Honors Economics


In Class:


  1. Why Do Drug Dealers Live with their Mama?
  2. Lesson #1 Incentves

  1.  Read Syllabus and find 4 examples of incentives
  1. Economic Trilogy notes (See me for notes)
  2. Dating game to apply ESL terms
  1. None
 1/15/19  1.  Finish Dating Game
and Answer Dating Game Qustions
2.  Start Marginal Analysis
 Quiz Next Time
    1/17/18 1.  Quiz
    2.  Marginal Analysis (See me for notes)

    1/22/19 1.  DMU (see me for notes)
    2. Intro to Personal Financial Literacy with Paying for College OR Entering the Workforce Marginal Analysis
     8/30/18-8/31/18 1.  Finish DMU
    2.  Personal Financial Literacy
    Budget Project: Housing
    Budget Worksheet

    Quiz on Marginal Analysis next time
     9/4/18-9/5/18  1.  Quiz on MA
    2.  Budget Project: Cars

    Take notes on CC/Investment reading
     9/6/18-9/7/18  Budget Project  Make sure you have Houseing and Cars finished by next class! Quiz over CC and Investment Next time
    1. Quiz
    2.  Jobs/Investment

     9/12/18-9/13/18  1.  Finish Budget
    2Banished: Intro to Macro Unit 
    6 Social goals
     9/14/18 Economic Systems Intro  
       Economics Goals: Equity vs. Freedom

    Freedom Reports Comparison 2016 vs. 2017
    China 2016           China 2017
    N.  Korea 16'        N. Korea 17'
    US 16'                    US 17'
    Hong Kong 16'     H. Kong 17'

     For each country find:

    1.Overall rank

    2.Ranking for each indicator (Property Rights, Freedom from corruption, Government Spending, Labor Freedom and Trade Freedom) and one sentence as to why they received each score

     9/20/18-9/21/18 1. Compare/Contrast US 2016 and 2017 rankings
    2. Compare/Contrast one other country of choice.
    3. DBQ Skills!
    Economic Freedom Website
    4. DBQ practice
     Finish DBQ practice for Homework
     9/22/18-9/23/18  Economic Growth
    GDP  See me for notes
     9/27/18-9/30/18  GDP Does it count?  
     10/02/18-10/03/18  Check Growth, Freedom and Equity understanding for Quiz Next time.
    Economic Sustainability
    Soviet Union 5 year plan reading Answer: 

    1.Why did peasants move to cities?

    2.How did the Soviet Central Planners deal with shortages of food and consumer goods?

    3.Explain how speculation worked and why it started.

    4.BIG QUESTION: What is the relationship between incentives and different economic systems?  Whydidn’t the 5 year plan work? (HINT: look at your notes for characteristics of a Market vs Command economy and show how lack of incentives changed behavior. )

     Quiz Next time
     10/09/18-10/10/18  Economic Security and Stability: Inflation Queen for the Day  
     10/11/18-10/12/18  Economic Security and Stability: Inflation notes
    That film about Money 1
    That film about Money 2

    Movie clip one:

    Explain the difference between “money” and currency

    Movie clip Two:

    What do banks do in order to take the power away from the original creditors, depositors (us!) and give power to themselves?

    10/15/18-10/16/18  Economic Security and Stability: Unemployment: Types of Unemployment

     10/17/18-10/18/18  Finish Unemployment: Plicker Questions  
     10/19/18-10/22/18  Finish Economic Goals: Efficiency  Banished Homework
     10/23/18-10/24/18  Go over answers to Banished Homework
    Introduce Tragedy of the Commons
     10/25/18-10/26/18  Tragedy of the Commons and Externalities  Test November 6th and 7th
     10/29/18-10/30/18  Market Failures: Parking Passes
     10/31/18-11/1/18  Brown Paper Game Trade Game


     Demand Intro  
     11/12/18-11/13/18 Demand Practice  
    Finish Demand
    Intro to Supply
     Demand Quiz next time
     Supply Practice    
     11/29/18-11/30/18  Equilibrium: Silver Game  
     12/3/18-12/4/18 Equilibrium Practice
    Supply and Demand Letter. Due Two copies of the letter with the Rough Draft attached to one AND a self addressed stamped envelope are due next class
     12/5/18-12/6/18  Elasticity of Supply and Demand  
     12/7/18-12/10/18  Supply and Demand Project Work Day  
    Supply and Demand Project Present
    Market Structures
     12/17/18-12/18/18  Finish Market Structures
    Escape practice
    Final study guide 




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