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IA Criteria and Examples

IA Criteria and Examples #2


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  Info will be given on Classroom.


I hope everyone is well... I miss you all! I copied the email I received yesterday from Mrs. Kramer concerning the IA's in lieu of testing. For ease of reading, I uploaded it into the folder "Portfolio" (this website sucks at uploading documents). The document is called "IA's and IB scores".

About half of you turned emailed me an electronic copy. If you did, I replied to it by sending you a copy of my grading rubric for your IA. If not, send me the electronic copy of your IA (preferably PDF) and I will attach your scoring. TURN A COPY IN!!!! Here is the general scoring guideline: 

17 - 20    7
15 - 16    6
13 -  14   5 
11 - 12   4
8  -  10    3

Remember, the scores are usually moderated down a point for scores 14 and up. The scores 13 and below are generally not moderated down. Yet, I don't know how they will be grade...if differently.

Once I receive all the electronic copies, I will send them to Mrs. Kramer. If you work on the IA, I can give you more feedback. It needs to be sent directly to Mrs. Kramer by April 15th. 

Assignments and grades for the class:

Since we are finished with content and quizzing would be difficult to grade and monitor, I will be providing opportunity to improve your grade. Just like study points, you will only be allowed to move up one grade. If you have questions about your particular grade, talk to me. I will provide assignments weekly for those who chose to work on math. If you already have an A, congrats...you deserve the break. Although, if you wish to do some math (for the joy) please do. I am going to school tomorrow to get some things, including the key to the Problem Set #5 due this Friday. I will email you the answer key if you send me a note and are finished with most of it. Please don't share the key.

Here is my number if you have any questions...it will be easier to call. I am so sorry for the burden, frustration, and stress this has caused you. Especially, all the seniors. "I got your back!" 

I will keep you posted with any info I receive, new assignments or anything that needs to be communicated. Check the site every few days. 


Week of 3/9 We are going to continue working on calculus and doing a mini unit on matrices. I will hand out the worksheets this week. Problem Set #4 is due on Friday. 
Week of 3/2 I will be handing out worksheets this week. I am putting together a unit on Matrices. Many of you will need to take Linear Algebra in college and the basics of matrices will help.  Problem set 4

Multivariable chain rule and implicit handout. 
Week of 2/24 We will start partial derivatives. I will hand out the worksheet on this. I will also give out Practice Set 4 which will be due in two weeks. I uploaded a document on Trig substitution, which contains notes and a 5 question worksheet. Do the worksheet on a separate sheet of paper (for some reason, the pdf worksheet is three pages for only 5 problems...Leda will be happy you are saving paper). We will have short quiz Monday/Tuesday and a group quiz on Wed/Thurs.   Calculus: Integrationbytrigsubstution

Week of 2/17 IA's are due! Make sure you send me a electronic copy too. I need it so I can upload the selected ones to IB. I uploaded 2 HL Worksheets and they will be due on Friday. I will hand out Problem Set 4 on Thursday and Friday. It will be due 2 weeks from Friday. I will be teaching partial derivatives (an extra topic).  Probability: HL015 Probability Worksheet (there are a few problems we will exclude). 

Complex: HL024 Complex Numbers worksheet
Week of 2/3 I am going to teach you integration by trig substitution. It's a technique needed for calc 3 and comes up once in a while. I hope you are working on your IA. We will have carts the second part of the week. Practice Set 3 is due on Friday. 

I have a movie suggestion...Mo Money Blues.
I found a differential equations worksheet that has the solutions. 

