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Daily Google Slides: Ecosystems Unit
Populations and Human Impact Unit
Water in the West Unit
Climate Change

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Always look at the
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 Wed. Dec. 18  Holbrook Park Final Project DUE!
Climate Change Final Exam 
 Mon. Dec.16       
 Thurs. Dec. 12  Terrarium presentations.     
 Tues. Dec. 10      
 Fri. Dec. 6  Climate Change Article Thesis statement due + activity.
The Greenhouse Effect Notes.
Before the Flood Notes/Documentary 
 Take notes on 'The Greenhouse Effect'. 
Start Watching 'Before the Flood' on netflix! 
 Wed. Dec. 4  Water in the West Exam. 
Notebook Check.
Climate Change Article Thesis Statement. 
 Your Water in the West Exam will be in the tutoring center  by 4th block Dec. 4th.  Take the Exam there. Show Mrs. Kamin your notebook. 
Complete an 'article thesis statement' on any article you find online about 'climate change'. 
 Complete Article Thesis Statement on any article you find regarding climate change.
Mon. Dec. 2 Review for Water in the West Exam with activity & review game.
Work time on Holbrook Park Final project.
 Review for Water in the West Exam by completing review sheet. 

Finish working on  review sheet before exam. {key}
 Thurs. Nov. 21  Guest Speaker on water rights. (Ryan Gilliom).
 Finish Colorado River Notes.  
Get Water in the West Exam Review sheet.
 Fill out the notecatcher. on by looking through Ryan Gilliom's slides about water rights. You might need to google some concepts as well to get the full idea. 
Finish your 'Colorado River Notes'. (no summary needed)
 Begin working on  review sheet before exam. {key}
 Tues.  Nov. 19  Holbrook Park!
Measuring Discharge @ Holbrook Park.
Phenology Report #4. 
 Go to Holbrook Park and fill out Phenology Report #4. 
Do 'Measuring Discharge' make-up assignment. 
 Fri. Nov. 15  Southwest  Map Kahoot. turn in. 
Colorado River Notes. 
Introduce Holbrook Park Final Project. 
 Turn in Southwest Map (with all data plotted) next class.
Take notes on Colorado River Notes and look at this data. 
Read through Holbrook Park Final Project. 
 start brainstorming for your Holbrook Park Final Project. 
 Weds. Nov. 13 Dead Zone diagrams DUE @ beginning of class. 
Chasing Water Notes.
Southwest Map. 
 Turn in your diagram next class. 
Take notes on Chasing Water.
Plot your data on the Southwest Map & answer questions on the back. 
 Finish plotting data on the Southwest Map. 
 Mon. Nov. 11  Connection Circle.
Dead Zone Diagram work time. 60+ minutes
 Your Dead Zone diagram is due NEXT CLASS at the beginning of class. 
FINISH YOUR DIAGRAM! Don't have 'the paper'? Tape two pieces of paper together. 
 Finish Dead Zone diagrams. 
 Thurs. Nov. 7 Practice watershed concepts with modeling. 
 Discuss Dead Zone solutions.
Project work time
 Continue to work on Dead Zone Diagrams  continue working on Dead Zone diagram. 
 Tues. Nov. 5 Return tests. 
Review Dead Zone concepts with game. 
Introduce Dead Zone Diagram project. (Instructions, Rubric
Read through Dead Zone Diagram instructions & rubric.
Fill out summary chart notes. 
 begin working on Dead Zone diagram. 
 Fri. Nov. 1

Watershed Basics Notes Dead Zone Investigation

 Take notes on Watershed Basics.
Complete the Dead Zone Webquest Make-Up worksheet.
 Wed. Oct. 30  Begin Water in the West Unit. 
New seats.
New assignment sheet. 
Water Introduction worksheet.
 Complete the water introduction worksheet by looking at stations instructions & looking online for answers.  none
 Thurs. Oct. 24  Populations and Human Impact Exam
(rescheduled from Oct. 22)
 Your test will be in the tutoring center. Go there and take the test. Bring your review & 'turn it in' to the tutoring center. 

 Tues. Oct. 22  Holbrook Park!
Water at Holbrook Park wks
Phenology report #3

(rescheduled from Oct. 24)
 Fill out the 'Water at Holbrook Park' worksheet by researching online. Go to Holbrook Park & complete Phenology Report #3. There is also a sign by the wetland at Holbrook that answers all the questions about 'wetlands'. 

 study for the TEST next class with the review & key. 
 Fri. Oct. 18  Wolves in Yellowstone Notes.
Review for Exam with review sheet & Bluff game. 
 Take notes on 'Wolves in Yellowstone'. Complete the review sheet & flip through the 'Bluff' game to review.   complete Review sheet. Review key here. 
 Wed. Oct. 16 Continue watching videos of Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone. Analyze real-world mortality data & analyze trends.   Use the Yellowstone Case Study hyperdoc to look at and analyze the Grizzly Bear Mortality data.   none
 Mon. Oct. 14  Life on the Edge Notes.
Begin Case Study: Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone. 
 Take notes on 'Life on the Edge'. 
Fill out this worksheet by watching videos that can be accessed through Yellowstone Case Study hyperdoc. 
 Thurs. Oct. 10  Review kahoot.
Present topics from Endangered Species Case Study Hyperdoc. 
 You missed presentation day.  You will need to complete the Endangered Species Case Study Hyperdoc on your own. The 'Explore' and 'Explain' sections should be completed.  Because you missed the
presentations you get to research each topic. 
 Tues. Oct. 8    Begin working on Endangered Species Case Study Hyperdoc.   Take notes on 'Population Demographics' and open the Endangered Species Case Study hyperdoc that is shared with you in Google Classroom. Fill out the 'Explore' section for ONE topic.   none
 Fri.  Oct. 4
Human Demographics Notes.  
Watch 'The Lorax' (25 minutes) & fill out notecatcher.
 Take notes on 'Population Demographics' and watch the Lorax and fill out notecatcher.   none
 Weds. Oct. 2  

Population Dynamics. Notes

Watch 'The Lorax' (25 minutes) & fill out notecatcher.

