Final study guide 


In Class:


  1. Why Do Drug Dealers Live with their Mama?
  2. Lesson #1 Incentves

  1.  Read Syllabus and find 4 examples of incentives
  1. Economic Trilogy notes (See me for notes)
  2. Dating game to apply ESL terms
  1. None
 1/14/19  1.  Finish Dating Game
and Answer Dating Game Qustions
2.  Start Marginal Analysis
1.  Marginal Analysis (See me for notes)

1.  Marginal Analysis
 Intro to Personal Financial Literacy Paying for College or Entering the Workforce

Quiz on Marginal Analysis
Intro to Economic Systems and Macro

 1/25/18 Economic Systems Notes
Freedom vs. Equity

Economic Freedom Scores Assignment

 1/29/18  1.Finish Economic Freedom scores assignment from last time.
2. Compare and contrast country data  If absent open and complete on sheet of paper.
1/31/18  Economic Growth
GDP  See me for notes

 2/4/19 Finish GDP Notes
GDP Does it count?
2/6/19 Goal 3: Economic Sustainability
Check for Understanding with Plickers

2/8/19   Economic Security and Stability: Inflation Queen for the Day  
 2/12/19  Economic Security and Stability: Inflation notes
That film about Money 1
That film about Money 2

Movie clip one:

Explain the difference between “money” and currency

Movie clip Two:

What do banks do in order to take the power away from the original creditors, depositors (us!) and give power to themselves?

2/14/19  Economic Security and Stability: Unemployment: Types of Unemployment

 2/19/19  Finish Unemployment: Plicker Questions
Finish Economic Goals: Efficiency
 2/21/19 Secret state of North Korea video Banished Homework as Prep for test
2/25/19  Test

 2/27/19 Intro to Mirco 
3/1  Demand Practice

Supply intro
3/11 Supply practice  
3/15 Equilibrium: Silver Game  
 3/19 Supply and Demand Template
3/21  Present  





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