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IA Criteria and Examples

IA Criteria and Examples #2


In Class:


Week of 11/12 We will have the Chrome Books Monday and Tuesday, continuing work on our IA's. I might get bored and start our study of differential equations. We will be quizzing this 6 weeks a lot. Show me the money, baby! I plan on having a fall quiz next week, and I will tell you the topics this week. It will be a big quiz over everything. This week, plan on a probability quiz. Jackson, if I remember, I will be giving you a harder too, Maddy...maybe Kevin...and a few others.   
Week of 11/4 I hope you enjoyed your week of no homework. We are going to start the IA this week but continue our mastery of vectors, complex and probability.  Probably mix
A complex life
Probability handout. I gave this to some students already.
Week of 10/21 For the rest of the month, we will focus on the three topics we have learned so far, vectors, complex and probability. Expect some Money!!! For some reason, I am not able to access the homework folders so I can't list the assignments for you to download. I will give them out this week. 
Week of 10/13 We will continue discrete probability function, the normal curve and Poisson distribution. 

Remember: the worksheets are due ONLY if the topic is covered by Wednesday. Review worksheets are due, however. 

Powerpoint: Normal curve
Powerpoint: Poisson 
I will have to hand out a worksheet on the normal curve. It will be due this week. 

Cdfs worksheet from last week.  

Poisson distribution

Week of 10/6  We will be starting a unit on probability. Students usually have trouble with this, yet it is a large part of the HL exam. 

Power Point: Probability review

Power Point: Discrete Probability
Counting (this is harder than you think)

Cdfs (continuous probability distributions) The answers are on the back. Check with each other...I most likely will not make the key. I would have to remember to take a calculator home. Ha.

Think HL #2 
Week of 9/16 We will begin complex numbers.

Power Point: Complex Numbers
Vector and a complex will be probably due in two weeks. The complex part has a lot of things that we still need to learn.

Complex operations. Note that this worksheet has worked solutions. Open the file to check your work.

Complex Number Basics
 Week of 9/9 We will finish up vectors and begin complex numbers.

Power Point: Angle between planes

Power Point: Complex Numbers
Vector Me Up #2

Calculus and a cup of coffee #2

Vector and a Complex (probably due next week)

Week of 8/26 We will be starting a unit on vectors. You will find
the worksheets in the folders above. I will 
assignments that we will be doing for the week
but that doesn't mean that it will be due on Friday.

PowerPoint: Vectors

Think HL #1 (handout)

Vector Lines (vectors)

Vector Me Up (vectors)

Calculus and a cup of coffee #1 (calculus) * note this is for block 5
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