LHS will put the FESTivity in Winterfest

LHS will put the FESTivity in Winterfest
Posted on 11/30/2021
This is the image for the news article titled LHS will put the FESTivity in WinterfestBy Jack Schumacher

(Stay tuned for updates as this event is dependent on regulations.)

Events like Winterfest are coming up quickly, and it's important to know that it’ll be a Sadies-style dance; it’ll be an exciting time for all LHS students.

“I'm honestly really excited for Winterfest. I feel like the decorations might actually impress people, and the idea of it being Sadies makes it a lot more exciting and really new,” sophomore student senate member Torrey Weiner said.

For readers who may not know what a Sadies dance entails, it’s a different kind of dance where the girls ask the guys if they would like to go. Just knowing that the fundamentals of dances are going to be different creates some excitement which will hopefully carry over until the dance takes place.

After being asked if they thought the hype would keep up until the dance, it was revealed that, “we have enough; our school spirit is really high this year. I think that during the November and December months, the holidays keep everyone busy enough so we don't really have time for much,” by Torrey Weiner.

The Student Senate is busy working since it’s only a month after homecoming ended. “Winterfest is going to be sometime at the beginning of February or end of January, and we have Roar Week coming up in early 2022,” stated Weiner. It’s nice to see how much thought Senate is putting into planning in order to make it different and more special to the attendees.

Finally, it’s very important to know if the future events are worth looking forward to. “I think we have a pretty diverse set of events, but there's also so much more at our school than just what Senate plans,” sophomore senator Weiner stated. “I do think that we have a solid set of dances over the school year, and with spirit week and roar week, people have a lot to look forward to.”

The student body of LHS has a lot to look forward to as the Senate is busy planning all of our next events. Hopefully, the constant dances and spirit weeks throughout the year will keep our collective school atmosphere at a nice high.

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