Michelle Yagow

Michelle Yagow

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I have been a science teacher at LHS for 16 years.  In that time I have taught:  Biology & Honors Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science,  AP Env. Science, and IB Environmental Systems and Societies.  In other schools, whose names are unimportant since they are not LHS, I taught Physical Science, Conceptual Physics, and Chemistry.  Yea Science!

Though it seems like I have been here just a few years, I have lived in Colorado since the summer of 2002.  I am originally from a small town in Western New York, called Jamestown.  I grew up -- dirty, because I spent most of my time camping, hiking in forests, playing in streams and lakes,  riding bikes and skateboards, and running around my neighborhood with my friends making up games.  I try to continue these things as much as I can here in Colorado.  

After graduating from Jamestown High School (there was only one high school in my town), I went on to Jamestown Community College, then the SUNY College for Environmental Science and Forestry, and finally finished at Syracuse University with a Masters Degree in Biology and Education.  

I lived in a few different places before settling here: Jamestown NY where I was born and grew up; Syracuse NY where I went to college; New York City NY, where my first teaching job was, and then finally the Denver Area.  I had planned to stay in the Denver area for a few years, then try out the Pacific Northwest, but I stayed here because of the wonderful weather, the outdoor activities, and the cool vibe this area has.  

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