Jacob Miller

Link to Google Classroom for Classwork

Jacob Miller

Mr. Miller

Contact Information:
Email[email protected]
Google Drive: [email protected]

Voicemail: 303-982-7140
Hours: 7:20 am - 3:20 pm
Room: B110

Orange Day Schedule Black Day Schedule
    Before School: Office B110 Before School: Office E112 Tech
   Block 1: Marine Biology                  Block 5: Principles of Manufacturing
   Block 2: Marine Biology                          Block 6: Planning B111
  Block 3: Woodworking               Block 7: Marine Biology
2nd Lunch 2nd Lunch

  Block 4: Planning E112 Tech              Block 8: Marine Biology 

*B111 Office located, internally, between B110 and B109.
Ring doorbell into B111 before knocking on B110 door.

All Classwork Located in Google Classroom:
Link to Google Classroom for Classwork

School Credo:  Be here, be Involved, be Kind

Supplies: 3-Ring Notebook, Lined Paper, Blue/Black Pen/Pencil, Colored Pencils, Clear Tape, Highlighter

Grade Distribution in Marine Biology:
45% Participation in Formative Learning Tasks (Participation and Assignments).
45% Performance on Summative Assessments of Learning Targets (Projects and Tests).

10% Participation in Fish Tank Care.
*See following explanations.
>80% Participation earns a Passing Grade.

Excused absences: Students are expected to contact teacher as soon as possible, and complete given items within one class period of returning or as determined by teacher. Assignments from Excused Absences will be marked missing until student submits the item (copy of assignment) that were missed, then it will either be scored as "Turned In" and "Exempt" if it was graded on participation; or graded accordingly, for full credit, if it was graded on performance. Students may receive alternative assignments. If items are requested or submitted after extended date, items may be scored/marked down 10% for first excused absence and -20% thereafter. Proper excusal is important. See LHS Attendance Policy web page for information: https://lakewood.jeffcopublicschools.org/our_school/attendance_policy.  

Unexcused absences Unexcused absence are not tolerated. "According to Board Policy, unexcused absences will subject the student to appropriate consequences, including school sanctions or and/or the imposition of academic sanctions for classes missed. Persistent unexcused absenteeism may result in a failing grade." Students are expected to contact teacher and (not or) access missed material on website as soon as possible, and complete items within one class period of returning or as determined by teacher. 
Assignments from Absences that are not excused, during the period, will be marked "0" until student submits the items that were missed. If items were graded on participation (classwork), then students will receive zero points (unless the missed amount of time has been used to learn the missed content and demonstrate learning of content, during student off-hours, with the teacher or in Tutoring Center within one class period)If it was graded on performance (projects/tests), then it will be scored and marked down 10% for first unexcused absences and -20% thereafter.

Tardiness: Tardiness affects participation. 5% of daily participation grade will be deducted for each 5 minutes of class missed, with a minimum of 5%.

Late Work: Late items from when students are present in class, will be marked as missing until submitted, where it will be changed to "Turned In" until graded.  Late work will be reduced by 10% per day if items are time sensitive. Grading of Late Submissions are prioritized behind On-Time submissions.

Be Involved:
Electronic Devices (Cell Phones and Headphones)
All electronic devices that used to enhance learning tasks, used openly, used with permission, during approved times are welcomed and encouraged. All items distracting from learning, used secretively, during unapproved times are prohibited.  
Cell phones and headphones are expected to be stored away and out of site 
before entering the classroom
unless approved and being used directly for the learning task.
Participation in Formative
will be reduced by 50% per infraction. 

Hall Use: Hall use is expected to be used for using the closest bathroom or drinking fountain. Notify teacher as you leave and leave notebook in Hall Use Basket. Hall use is expected to take less than 5 minutes, unless there are specific circumstances. Hall use time may be recorded. Hall use abuse will result in a deductions
from participation grade.

Be Kind:
Problematic Behaviors: Problematic Behaviors that disrupt the learning environment, violating the school credo or posted expectations, that must be specifically addressed by the teacher will be result in the score of Participation in Formative Learning Tasks to be reduced by 50% per infraction per day. A private conversation will be held after problematic behaviors, during which time a behavior plan will be put in place. The behavior plan includes: a warning, moving seats, calling home, administrative conference. 

Notes: Daily notes are collected and scored 10 points per day as one piece of evidence of participation in 
Formative Learning Tasks
Incomplete notes are marked as "incomplete" and not scored until completed and resubmitted. Incomplete assignments are expected to be completed before test dates and grading is prioritized after on-time
Notes are compiled and organized in a 3-ring and submitted on the day of the test and scored for completeness and organization. 

Tests and Projects: Tests are prorated to 10 points per day. All questions will address learning tasks specifically recorded in notes and reinforced in projects. Projects are prorated 5 points per day. Projects apply the learning goals to real world situations while reviewing content on tests.

Marine Fish Tank Grade:
All Marine Bio students are expected to own a tropical freshwater community fish. Students are graded on participation in caring for their group fish tank, not the survival of their fish. There will be no experimentation or intentional harm done to the fish. Care will follow industry standards. U
nexcused absences causes negligence and loss of trust with tank group and will result in a 10% deduction per day.
Marine Field Trip to Pet Store: A field trip to purchase fish from PetSmart at 1st & Wadsworth is scheduled for: Orange day on Jan 26th / Black Day on Jan 27, during the class period. This is not a mandatory field trip. Permission is required. Bus transportation will not be provided. $5-10 is recommended. It is expected that each student own, at least, one fish during this class, but fish purchase from this location, at this time or with personal money is not required. Participation in care for the group fish tank will account for 10% of class grade. Students will own their own fish, but all other tank items will be provided, using class fees. The fish will be kept for demonstration purposes only, using trade standards, there will be no experimentation nor intentional harm. Fish may be kept or donated to the school's atrium tank at the end of the class.

Marine Biology Field Trip to Downtown Aquarium: A field trip to the Downtown Aquarium is scheduled for: Orange day on Fri May 5th from 9am-12pm/ Black Day TBA from 11am-2pm. Class periods will be missed (excused). This is not a mandatory field trip. Permission is required. Bus transportation will not be provided. Tickets are purchased using class fees. Students with failing grades, administrative disciplinary infractions or multiple unexcused absences are not invited to participate. Chaperones are needed (1:5 ratio).

Safety: A signed Safety Contract agreeing to the Safety Guidelines is required to participate in all Jeffco lab-based science courses.

NO FOOD or DRINK other than water and tidy snacks allowed in the classroom.

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