Where's Wordle

Where's Wordle
Posted on 04/26/2022
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The Wordle is a fun puzzle that people can complete on a daily basis. It provides a unique challenge, and it has recently gained popularity, thus amassing a large following. It is hosted by the New York Times and can be found on their website. 

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, originally intended for his significant other to play it. It is unique from the other online games that the New York Times hosts because it has no hints, rather, it is up to the player to guess words. There are six guesses and each word must be five letters. When a word is guessed, some letters might turn green, meaning that those letters are in the correct place. However, if a letter turns yellow, it is the right letter, but it is in the wrong place. If the letter turns gray, it is not in the word at all. 

When asked, sophomore Jack Schumacher said, “It’s a fun use of time.” He also said he enjoys playing the game because, according to him, “Everyone does it.” 

Another unique aspect of the game is the fact that it is not designed to be addictive. It is a single daily puzzle; therefore, it lacks the aspects a game needs to become addictive. It is an enjoyable daily activity that only takes a few minutes out of one’s busy schedule.

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