assessment #2
 3/4  Finish presentations. Tobacco and Alcohol Worksheets on alcohol and tobacco 
 2/28  Present research to class
 2/26  Finish presentation on drug research and bumper sticker
Presentation and bumper sticker 
 2/22  Continue research  Finish research and presentation
 2/20  Addictions and Research on Specific Drugs Begin  research and presentation on specific  drug.
 2/15  Marijuana Lesson #3  For any of the missing lessons  on marijuana, go to the folder that says Missing Guest Speakers for the assignments to get the points.
 2/13  Finish Assessment #1  Assessment #1
 2/ 11  Marijuana Lesson #2  
 2/7  Snow Day- No School  
 2/5  Marijuana Guest Presentation  
 2/1   First Assessment ALL Jan. work is due. First Assessment
 1/30  Finish Personality  Personality Questions
 1/28  Getting to Know Myself ALL Jan. work is due the end of the week.  Getting to Know Myself
 1/24  Personality notes and Survey. All Jan. work is due next week.  
 1/22  Finish Options After HS. Notes on Self-Concept  Options after HS and Getting to Know Myself sheet
 1/17  School Success and Options after High School  Magic Squares and Education and Work papers
 1/15 What is Health? Maslow's Theory Maslow "s Heirarchy and Lifestyle Factors
 1/11  Past and Present; Influence Map  Writing Prompt
 1/9  Overview of the class and expectations  Info about you- Notecard

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