Honors Economics


In Class:


  1. Why Do Drug Dealers Live with their Mama?
  2. Lesson #1 Incentves

  1.  Read Syllabus and find 4 examples of incentives
  1. Economic Trilogy notes (See me for notes)
  2. Dating game to apply ESL terms
  1. None
 1/15/19  1.  Finish Dating Game
and Answer Dating Game Qustions
2.  Start Marginal Analysis
 Quiz Next Time
    1/17/18 1.  Quiz
    2.  Marginal Analysis (See me for notes)

    1/22/19 1.  DMU (see me for notes)
    2. Intro to Personal Financial Literacy with Paying for College On Google Classroom
    2.  Personal Financial Literacy

    Quiz on Marginal Analysis next time
    1/28/18  1.  Quiz on MA
    2.  Budget Project: Budget Project: Housing
    Budget Worksheet 

    Take notes on CC/Investment reading
     1/30/18  Budget Project Cars  Make sure you have Houseing and Cars finished by next class! 
    1.  Jobs/Investment

     Quiz over CC and Investment Next time
    2/5/18  1.  Quiz
    2.  Finish Budget
    2Banished: Intro to Macro Unit 
    6 Social goals
     2/11/19 1. Finish PFL
    Fico Credit Scores
    2.Economic Systems Intro Banished
     2/13/19 1. Economic Systems Notes
    2. Economic Freedom
    2016 US data


     2/15/19 1. Compare/Contrast US 2016 and 2017 rankings
    2. Compare/Contrast one other country of choice.
    3. DBQ Skills!
    Economic Freedom Website
    4. DBQ practice
     Finish DBQ practice for Homework
     2/20/19  Economic Growth
    GDP  See me for notes
     2/21/19  GDP Does it count?  
     2/28/18  Check Growth, Freedom and Equity understanding for Quiz Next time.
    Economic Sustainability
    Soviet Union 5 year plan reading Answer: 

    1.Why did peasants move to cities?

    2.How did the Soviet Central Planners deal with shortages of food and consumer goods?

    3.Explain how speculation worked and why it started.

    4.BIG QUESTION: What is the relationship between incentives and different economic systems?  Whydidn’t the 5 year plan work? (HINT: look at your notes for characteristics of a Market vs Command economy and show how lack of incentives changed behavior. )

     Quiz Next time
     3/4/18  Economic Security and Stability: Inflation Queen for the Day  
     3/6/18  Economic Security and Stability: Inflation notes
    That film about Money 1
    That film about Money 2

    Movie clip one:

    Explain the difference between “money” and currency

    Movie clip Two:

    What do banks do in order to take the power away from the original creditors, depositors (us!) and give power to themselves?

    3/8/20  Economic Security and Stability: Unemployment: Types of Unemployment

    3/12/18  Finish Unemployment: Plicker Questions  
     3/18/20  Finish Economic Goals: Efficiency  Banished Due Thursday after spring Break
    Introduce Tragedy of the Commons
    3/22/19  Secret State of North Korea Video Link
    Questions Link
     Thursday after Spring Break!


     Demand Intro  
     11/12/18-11/13/18 Demand Practice  
    Finish Demand
    Intro to Supply
     Demand Quiz next time
     Supply Practice    
     11/29/18-11/30/18  Equilibrium: Silver Game  
     12/3/18-12/4/18 Equilibrium Practice
    Supply and Demand Letter. Due Two copies of the letter with the Rough Draft attached to one AND a self addressed stamped envelope are due next class
     12/5/18-12/6/18  Elasticity of Supply and Demand  
     12/7/18-12/10/18  Supply and Demand Project Work Day  
    Supply and Demand Project Present
    Market Structures
     12/17/18-12/18/18  Finish Market Structures
    Escape practice
    Final study guide 




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