English 10 Honors

May  22nd

 Socratic Seminar-5th hour

 Essay prompt- 5   paragraph   essay. Double-spaced, 12 point

 Describe how O'Brien makes   use of irony to further his   claims  about the differences 
 between "story truth" and
 "happening truth"? Use direct   quotes.
May 20

 Movie day  
 May 16

 Introduced Socratic Seminar ?'S

 Time to work in class
May 14

  Warm-up-Level 3 questions - 

 Discuss end of novel


 Intro. Socratic Seminar
 No H.W.

May 10

 I.B. summer assignments

 Discuss reading

 Begin last chapter

 H.W.- Finish
May 8th

 Hand out A.P. materials

 I.B. summer assignment on

 M.A.P. testing
 H.W.- read
 "The Ghost
 Soldiers"   and "Night

May 6th

 Google Classroom ?

 The letter from O'Brien

 Effects of syntax shifts

 Discuss chapters

 Cont. "Brothers In War"
 H.W.- read
 "Field Trip"

May 2nd

 In class reading

 "Letter To My Son" activity
 H.W.- Read
 "Notes", "In
 The Field"   and "Good
April 30

 Collect H.W.

 Discuss "Ambush" and H.W.

 In class reading
 H.W.-   complete
 "Notes" at 
 home if     necessary
April 26

 Discuss final

 Discussed 3 of 4 H.W. chapters-
 4th chapter is for H.W.

 Cont. "Brothers In War"
 on Google
 Classroom -
 Due May 1st

 No reading

April 24

 Warm-up on Motif/Imagery

 Discuss "Sweetheart..."

 Songs by Dylan, Stones,   Hendrix,C.C.R.

 First 15 minutes of "Brothers in

 H.W.- read 
 "The Man I

April 22

 Recap. novel
 Discuss "On The Rainy River"

 Discuss "Enemies", "Friends" 
 and "How To Tell A True War 

 Ted Talk by Sebastian Junger
 H.W.- Read
 "The   Dentist" and
 "The Sweet-
 heart Of The
 Song Tra
April 18

 Check outlines

 In class work time

 Discuss novel (quiz next class)

 ​Research paper due
 Date changed to May 2
 H.W.- Read 
 "Friends"   and "How
 To Tell a   True War 

 Keep   working on
April 16

 Annotated bibliographies due

 In class work time


 Discuss reading
 H.W.- Work
 on research   paper   outline

 Read "On   The Rainy   River"-
 (quiz   Thursday)
April 12

 Rewrites due

 In class work time on research   paper

 Quiz on Ch. 1

 Discuss reading
 H.W.- Read
 "Love" and   "Spin"
April 8 

 Conference on research   questions/proposals

 Brief lecture on Vietnam

 Begin novel in class






 H.W.- Read 
 Ch. 1 of The   Things They
Carried for  Friday (quiz)
April 4

 Collect essays

 Begin work on research papers
 H.W. - work
 on research   question
April 2

 In class essay on "Fences"  No H.W.

March 22

 Watch movie to catch up


 Finish film

 Discussion on Institutions

 Further issues in play?
 No H.W.

March 20

 Introduced Blues music

 Discussed Robert Johnson and
 listened to one of his songs

 Discussed relationship between 
 the Blues and "Fences"


 Watched part of movie
 no h.w.

March 18

 Discuss Institutions and where   they appear in the text


 Cont. movie

 no H.W.

March 14


March 12

 Warm-up/share/turn in

 Recap play this far

 Read Act 1, sc.2, sc.3

 Periods 7 and 8 discussion
 No H.W.
 March   8th


 Intro. elements of Drama

 Intro. play

 Began reading
 until 11:59   on the 9th 
March 6th

 Completed "42"

 Brooklyn-Black America's team

 (7th hour- Coates video)

 Here are the codes for Turnitin:
 BY 11:59 on the 7th- Anything
 after that= point deduction
 No H.W.
March 4




 Why study this?

 No H.W.

