IB History


In Class:


  1. IB Cold War document
  1.  Why Do Nations Go to War
  1. Quiz 
  2. Hitler Foreign policy
  1. Hitler Foreign Policy reading
 1/11/18-1/12/18 1.  Quiz
2.  Question 12 Outline
3.  WWII Timeline.  Due next Thursday 18 (O) or Friday 19 (B)

1.I'm a huge spaz and didn't copy the full reading!!!!  You probably noticed and that is why you are here!  This attachment is the full text.  Sorry guys!   The Last European War
 1/16/18-1/17/18 Long Quiz on Sheehan's Last European War for Oral Grades 1.  Finish WWII Timeline with analysis connecting to the Cold War for Quiz next class
 1/18/18-1/19/18  1.  Quiz on WWII Timeline
2.  Work time for Atomic Bomb documents to prepare for DISC debate on A. Bomb
1.  Finish DISC chart and be prepared for Debate next class.
1/22/18-1/23/18 DISC A Bomb debate Powaski Introduction and preface
 1/24/18-1/25/18  1.  Quiz
2.  Yalta and Potsdam.
3.  Yalta Role Play Link
Powaski Ch 2 page 35-45 (New Books are in!  If you don't have one come see me!!!)
 1/26/18-1/29/18  1.  Yalta debrief
2. FRQ Question prep
 Powaski 45-55
 1/30/1/- 1/31/18  1. Quiz
2.  Finish Question debrief
3.Salami Tactics
 Powaski 55-65
 2/1/18-2/2/18  1.  Oral Quiz
2  Marshall Plan Cartoon
 Powaski 65-85
 2/5/18-2/6/18  1.  Oral Quiz
2.  Finish Marshall plan Cartoon
 Berlin Airlift Reading
 2/7/18-2/8/18  1.  Oral Quiz
2.  Arms Race intro
 Powaski 76-86
 2/9/18-2/10/18  1.  Oral Quiz
2.  Berlin Airlift Video
1.  Historiography reading to prep for FRQ on 2/20 or 2/21
 2/20/18-2/21/18  FRQ  
 2/26/18-2/27/18  Work Day for Country Fair  Fair next class
 2/28/18-3/1/18  Country Fair Quiz over ch 4/Country fair next time
 3/2/18-3/5/18  Ch 4 Quiz
Bridge of Spies
 Powaski Ch. 5-142
 3/6/18-3/7/18  Quiz on Powaski
Bridge of Spies
Secret Speech
 3/8/18-3/9/18  Turn in Secret Speech 
Finish Bridge of Spies
Arms Race
Prepare for Soviet Cuban Missile Crisis.  Fill out Soviet Role Play sheet for assigned Character.

5th Period Character Assignments:
Kira and Emily
Kelsi and Eliza
Chase, Jac and Emma
Nick and Slava
Ben and Lynn
Tobin and Andrew K
Sarina and Maggie
Andrew S, Joe and Holt
Colton, Gus and Elzia
Claire and Elly
Helen and Kyra
Janey, Ella, Adrianna and Faith
 4/4/18-4/5/18  Cater
Detente Packet
 4/6/18- 4/9/18
 Carter and Brezhnev   Powaski 230-240
 4/12/18-4/13/18  Turn in Detente Packet
Quiz over Powaski
Reagan Doctrine
 4/16/18-4/17/18 Quiz over Political/Economic structure Reading 
Reagan Doctrine
  Afghanistan Essay "prep"
 4/18/18-4/19/18  SDI Campaign Poster
Solidarity Q9 practice
 Big Powaski Quiz next time 240-278
 4/20/18-4/23/18  Powaski 240-278 Quiz
1989 Practice Paper 1
 4/24/18-4/25/18  Paper 1 practice paper corrections  
 4/26/18-5/11/18  REVIEW/STUDY  

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