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Ecosystems Unit

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Always look at the
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Jan. 24/27
Jan. 22/23
 Due today: Holbrook Park permission slip & safety contract.     
Jan. 17/21

permission slips
Jan. 15/16
New seats! 
Finish watching 'From Pole to Pole' on Planet Earth.  Finish 'Earth's biomes wks'.
Continue research for project.
Complete 'Ecosystem Planning document' (pg. 3). 
Get folders and drawers.

due today: Earth's Biomes wks. 
 permission slips
Jan. 13/14
Earth's Biomes worksheet while watching 'From Pole to Pole' from Planet Earth. 
Write 'Letter to Mrs. Kamin'. 
Project work time. 

Watch 'From Pole to Pole' on Planet Earth if you have netflix.  (first 25 minutes). 
You will get the 'Earth's biomes' worksheet next class & color it in.
Write a 'Letter to Mrs. Kamin' in google classroom. (code is on top of this website)
Look at Ecosystem Planning document. 

Finish 'Letter to Mrs. Kamin'
Sign safety contract 
 and field trip form.
 Forms due January 22nd & 23rd!
Jan. 9/10

Begin Ecosystems Assignment Sheet
Read 'letter from last year'
Intro to 'how we take notes'
'What is an Ecosystem?' Notes
Introduce 'The Ecosystem Project'
Explore options & choose a partner for the project. 

-Fill out Assignment Sheet.
(See tab titled 'Unit Notebook Assignment sheets)
-Ask Mrs. Kamin for a 'letter from last year'. 
-Take 'What is an Ecosystem?' notes. 
-Read over Ecosystem Project description. 
-Email Mrs. Kamin with partner request. 

Sign safety contract 
 and field trip form.
 Forms due

Jan. 7/8
Connection Circle
Look at class procedures
Go over syllabus
Safety tour & safety contract
Holbrook Park letter & permission slips.

Look at 'class procedures'.
Read through syllabus.
Read & sign safety contract & Holbrook Park letter & permission slip. 
(with a parent/guardian)

Get a 3-ring notebook
Sign safety contract
& field trip forms
(with a parent/guardian)

Mon. Jan. 6th (all classes) Introductions (1st day slides)
Face-off icebreaker activity
Agree/Disagree Activity
Look at the 1st day slides for the day. Fill out notecard. 

Get a 3-ring notebook.

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