AP Chemistry Fall Semester

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 In Class:


 Friday, August 17th
(All classes)

 Introduction to AP Chemistry Stations

Please sign the safety contract on Google Classroom by next class!

If you have NOT finished the summer assignment, you MUST have it finished by next Friday!
  Monday, August 20th
Stoichiometry Review

Summer Assignment Quiz #3 
If you have NOT signed the safety contract on Google Classroom, then you can NOT participate in our lab next class!

If you have NOT finished the summer assignment, you MUST have it finished by Friday! 
Wednesday, August 22nd  Baking Soda Lab, Parts I and II 
Try the math for Baking Soda Lab, Part II.

If you have NOT finished the summer assignment, you MUST have it finished by Friday!
 Friday, August 24th   Finish Baking Soda Lab, Part II

Baking Soda Lab, Part III
 Watch the absorption and spectrophotometry video posted on Google Classroom for next class.
 Tuesday, August 28th   Absorption Demos

Beer's Law Lab, Parts I and II
Finish lab questions, if not done.

Review for quiz next class! 
  Thursday, August 30th   Review Quiz

Beer's Law Lab, Part III
 Watch videos posted to Google Classroom on net ionic equations and empirical formulas.
 Tuesday, September 4th   Beer's Law Lab, Part III

Empirical Formulas
Finish and turn in Beer's Law Lab, Part III write-up to Google Classroom. 
 Thursday, September 6th   Net Ionic Equations

Matter Maps

Gravimetric Analysis 
Work on review for Unit One Test, next class! 
 Monday, September 10th  Unit One Test None! 
Wednesday, September 12th  Review and Reflect on Unit One Test  Complete the Unit One Test Reflection form on Google Classroom. 
Friday, September 14th   Gas Laws Review  Complete Gas Laws Review in notebook for next class.  
Tuesday, September 18th   Intro to Kinetics  Please schedule a time to go through Unit 1 Test, if not done already. 
Thursday, September 20th    Rate Law Expressions
Complete questions 4 and 5 on the Rate Law Problems worksheet. 
Monday, September 24th    Rate Law Expressions

Penny Lab
Please complete the Penny Lab (outlined in the notes in Google Classroom). 
 Wednesday, September 26th    Kinetics Quiz

Discuss Penny lab

Thiosulfate Lab

Please finish graphing the Thiosulfate lab! 
Friday, September 28th    Crystal Violet Lab  Work on problems 1-3 on rate law problems worksheet. 
 Tuesday, October 2nd   Rate Law Mechanisms Start working on Unit 2 test review.
 Thursday, October 4th   Activation Energy

Types of Catalysts
 Finish working on Unit 2 test review for test next class!
October 8th
 Unit 2 Test (Kinetics) None! 
 Wednesday, October 10th  Test Review/Reflection

Net Ionic Equations and Solubility Rules
Complete Unit 2 test reflection form in Google Classroom!
  Monday, October 15th Finish Net Ionic Equation POGIL

Practice Net Ionic Equations 
 Wednesday, October 17th  Equilibrium Notes  Complete Equilibrium Basics problems (in Google Classroom).  
 Friday, October 19th  ICE Charts Complete ICE problems 1-4 for next class.  
 Tuesday, October 23rd  Equilibrium Activity (Dueling Graduated Cylinders) Print graph and put in notebook. Make sure all lab questions are finished.  
 Thursday, October 25th Calculating Q

Q vs. K
Add Q calculations to graphing activity (from last class). Answer additional lab questions, if not done.
 Monday, October 29th Equilibrium Quiz 

Le Chatelier's Lab
 Wednesday, October 29th  Mental Math and Multiple Choice Question Practice

Halloween Demos
Work on Mental Math/MC practice problems for next class. 
 Friday, November 2nd Solubility Equilibrium (Ksp)  Start working on Equilibrium Test review! 
Tuesday, November 6th Common Ion Effect  Finish Equilibrium Test review!
Thursday, November 8th   Equilibrium Test  None!
 Monday, November 12th Naming and Properties of Strong and Weak Acids

Intro to Acids and Bases Activity and Notes
  Wednesday, November 14th  Unit 3 Test Reflection

Particle Drawings
Read section 16.9 in Brown textbook and take notes!
  Friday, November 16th  pH Calculations and Notes
Finish pH calculations for next class!
 Thanksgiving Break
  Tuesday, November 27th  Ka and Kb Calculations Complete Ka calculations worksheet for next class.  
   Thursday, November 29th  Titration and Titration Curve Notes Be ready for lab next class! 
December 3rd
 Finish Titration Notes

Standardization of NaOH Lab
 Finish calculations for standardization. 

Be ready for a quiz on acids and bases next class!
Wednesday, December 5th   Acids and Bases Quiz

Molarity of Vinegar and Mustard Labs
 Turn in lab write-up!
 Friday, December 7th  Buffer Notes Start working on buffer problems, due in class Thursday, Dec 13th.
 Tuesday, December 11th  Buffer Lab

Working on Buffer Problems
Finish calculations for Part 1 of the Buffer Lab.

Start working on final exam review! 
 Thursday, December 13th Buffer Lab, Part 2

Finish Working on Buffer Problems
 Keep working on final exam review!
 Monday, December 17th  Final Exam Review Day  Finish final exam review for next class!
 Wednesday, December 19th  Final Exam
8:00-9:30 am

Please bring:
Pen/Pencil, calculator, completed final review (if turning in for extra credit)
Have a great break! Please feel free to forward me any cool science-themed things you may encounter! 

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