Advanced Acting


In Class:


 12/7  *THESCON
 12/5  *Full Thescon fix day
*Coaching by appt
 12/3  *Full Thescon fix day
*Coaching by appt
 11/29  *House keeping- Meeting on Tuesday
*Thescon IE schedule
*Thescon IE rubric
*Finish final Duet scenes
 11/27  *Refresh scene
*Final duet scene performances
*Peer Feedback
All paperwork due
 11/16  *Final coaching day
*Scholarship Audition coachings
 *Final Scene performances w/paperwork on Tuesday after Thanksgiving!!
11/14  *Smykil Continues to coach Duet scenes
*Coaching groups
 11/12  *Duet scene work
*Smykil coaches
*Jeffco Theatre Fest Feedback
*Clean up Drama room
 11/8  *Duet scene work
*Smykil Coaches
 *Jeffco Theatre Fest is Saturday!
 11/6  *Duet scene work
*Smykil Coaches
 11/2  *Smykil begins coaching
 10/31  *Duet scene work
*Coach other groups
 10/29  *Help with set
*Be off book on scenes by wednesday
 10/25  *Walk with scene- notice nuance, behavior
*Stage scene
*Work day- sign up for coachings
 10/23  *Full day for Duet scene work

 *Don't forget Jeffco Theatre Festival money!!!
 10/19  *20 minutes on "you know what I mean"
*Duet scene requirements
*Application of Shurtleff/Meisner
 10/17  *Full work day for scenes/Read throughs
 10/15  *Knock at the door
*You know what I mean... (Meisner, CONT)
 10/10  *Three more knocks at the door- switch
*Reader's theatre of two scenes
*Scene share
 10/8  *Continue Scene search
*Work/Make up day (26 Pebbles)
 *Be prepared for readings of scenes on Thursday
 10/4  *Meisner's Knock at the door
*Perform or "do" activity while relying on repetition to elicit truthful reactions
*Debrief- how is realism created?
*Duet scene work
 10/2  *Review of Friday
*Meisner Presentation- what is his method and why?
*Watch 3 videos of Sanford Meisner in action
*Begin Repetition exercise
 *Bring in a difficult and important activity for Thursday
 9/28  *Begin Meisner Unit
*Group Theatre Presentation- (NOtes)
*4 Meisner quotes on the board- Meisner in a nutshell
*History of Method vs "the others"
*Melodrama vs Realism
*Hunt for duet scenes with assigned scene partner
 9/26  *Finish Contrasting Monologue Performances
*Group De-Brief
*Individual written reflections
 9/24  *Turn in Reviews of Vietgone based on Shurtleff's guideposts
*Final Contrasting Monologue Performances
 9/20  *Final Coaching day for contrasting monologues
 *Performances on MOnday!! Don't forget paperwork!
 9/18  *Coaching day for contrasting monologues
 9/14  *Set up booth for homecoming
*Monologue work
 9/12  *Housekeeping- Thespian Meeting is tomorrow at 7:45 am!
*Smykil coaches 1 in front of class
*Coaching signups
*Performance date moved to 9/24
 *Begin the hunt for duet scenes!!
 9/10  *Housekeeping- Thespian Meeting on Thursday at 7:45
*Shurtleff's Guideposts 9 (Score the events) ad 12 (Mystery and Secret- Don't anticipate)
*The in's and out's of a contrasting monologue
*Partner Coaching
*Smykil Coaches two in front of the class- what am I looking for?
 9/6  *Turn in Reflection
*Cross Brain Training- Technical text and story telling
*Write a story- recite while your partner reads technical text at the same time- What do you get?
*Monologue work- think as the character, behave as the character, apply humor, opposites, and discoveries/realization
*Be prepared for coachings beginning Tuesday
 9/4  *Audition Debrief
*Shurtleff Guideposts 5 and 6- 
Opposites and Discoveries
*Create a scene applying both guideposts
*Reflection on application of Shurtleff to contrasting pair of monologues
 *Bring in technical, difficult to read text
*Turn in reflection
 8/30  *Smykil out
*Paperwork requirements for monologue project- Rubric
*Individual work on Contrasting Pair
 *Money for DCPA due and Permission Slip!!
 8/28  *Apply Conflict and Moment before to monologue
*30 minutes of contrasting monologue work
*Shurtleff number 4- Humor
*Score monologues
 8/24  *Apply Relationship to contrasting monologues
*Shurtleff's Guideposts 2 and 3- Conflict and moment before- 
*Add next 2 principles to relationship scene
 8/22  *Perform contrasting pair to a partner
*Shurleff's Guidepost 1- Relationship
*Create a partner scene where the focus is relationship- exist truthfully within imaginary circumstances
*Perform scenes
 8/20 *Introductions
*Advanced Acting Packet
*30 minutes of Time looking for Duet scenes
*20 minutes of Solo monologue work
*Visit from Ms. Losasso
*Have packet signed by Wednesday

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