Dear Growly Week 2

Dear Growly Week 2
Posted on 03/01/2022
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Dear Growly,

I was absent for a day in my chemistry class and now I’m behind on the homework. I’m usually a pretty good student, but chemistry has always been my weakest class and I’m struggling to complete overdue assignments. I don’t understand any of the topics we’re covering in class, and my teacher can’t go over the entire lesson again. How do I study for the quiz on Monday? 


A Struggling Student

Dear Struggling Student,

The best way to make up missed work is to find the work assigned on the day that you missed. Meeting with your teacher to figure out make-up work as well as having them help with any questions you may have are good ideas to get back on track. Speaking to classmates and seeing if they might have the notes or assignments you missed is another good plan. The tutoring center is an excellent resource as well, and the various tutors can help you in whatever way they can. The tutoring center is open during all blocks; it is closed only before and after school and first lunch. Use your off blocks wisely!

Good luck with your quiz!


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