Honors US History


In Class:


 5/17-18 Finish Mount Rushmore 
Final Preperation
 5/11-16 Your Own Mount Rushmore Project  
 5/9-10 America Sinking Through a Watergate  
 5/7-8 The Twilight of Liberalism; The Nixon Years  
 5/3-4 The Fall of Saigon  
 5/1-2 The Counter Culture  
 4/27-4/30 Tet offensive and the My Lai Massacre  
 4/25-26 Vietnam; Gulf of Tonkin to Operation Rolling Thunder  
 4/23-24 11/22/1963  
 4/19-20 Cuban Missile Crisis  
 4/17-18 DBQ MLK and Malcom X  
 4/13-16  DBQ Prep
Kennedy: Operation Zappata to Berlin
 DBQ Prep
 4/8-12  Civil Rights in an Uncivil Society Part 3 Malcom x - April 5, 1968  Guided Notes
 4/5-6  Civil Rights in an Uncivil Society Part 2 - The 60's  Guided Notes
 4/3-4 Civil Rights in an Uncivil Society Part 1 - The 50's  Guided Notes Given
 3/14-15  Coils of the Cold War Part 2  
 3.12-13  McCarthyism  Political Cartoon Analysis
 3/9 Korea Today YBTJ What is McCartyism
 3/8  Blocks 2 and 3 Guest Speaker from the Korean War  
 3/6-7  Korean War  
 3/2-5 Cold War Map; Coils of the Cold War Part 1  
 2/28-3/1  1950's Cold War Intro Activity  
 2/22-23 World War II Demonstration of Knowledge  
 2/20-21  Holocaust  Study
 2/15-16  Socratic Seminar; Dropping the Bombs on Japan  Study Guide
 2/13-14  Analysis: Dropping the Bomb  Socratic Seminar Prep
 2/9-12  Leyte Gulf Through Okinawa  
 2/7-8 Battles of Coral Sea Through Midway  
 2/5-6  Pacific Theater Part 1 (Bataan)  Pacific Theater Map
 2/1-2  Executive Order 9066 - Japanese Internmnet  Dueling Primary Resources
 1/30-31 On the Homefront  Questions to Ponder
 1/26-29 World War II in the Pacific Part Iwo Jima and Okinawa  
 1/24-25 WWII in the Pacific Part 1; Through Midway WWII Map of Pacific
 1/22-23 Pearl Harbor  Reading HW Due
 1/18-19 Battle of the Bulge to the end of Hitler  Reading pages 365-369
 1/16-17 D-Day  
 1/11-12 Retaking Europe Part 1 Sept 1, 1939-1943 WWII Map
Reading Assignment Due
 1/9-10 Adolf Hitler, A life  Reading Pages 361-65 Who were the Fascists?
 1/8 Beat the Expert  
 11/6-7 Introduction to The Great War  
 11/1-2 Demonstration of Knowledge  
 10/31-11/1  Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Test Preperations Study Guide
 10/25-30  Where in the World did the US Pursue Imperialism?   Packet
 10/23-24 Results of the Spanish American War; Imperialism  Yellow Press Writing; Imperialism Vocabulary
 10/20-21  "A Splendid Little War"  
 1018-19 Policeman of the World  
 10/16-17 Demonstration of Knowledge Corrections .
Beat the Expert, Spanish American War  Introduction
 10/10-11  Demonstration of Knowledge; Gilded Age through the Progressive Era  
 10/6-9 Women and Feminism in Progressive America  Study!
Political Cartoon Analysis Activity
 Study Guide
 10/2-3  The Dawn of Liberalism; Progressivism Part 3 The Politics of the Progressive Era  HW DUE
 9/28-29  Speed Dating Activity  
 925-26  The Dawn of Liberalism; Progressivism Part 2 Actions and Origins of the Progressive Era  YBTJ Reading and
Thesis Statements
 9/20-21  America the Story of US - Cities, The Dawn of Liberalism; Progressivism Part 1  Speed Dating Background 
 9/18-19  Gilded Age DBQ  
9/11-12 Foreign Immigrants in Industrial America Part 2  YBTJ Dueling Primary Sources
 9/7-8 Foreign Immigrants in Industrial America; Reading  
 9/5-6 Robber barons or Captains of Industry Trial  
 8/31-9/1  Computer check out to work on trial  Finsh any work for Trial
 8/29-30 Computer check out to work on Trial  
8/25-28 The Social Philosophy of the American Businessmen; Work on Trial
  1. Businessmen and that Creature the Corporation; Gilded Age Mystery Docs; Introduce Captains of Industry vs Robber Barons Trial
 8/21-22  The Gilded Age and the Politics of Corruption; Gilded Age Mystery Docs  Get Syllabus Signed
 8/18  Introduction and review trivia  
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