Twig Garber: A key Player in the Theater Company

Twig Garber: A key Player in the Theater Company
Posted on 11/30/2021
This is the image for the news article titled Twig Garber: A key Player in the Theater CompanyBy Elliot Sheridan

After years of creating unique and unforgettable stage productions, Lakewood High School has garnered the reputation for having one of the best high school production companies in the state of Colorado. It’s common for a Lakewood play to feature impressive set design, catchy scores, and more. However, behind every theatrical production is a dedicated and passionate crew, all working hard to turn the bland script into a magical one; they do all of this for the purpose of entertaining a live audience.

Twig Garber, a member of this crew, has had an immediate and influential impact on the program. In many ways, Twig is considered a rising star, as they only joined the theater crew this school year.

Twig states, “While I worked on sets in class [during] my sophomore year, this was the first year I was officially part of the crew.”
Despite this, Twig has already been given lots of responsibilities and important leadership roles. In a COVID-19 world, Twig and the rest of the theater crew have been forced to adapt.

“I’ve primarily helped build sets, and that’s been extremely interesting this year because COVID has created a big wood shortage.” Twig says that this wood shortage resulted in the crew having to adjust by working more with scrap wood and repurposing items.
In addition to set creation, Twig also has helped with the run crew for live shows and has even helped out the makeup department with the play called Anastasia. Twig’s hard work, determined mindset, and diverse skill-set all tie back to why they joined crew in the first place.

“I knew that I wanted to push myself,” stated Twig, “Theater is a harder and more intensely committed activity that I knew could be highly rewarding, no matter what skill is required of me.”

As Twig looks forward to graduating from LHS in May, the question of whether crew and theater production will remain an interest in their life after high school remains.

“If I go to college, for sure! It’s nice having something to pour my energy into.” Twig has also stated that they would like to pursue a career that emphasizes their creative thinking. Currently, being a tattoo artist was their first choice.

Ultimately, Twig is a highly respected and impressive member of the Lakewood High School theater community. Their impressive work in set design and on Anastasia has made their creativity and resourcefulness noticeable, despite only being on the crew for one year.
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