Feb. 28

 In class essay due by 11:59 p.m.,
 Sunday 3rd via Turnitin
 Codes for 5th hour- 20589615
                   7th hour- 20591406
                   8th hour- 20592624
 H.W. Essay
Feb. 26


 Work on writing process for   essays

 In class work
 No H.W.
Feb. 20 

 Warm-up on Chapter 11

 Discuss conclusion

 Sand Creek massacre
 H.W.-   Annotation
 Feb.   15th


 Thesis statement practice in   class-to be turned in

 Discussed chapter 10
 H.W.- Finish
 Warm-up- quote analysis

 Discussed chapter 9

 Lecture on art analysis

 In class analysis of Jesse Cooday
 H.W.-   Chapter 10
 Feb.   11th  Discussed end of chapter 8

 Class time for reading
 H.W.-   Chapter 9
 Feb.   8th   Make sure and read Chapter 9  
 Feb.   7th

       Snow day  
 Feb.   5th

 Figurative language warm-up


 Article on global warming

 Discuss novel
 H.W.  Read 
Feb. 1st 

 Slides/info on final/registration

 Periods 5 and 7- finish story

 Discussion questions

 Discuss chapter 7

 News clip on Natives
 H.W.- read   from 149-   177 
 Jan. 28

 Warm-up in class writing   assignment


 Discuss novel

 Checked annotations
 H.W.-   Chapters 6
 and 7
 Jan. 24  Quiz/check for novels

 Discuss novels

 Active/passive voice in class   work

 Excerpt from "The West"-take   notes- check annotations
 H.W.- Chapter 5
 Jan. 22  Presentations

 Discuss Chapter 2
 H.W.-   Chapters 3   and 4
 Jan. 17  Check for novels

 Change in presentation   schedule- Half of class presents
 next class
 Other half on Thursday

 Video clip of Erdrich 

 Audio clip on abuse within   Native communities.

 As we read chapter one...

 Read chapter 1 in class
 H.W. Read 
 Chapter 2

Jan. 15

 Work on research project
 Present next class
 H.W.-   presentation
 Jan. 11

 Introduce research project.


 Began work in class
 Research   assignment

Jan. 9

 Welcome back!


 Stereotypes- Ted Talk by  Nancy Marie 
 Mithlo- "Americana-Indian-Thinking twice   about images that matter"

 Discussion question
 No H.W.

Dec. 21

 Finals for 7 and 8  

Dec. 20

 Final for 5th  

Dec. 18

 Partner quiz

 Discussed Level 3 questions

 Discussion of last page
 Collect notes etc. 
 for use on final

Dec. 14

 Collect H.W.

 Discuss novel

 Look at annotations
 No H.W.

Dec. 12

 Discuss novel

 Excerpts from "Walden"- How can we 
 relate Transcendentalism to elements
 of the novel?

 Read "The Horse" by Edward Muir- discuss
 in relation to text

 Intro. writing assignment- in class work
 H.W.- Annotation

 Writing assignment   due

 Complete novel

Dec. 10

 Go over syntax assignment


 Discuss novel
 H.W.-Read through
 chapter 28

 Dec. 6

  Warm-up with images

  Discuss novel

  Read short stories

 H.W.- Read through
 Chapter 27

 Dec. 4


 Discuss book


 Intro. assignment
 H.W.- Chapter 25
 to page 367

 Read the   description of the
 square dance music
 and the Cherokee   girl and the Texas
 boy dancing. How   does Steinbeck
 change the length 
 and structure. Why
 does he do that   and to what effect?

 Nov. 30


  Woody Guthrie protest song

  Discuss reading
 H.W.- 23 and 24
 Nov. 28

 Quiz/hand back rewrites

 In class discussion about "Al and Mae"
 chapter in novel

 Discuss chapters 15-17

 H.W.-Chapters 21   and 22

Nov. 26

 MAPS  H.W.- CH. 20

Nov. 15

 Discuss novel

 Independent reading 
 H.W.- Read 

 Nov. 13  

 Quiz/collect homework

 Discuss novel

 Transcendentalism Introduction

 New rhetorical term- Aphorism

 Read excerpts from Emerson and 
 Thoreau- stems from Romanticism

 Identify Aphorisms in "Self Reliance"

 H.W. read chapters
 13 and 14

Nov. 9th

 Assigned two paragraph essay practice

 Discussed novel

 Began work on essay practice in class
 H.W.- Chapters 11   and  12

Nov. 7



 Discuss novel

 Introduce assignment-(work time in class
 on Friday


 Assignment prompt:
 For the purposes of this assignment, I   want you to approach Chapter 7 as a   short story  . With that in mind, I want   you to write the first two paragraphs of   an essay about this chapter, complete
 with Hook, Summary of Evidence, Thesis,
 , Transition,Main Idea, Evidence and   Analysis. Due Nov. 13. Typed. Double-     spaced. !2 point font. 
 H.W.- read   chapters  9 and 10