Worksheet: Calculus: Differential Option: Differentials Worksheet #154 (this will be due on Friday) We need the points. 
Week of 1/27 We are going to continue with IA work. I am going to make Problem Set #3 due next week. This week I have found a probability and stats review for you to download. The answers are included but I will work on making the solution key. I heard that many of you are broke...I will give you some money! Assignment: Probability: HL_PROB_AND_STAT 
Week of 1/13 We are going to continue with working on the IA. I will be giving 2 quizzes this week. My plan is to quiz this quarter over questions I expect you to know.  Problem Set 2 is due on Friday.
Week of 1/6 Hope you had a restful break. Our last semester, what a journey. We will be focusing on the IA, with due date in the middle of February. I have checked out the computer carts for the whole week, starting Tuesday. We will continue timed practice. Problem Set 2 is due NEXT Friday.
Week of 12/9 I will hand out the work this week. I have some practice before the final. I will hand out Practice Set #2. I will not be due until 1/10/20...next year, ha. Some might like a some extra time.  Hand outs  
Week of 12/2 We will discuss the fall quiz. The few of you who did not take it (you were supposed to let me know and set up a time to take it before break) will have to take it Monday or Tuesday. 

Topic: Homogenous differential equations.

Problem Set 1 is due on Friday. Some of you are going to be in "trouble". 

We will have a quiz on Thursday/Friday...over stuff.
I will hand out the worksheets this week. 
Week of 11/19 We will have a Fall quiz covering vectors, complex, binomial expansion, trig, calculus, and probability/stats. I am thinking Thursday and Friday. If you are going to be absent, let me know. I would like everyone to take it before we go to break. We will continue differential equation topics...integrating factors and homogenous,   Problem Set 1 hand out. This will be due the Friday AFTER Thanksgiving break.

I will pass out the worksheets this week. 
Week of 11/12 We will have the Chrome Books Monday and Tuesday, continuing work on our IA's. I might get bored and start our study of differential equations. We will be quizzing this 6 weeks a lot. Show me the money, baby! I plan on having a fall quiz next week, and I will tell you the topics this week. It will be a big quiz over everything. This week, plan on a probability quiz. Jackson, if I remember, I will be giving you a harder quiz...you too, Maddy...maybe Kevin...and a few others.   
Week of 11/4 I hope you enjoyed your week of no homework. We are going to start the IA this week but continue our mastery of vectors, complex and probability.  Probably mix
A complex life
Probability handout. I gave this to some students already.
Week of 10/21 For the rest of the month, we will focus on the three topics we have learned so far, vectors, complex and probability. Expect some Money!!! For some reason, I am not able to access the homework folders so I can't list the assignments for you to download. I will give them out this week. 
Week of 10/13 We will continue discrete probability function, the normal curve and Poisson distribution. 

Remember: the worksheets are due ONLY if the topic is covered by Wednesday. Review worksheets are due, however. 

Powerpoint: Normal curve
Powerpoint: Poisson 
I will have to hand out a worksheet on the normal curve. It will be due this week. 

Cdfs worksheet from last week.  

Poisson distribution

Week of 10/6  We will be starting a unit on probability. Students usually have trouble with this, yet it is a large part of the HL exam. 

Power Point: Probability review

Power Point: Discrete Probability
Counting (this is harder than you think)

Cdfs (continuous probability distributions) The answers are on the back. Check with each other...I most likely will not make the key. I would have to remember to take a calculator home. Ha.

Think HL #2 
Week of 9/16 We will begin complex numbers.

Power Point: Complex Numbers
Vector and a complex will be probably due in two weeks. The complex part has a lot of things that we still need to learn.

Complex operations. Note that this worksheet has worked solutions. Open the file to check your work.

Complex Number Basics
 Week of 9/9 We will finish up vectors and begin complex numbers.

Power Point: Angle between planes

Power Point: Complex Numbers
Vector Me Up #2

Calculus and a cup of coffee #2

Vector and a Complex (probably due next week)

Week of 8/26 We will be starting a unit on vectors. You will find
the worksheets in the folders above. I will 
assignments that we will be doing for the week
but that doesn't mean that it will be due on Friday.

PowerPoint: Vectors

Think HL #1 (handout)

Vector Lines (vectors)

Vector Me Up (vectors)

Calculus and a cup of coffee #1 (calculus) * note this is for block 5
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