Take notes on Population Dynamics. Watch 'the Lorax' and fill out notecatcher. 


 Mon. Sept. 30 Calculate Biodiversity of Holbrook Park.
Human Population Notes
Human Population Agree/Disagree Activity. 
Population Growth Simulation.
Learn how to calculate biodiversity from a classmate.
Take notes on Human Population. 
Complete Population Growth simulation with make-up assignment.
 Thurs. Sept. 26  Holbrook Park!  Look at the Holbrook Park Day 2 make-up instructions.  none
 Tues. Sept. 24 Return Ecosystems Exam. 
Share Article Thesis Statements
Practice using a dichotomous key.
Learn about species richness vs. evenness
 Turn in your article thesis statement next class.   complete article thesis statement if you haven't already.
 Thurs. Sept. 19  Ecosystems Exam. 
Multiple choice & short answer. 
Notebook check (5 notes)
Population and Human Impact Article Thesis statement. 
 Your Ecosystems Exam will be in the tutoring center.
Find an article online about Human Impact or Populations and complete an article thesis statement about it.  
 Complete Article Thesis statement
 by researching any
article you find about human impact or populations
 Tues. Sept. 17  Learn how to use a dichotomous key. Ecosystem Services activity & notes.  Play Jeopardy.   Learn how to use a dichotomous key by researching on the internet & looking at these articles. here & here
Complete Ecosystem Services Checklist, pictures,  & notes.     + definitions
Complete Study Guide. (due Thurs). 
Study guide Key. 

 Fri. Sept. 13
Take notes on Biodiversity.  
Get Ecosystems Exam Study Guide. 
 Look at slides to learn about dichotmous keys. Take notes on Biodiversity. using the 'Z is for biodiversity" article.  Begin study guide.   Being working on study guide (due on Test Day). 
Study guide KEY. 
 Wed. Sept. 11  Terrariums are READY for presentations!
Presentation Day. 
Purple rubric and presentation sheet due. 
 Fill out presentation sheet & turn in. Turn in purple rubric.  You missed our presentations so you can now research critters with this make-up assignment & turn in.   none
 Mon. Sept. 9  Project work time (20 minutes)
Eating at a Lower Trophic Level worksheet. 
 Make sure you are ready to bring in your critter on Wednesday! 
Complete Eating at a Lower Trophic level worksheet on your own. 
 bring in critters & terrariums!
 Thurs. Sept. 5  Trophic Levels notes
Project work time. Get signature to start bringing in materials. 
 Take notes on Trophic levels. Plan to bring in terrarium materials next class.  Have research checked and bring in terrariums. 
Tues. Sept. 3  Finish Which Niche worksheet. 
Get Ecosystem Project Rubric & Checklist. 
 Finish Which Niche worksheet using these ecosystem cards (choose one ecosystem).   Finish Which Niche worksheet. 
Continue researching & getting checklist checked off. 
 Thur. Aug. 29  Holbrook Park!
Phenology Report #1
Sketching Activity
  Look at this document for make up instructions.  continue researching appropriate habitats for your terrarium
 Tues. Aug. 27 New seats.
Safety Contract & Field Trips forms DUE. 
What is a Community? Notes.
Research time for Ecosystem Project. Start filling out Ecosystem Planning document (pgs. 3 & 4). 

 Turn in safety contract.
Take notes on 'What is a Community?'
Start researching critter type. 
start researching appropriate habitats for your terrarium. 
Fri. Aug. 23 Continue watching 'From Pole to Pole' on Planet Earth & coloring 'Earth's Biomes' worksheet. 
Introduce 'The Ecosystem Project'
Explore options & choose a partner for the project. 
Finish watching 'From Pole to Pole' on Planet Earth if you have netflix.  Finish coloring worksheet. Turn in worksheet.
Read through 'The Ecosystem Project'.
Email Mrs. Kamin if you would like request a partner for the project. 

Sign safety contract 
 and field trip form.
 Forms due Tues. Aug. 27
 Wed. Aug. 21
Begin Ecosystems Assignment Sheet
Read 'letter from last year'
Intro to 'how we take notes'
'What is an Ecosystem?' Notes
Earth's Biomes worksheet
Continue watching 'From Pole to Pole' from Planet Earth. (on netflix)

-Fill out Assignment Sheet.
(See tab titled 'Unit Notebook Assignment sheets)
-Ask Mrs. Kamin for a 'letter from last year'. 
-Take 'What is an Ecosystem?' notes. 
-Read over Ecosystem Project description. 

Sign safety contract 
 and field trip form.
 Forms due Tues. Aug. 27

Mon. Aug. 19
What's going on in this picture. 
Connection Circle
Go over syllabus
Safety tour & safety contract
Holbrook Park letter & permission slips #1 & #2.. 

Look at 'class procedures'.
Read through syllabus.
Read & sign safety contract & Holbrook Park letter & permission slips #1 & #2. 
(with a parent/guardian)

Get a 3-ring notebook
Sign safety contract
& field trip forms
(with a parent/guardian)
Forms due Aug.27
Thurs. Aug.15 Introductions (1st day slides)
Face-off icebreaker activity
Continue Agree/Disagree Activity
Look at the 1st day slides for the day. 
Look at 'class procedures'.
Read through syllabus.
Read & sign safety contract & Holbrook Park letter & permission slips #1 & #2. 
(with a parent/guardian)

Get a 3-ring notebook.

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