Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Parents, guardians and community members play an important role in keeping our schools safe. You can be our eyes and ears by reporting any issues, concerns or rumors related to safety to school or law enforcement officials or through the anonymous reporting tool Safe2Tell.

Here are some other things you can do to help:

Visiting a School
You can help by following and supporting all security measures when you visit any school building. This includes checking in and out at the east security entrance.

Contact Information
One of the most important steps that parents can take prior to an emergency is to ensure their contact information is updated regularly in Infinite Campus. This is the system that provides e-mail and phone numbers to the district’s emergency notification system. Please regularly update emergency and contact telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other information with your school to ensure you receive information and updates during emergency situations. It is also important to review and update information regarding who can legally pick up your child during an emergency. Once this information is on file, you should ensure that those people are aware they have been listed as your “emergency contacts,” and that they may receive messages via phone and/or e-mail during an emergency, weather early dismissal, or other situations.

During an Emergency
Parents are advised not to come to the school. By arriving at the school you may be endangering yourself or your child. School district personnel and law enforcement will be working hard to control the situation and protect your children. Law enforcement officials will not allow entry to the school site during a lockdown, shelter in place or secure perimeter.
Do not call or text  your student. Parents will be notified with updates on the situation in a timely manner. When it’s safe to do so, students will be allowed to text their parents/guardians during a crisis, if applicable. You should NOT call or text a student’s cell phone during a crisis unless you’ve heard from them first and you know it’s safe to text back. You may be placing your child at risk. Students are trained to stay out of sight and quiet during a Lockdown. A phone ringing or vibrating could alert an intruder to the student’s location.

Stay informed. School district personnel will provide information as soon as possible. Some situations take time to verify accurate information. Emergency communications will take several forms – automated phone message, text message and email. We will also use the district website, social media or local news to communicate information, as appropriate.

Be ready. In case a reunification is necessary, you’ll be informed of when and where to pick up your child. Please bring a photo ID and be patient in the process of connecting you with your child. The process takes time and it’s important to stay calm. The reunification process protects both the safety of students and provides for an accountable exchange of custody from the school to a recognized parent or guardian.

Talking with Your Child
Many parents wonder what to say to a child after an emergency situation, crisis or tragedy. Whether students were involved or bystanders, it's extremely helpful to talk with your child about their experience. You can find helpful resources on the district’s Mental Health resources page.


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