April Fools!

April Fools!
Posted on 04/04/2022
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April Fool’s Day is a holiday that takes place on April 1. This holiday is celebrated by playing jokes, tricks, and pranks on your friends and family.

The true origin of this holiday is unknown; however, there are many theories of where it originated.

According to History.com, historians believe that it began in 1582 when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. Some people were slow to recognize the switch of New Year's day; it went from starting on April 1 to starting on January 1. Since people were still celebrating the New Year at the end of March, others were playing jokes on them and calling them gullible. These jokes became known as “April Fool’s” jokes.

According to Brittanica, there is another belief that it came from the vernal equinox. This was a time when people were fooled by the sudden changes in weather.

Over time, April Fool’s spread through Britain and Scotland. During the 1700s, this was a two-day holiday. People were sent on fake errands in the beginning, and it was then followed by people playing pranks on others.

Today, many people celebrate this holiday by playing funny pranks and fooling their friends and family. It may not be a widely celebrated holiday, but some news stations and social media platforms will post crazy claims to joke with their audience. 

On April 1, 1957, the BBC Show called Panorama aired a segment saying that pasta grew on trees.

On April 1, 1980, there were jokes that the Big Ben clock was going digital.

On April 1, 1989, a Seattle comedy show went on air saying that the space needle had fallen down.

With all the controversy about this holiday, there is new legislature proposing to skip April 1 and move straight to April 2!

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