In Class:


 314-15  The importance of Socialization
Finish Morrie and Questions
 Service Learning for Final
 312-13  Morrie and American Values  Q's
 3/8-9  Finish  Presentations, LHS as a Subculture  LHS as a SubCulture
 3/6-7 Presentations  
 2/26-3/2  Culture Project  
 2/19-23 Norms, Sanctions, and Taboos
God Grew Tired of US
Questions GGTU
Norms Violations Project
 2/15-16  American Values and Our Own Values  
 2/13-14 Values Americans Live By - Williams
 2/9-12 Culture - What Makes us Who We are
Culture Shock
 2/7-8 Finish Assessment, How Life imitates Art, Intro to Culture Unit  
 2/5-6 A Bronx Tale and Having a Sociological Mindset Assesmment
 2/1-2 Should We Generalize About People?
No Arms, No Legs, No Worries
Charon Reading
 1/30-31 A Stereotype or Just a Category  
 1/26-29 Three Perspectives of Sociology Freaks and Geeks
 1/24-25 Social Construction of Reality  
 122-23 Radical Experiment in Empathy Ted Talk 2
Social Construction of Reality Intro
 1/18-19 Sociological Mindfulness Schwalbe Reading
 1/16-17 Gladwell Review
Does Education Kill Creativity Ted Talk 1
 1/11-12 Beloit Mindset List and Soc Imgaination Gladwell Reading
 1/9-10 Sociological Imagination  Who Am I
 11/7-8 Music as an Agent of Socialization  
 11/3-6 Agents of Socialization Music as an Agent of Socialization
 11/1-2 Nature vs Nurture  In class reading
 10/30-31 The Sociology of Halloween  
 10/27-30 Tuesdays with Morrie and American Culture  Assessment
 1024-25 Presenatations
 10/20-23  Culture Project and Presentations
 10-18-19 Discussing American Culture: Values, GGTU, and Nothing  
 1016-17 LHS as a Subculture
Amer I can Values
 Kohl Reading: The Values Americans Live By
 10/11-12 God Grew Tired of Us - Questions  "Nothing" is due
 10/9-10 God Grew Tired of Us  
 10/5-6 Okay? You called me what? Gestures, language, norms, and the components of non-material culture  Do Nothing
 10/3-4  Culture Can Be Tricky...Culture schock, Ethnocentrism, and Cultural Relativity  
 9/28-10-2 What would Do and Crash  What would You Do and Sociological Vocab
 2/13-14  Implicit vs Explicit Racism - Jeremy Lin and Gabby Douglas  Racial Formations Reading and Questions
 2/9-12 Race as a Social Construct  Stuff Students Say About Racism
 2/7-8 Finish Unit One Seminar  Assessment
 2/5-6  A Bronx Tale and Having a Sociological Mindset; Unit One Seminar  
 2/1-2 A Stereotype or Just a Category; Charon Q's, The Cookie Theif, Nick Vuijicic: No Arms. No Legs, No Worries  
 1/30-31  In Group and Out Groups: A Class Divided  Read Joel Caron's "Should We Generalize About People?"
 1/26-29 Complex You: Social Statuses and Roles  Finish Abandon Ship
 1/24-25 Macro-Sociology, Micro-Sociology, Social Construction of Reality and a Ship.   
 1/22-23  The Theories of Sociology and Freaks and Geeks  
 1/18-19  Social Construction of Reality; Construction of a Teenager Reading  
 1/16-17  Sociological Mindfulness; Scwalbe Reading and Q's, Radical Experiment in Empathy  
 1/11-12 Gladwell Outliers reading discussion
Beloit Mindset List
 1/9-10  Sociological Imagination; Who am I. C. Wright Mills  Gladwell Reading
 1/8 Class Introduction; Paradigm Shift  
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