New Year Traditions to Better Your Upcoming Year

New Year Traditions to Better Your Upcoming Year
Posted on 01/19/2022
This is the image for the news article titled New Year Traditions to Better Your Upcoming Year  The clock strikes twelve and you pop a grape into your mouth while smashing a plate and jumping over seven waves. Then what? With the New Year recently occurring, traditions have been set in stone across the globe. Here are three different traditions that are destined to bring you good luck along the journey to a new beginning.
Delicious green grapes are sold out on December 31st in Spain, and not because people are preparing to eat healthy for their New Year's resolution. Eating twelve grapes with the New Year is said to bring prosperity and luck in Spain.

With this tradition, eating one grape each time the bell strikes is common on New Year's Eve. The grapes are known to represent each upcoming month, and it is traditional to make a wish with each grape before eating it. If the twelve clock bells begin to strike and the grapes are not finished in time, the year will be full of misfortune.

Smashing a plate can be considered vicious and dramatic, but in Denmark, it’s often considered a good thing. On New Years Eve, many people go around to other people’s doorstep (often members of their family) and smash a delicate plate.

The more shards of the plate that there are in the morning, the luckier the year will become. This tradition also symbolizes affection and friendship, as your close ones treat your yard with broken shards to ensure that you will have the luckiest year yet.

The sky is pitch black as the clock just struck twelve and the last thing on the agenda is to jump in the ocean. Unless you’re in Brazil. While celebrating the beginning of a brand New Year, Brazilians get dressed in white and jump over seven crushing waves while wishing for something different with each jump. Like most traditions, jumping over the waves is a symbol for luck and amplifies the feeling of a new beginning, hopefully containing those seven wishes.

With grapes, plates and an ocean, accomplishing these traditions is no big deal. While this passing New Year might not be what you expected, these three hopeful traditions are set to bring you lots of luck and prosperity for the next one.
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