A Guide to Student Discounts

A Guide to Student Discounts by Chloe Waskey
This is the image for the news article titled A Guide to Student Discounts by Chloe WaskeyAre you a broke high school student? Probably. Do you spend money like you aren't working at minimum wage and responsible for your college education? Me too. Luckily, there are a series of student discounts available for those of us who want to feel less guilty about purchasing everything that catches our eye. Yes, that's right, there are a bunch of companies that are willing to hand out major discounts on must-have items, hopefully helping out your wallet along the way. All you need is a student ID in most cases. First, a place to take your awkward dates when you are on a budget: the Denver Botanic Gardens. Here, you can get a hefty discount on certain events and activities. Most years, you would have to flash your student ID in order to take advantage, but due to the Coronavirus many students don't have IDs to flash. This means that this year, student IDs are not required like they have been in the past. Martha, who works at the Denver Botanic Gardens, recommends students should “bring IDs just in case, but don’t worry too much about being stopped.” All you have to do is show up looking like your youthful self. (Honorable mention: the Denver Art Museum is free for all residents under 18.) Next, you can save a bundle on car insurance with your grade transcript. Depending on your insurance provider, passing grades can reduce your monthly insurance payment drastically. Just submit a transcript (which can be found on Infinite Campus) and wait a few business days to hear back. Believe me, the money you save adds up. Need to cram for a French test? Or maybe you just want to understand your favorite anime shows without subtitles. Well, Duolingo happens to have a free version of the program for students. You can attach your account to your school email and become fluent in almost any language you want--at no cost. If there is one inexpensive fashion trend that is hot right now, it’s thrifting. When you feel the need for a lightly worn flannel to complete your outfit, or if you long for a hoodie from another school, Goodwill is the place to go. Especially because they have a 20% discount for students with IDs on select items. Levi’s also offers a discount for students, but you have to wait until you are in college for that one. Regardless, getting clothes has never been easier- or cheaper- with these discounts. Perhaps most pricey of all, Apple offers Airpods at a discount to students. Not many people know about this one, but when you purchase a Macbook, Apple will significantly decrease the price on a pair of airpods for those who have their student ID. Lastly, anyone living in the Jeffco area has access to free lunch all summer long. If you missed your daily overcooked cafeteria meal last summer, fear not, for you can pick up a free meal at participating Jeffco schools this summer. The location of food pickup changes each summer, but in a pinch be sure to look into this amazing food program. Happy discount hunting, and Good luck!
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