 Nov. 5

  Comma splices

  In class grammar assignment

  Define and discuss Humanism and
  the lead in to Transcendentalism 

  ?'s /comments on reading

  Discussed 5 and 6
 H.W.- Chapters 7,8

 Nov. 1st



 Dust Bowl pictures

 Discuss reading

 Easy 5 paragraph essay

 If time, grammar
 Chapters 5,6

Oct. 30

 Collect archetype assignments 
 Background on Dust Bowl

  Check for novels

  Annotate chapter one for use of Color

  Begin reading in class
 H.W.- Chapters 1, 2   and 3
 Oct. 26

  Finish movie

  Intro. Archetype assignment
 H.W. - Complete   archetype   assignment

 Oct. 24


  G.O.W. next week

  What is an Archetype?


  Some literary archetypes



  Begin Much Ado About Nothing

  Take notes about who in the play
  corresponds with literary archetypes.
 No H.W.

 Oct. 22

  Watch The Great Gatsby in class   No H.W.
 Oct. 18


 Real start date of "Grapes" -Oct 30

 Monday in class watch "Gatsby"

 What to avoid in essays

 Go over prompt

 In class essay


 No H.W.

 Oct. 16th

 Discuss chapter 9

 Easiest 5 paragraph essay in the world

 Thesis statements




Please refer to the essay powerpoint from class.
 In class essay next   class

 Oct. 11th


 Discussed Metonymy in class

 Discussed  presence of metonymy
 in Chapter 8

 Turned in homework

 Discussed Chapter 8

 Finish novel for

 Oct. 9


 Collect h.w.

 Notes on Inductive Reasoning, Indirect/
 direct characterization etc.

 Introduce Metonymy- 3rd rhetorical term

 Clip from movie

 Begin reading and annotating Chapter 8

 H.W.- Read   Chapter  8
 Write a paragraph 
 in which you   identify 3 examples   of Metonymy AND
 how the use of this   rhetorical term   affects the artistic/
 literary quality.
 Typed, double-   paced, 12 point   font.

 Oct. 5

  Hand back annotations
  Introduce quiz assignment

  In class work time
 Assignment due       Tuesday

 Oct. 3

 Discuss chapter 7

 Check annotations

 (In class activity, if time)
 NO H.W.
Oct. 1st



 Discuss chapter 6

 Begin in class activity:

 Reread chapter 2 and annotate for   anaphora . Reread chapter 3 and   annotate for polysyndeton. What are the   artistic/literary effects of  Fitzgerald's use
 of these types of rhetorical language?
 H.W.- Finish   devices assignment
 and read chapter 7

Sept. 27



 Discuss chapter 5

 Chapter 6

Sept. 24

 Passage analysis presentations
 Discuss chapter 4
 Read chapter 5
 Sept. 21

 15-20 minutes to finish passage analysis

 Work on questions for chapter 4 (typed,
 double-spaced due on Tuesday).

 Chapter 4   questions

 Sept. 19

 Discuss Ch. 3
 Introduced Passage Analysis activity
  Began work in groups - Due Tuesday
  H.W.- Read Ch. 4
Sept. 17

 Quizzes on ch's 1 and 2
 Lesson on Annotation and Close Reading 
 Class discussion
 Writing assignment (Due 21st) 
 Writing assignment
 Read Chapter 3
 Sept. 13th

 MAPS TEST  HW- read ch. 2
 Sept. 11

 Bring Gatsby to class
 Intro. Fitzgerald and Jazz Age
 Begin reading in class
 Class discussion
 Read Chapter 1
 Sept. 7th

 Socratic Seminars  None
 Sept. 5th

 Socratic Seminar work time in class
 Writing activity
 Writing   assignment

 August 30

 In class work time
 Vocab. game
 Socratic Seminar
 August 29

 Film clip
 Levels of questions
 Work on Socratic Seminar
 Work on
 Socratic         Seminar
 August   27th

 Finish MC activity
 Annotation activity
 Intro, Socratic Seminar
 Pick partners/ begin work
  Socratic Seminar
 August 23  Multiple Choice activity in pairs  

 August 21  In class essay   
 Bring novel to   class

 August 17  Intro./syllabus
 Get to know you activity
  Bring Catcher and

  any notes on the

  novel for use on 

  in class essay -

  Aug. 21st
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