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IA Criteria and Examples

IA Criteria and Examples #2


In Class:


Week of 1/7 Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your break. We will discuss 2nd semester expectations on Wednesday. Friday will be a class day for IA's. After we do a Timed Practice (coffee and calculus), you will have the task of reading the example IA's and looking at how they are scored...reading the scoring comments.  We will have our last class time for IA's next week and discuss a due date.

We will start a new topic, not on the HL exam, next week.
Calculus: Calculus and a cup of coffee (timed practice)

Practice Set #4 (due 1/25)
  This will be the last week of assignments. Yippee! All homework, late or otherwise, is due this Friday. Be ready to discuss your IA topic on Friday. There will be money moments. 

Practice Set #3 is due this week. 

Think HL #7 (due Friday) 

Story Friday...about a dog...and a woman. 
 Week of 12/2  I have jury duty. It will be a work day tomorrow. Natasha told me that her finger nails hurt, so no quiz tomorrow. I will have the substitute hand out Think HL 6. This is a good time to work on Practice Set #3.  
Week of 11/26 I hope you had a wonderful break. We needed it...back to work. This is the time you will earn your grade. Starting Wednesday, we will be having a quiz everyday. 

I have decided that we will not take on any new topics for the last 9 days of class. Instead, we will keep reviewing differential equations and convergence. 

Worksheet: Think HL #5 

I will hand out other assignments this week.
 Week of 11/5 There are two weeks before Thanksgiving break! Yippee! We will be starting the Exploration and finishing up differential equations during this time. I will try to reserve a chrome book cart for Wednesday, with the emphasis on researching topics.

Fall quiz on Monday. No, Natasha, I am not changing it again...even if your fingernails hurt.

I will hand out worksheets this week. Remember, we still have Think HL #4 due this week and Set #2 is due next week.
 Week of 10/29 We will begin the last topic before we start work on the IA. It is our optional topic, differential equations. I will also hand out Practice Set #2 on Thursday. 

Fall Quiz on Thursday.

Worksheet: Calculus: Integrating factors.

Worksheet: Mixed Review: Think HL #4

 Week of 10/22  It will be an easy week in terms of homework, since I am taking Wednesday off. I hope you have been working on Practice Set 1 already and not waiting until the last minute. Wednesday will be a work day. The other assignment due on Friday will be a calculator worksheet on Poisson.

Friday will be Calculus and a cup of coffee.

Worksheet: Probability: Poisson Distribution

Calculus: Calculus and a cup of coffee #4 (I will try to upload this in the next few days. Due next week).
 Week of 10/15  We will continue probability and statistics. I will be handing out Problem Set #1 and it will be due in 2 weeks. DON'T START THE ASSIGNMENT AT THE LAST MINUTE. It will take you 4 to 5 hours to finish. The key will NOT be posted. You must request the key on your own time, and can only look at it for 20 minutes. Phones must be put away.

Yep, I am thinking quiz.

Power Point: Continuous Distributions

Power Point: Poisson Distributions

Worksheets will be handed out this week.

 Week of 10/8 We will continue probability and statistics. Homework is due on Thursday, since we have parent/teacher conferences this school Friday.

Chances are there will be a quiz on Thursday...on stuff.

Power Point: Continuous Probability
Worksheet: Mixed Review: Mixed up Kid (due Thursday).

There are also several worksheets due from last week. 

I will hand out a worksheet on probability. It will be due next week. 
Week of 10/1   We will start probability and statistics, while continuing our work on vectors and complex numbers. Be prepared for a quiz at any time. 

Reminder: when you get a document from the website, download it first. Google docs might not convert the mathematical symbols. 
 Smart Board: Probability Review

Power Point: Normal Curve

Worksheet: Think HL 2
Worksheet: Probability: Counting (this worksheet will be due this week if I find the key. It has answers but no solution key, but when I assigned it a few years back, students struggled and I had to make a key. It took me a few hours)

Complex: More Complex: I found this online this summer and it has answers at the bottom but no key. It is important as a mathematics student, to be able to figure out how to get an answer...without the key.

Calculus and a cup of coffee #3 (due next week) 
 Week of 9/24  Euler's form of a complex. Since we are at the end of the first six weeks, I want to wrap things up with an activity of some kind. I will let you know. Next week we will start testing on vector and complex topics Power Point: Euler's form of a complex

Worksheet: induction: Induction (I think the answer key is included)
Worksheet: Calculus and a cup of coffee from Friday (I will make the key).
Worksheet: Complex: A complex life.
 Week of 9/17  We will finish up complex numbers, including De Mo's Theorem and Euler's form of a complex. We might be able to squeeze in proof by induction.

Expect a quiz on Vectors...probably Wednesday.
 Power Point: Euler's form of a complex
Power Point: Induction

Worksheet: Complex: A vector and complex. (due this week)
Worksheet: Complex and De Movire's
Worksheet: Calculus: Calculus and a cup of coffee. (due next week but work in class on Friday)

 Week of 9/10 We will continue our study of complex numbers, including De Moivre's Theorem

Expect a quiz on Vectors next week.
Worksheet: Vectors: Vector Planes (due Friday, from last week). I will post a key for you to check your work.
Worksheet: Complex: Complex numbers basics (from last week). Key is posted.
Worksheet: Cup of Coffee #2 (from last week). Key is posted.
Worksheet: Complex numbers and De Moivre (this will be due next week)
 Week of 9/2

 1. Vectors and Planes

2. Complex numbers
Worksheet: Vectors: Vector Planes (yes, due Friday)

 Worksheet: Complex: Complex numbers basics (due next week since we have a short week)
 Week of 8/27   
  1. Finish Vieta's Theorem
  2. Calculus and a cup of coffee
  3. Vectors
We will begin the study of vectors. If you have trouble with a question, write it down and study it! You are expected to download the worksheets from now on. 

Worksheet: Vectors: Vectors and lines
Worksheet: Vectors: Vector me up
Worksheet: Calculus: Calculus and a cup of coffee
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