Chemistry Textbook
Use the links below for access to the Flexbook used during this course. If you do not have access to the Internet at home (or need a hard copy for another reason), please see me to sign out a copy. We have a class set of chemistry texts for students to use in the room. 


Individual Chapters as PDFs
Chapter 1: Introduction to Chemistry 
Chapter 2: Measurement in Chemistry
Chapter 3: Matter and Energy 
Chapter 4: The Atomic Theory
Chapter ‚Äč5: The Bohr Model of the Atom 
Chapter 6: The Quantum Mechanical Model 
Chapter 7: The Electron Configuration of Atoms 
Chapter 8: Electron Configuration and the Periodic Table 
Chapter 9: Chemical Periodicity 
Chapter 10: Ionic Bonds and Formulas 
Chapter 11: Covalent Bonds and Formulas 
Chapter 12: The Mole Concept 
Chapter 13: Chemical Reactions 
Chapter 14: Stoichiometry 
Chapter 15: The Behavior of Gases 
Chapter 16: Condensed Phases: Solids and Liquids
Chapter 17: Solutions and Their Behavior 
Chapter 18: Chemical Kinetics 
Chapter 19: Chemical Equilibrium 
Chapter 20: Acids and Bases 
Chapter 21: Neutralization 
Chapter 22: Thermochemistry
Chapter 23: Electrochemistry
Chapter 24: Nuclear Chemistry
Chapter 25: Organic Chemistry 
Chapter 26: Chemistry Glossary

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