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In Class:


Week of 4/29 Yippee...one last puzzle worksheet. I posted a download on convergence, in the "FRQ Download" folder. This will be due in two weeks. Remember the practice exam on Saturday.  Big quizzes this week...be ready. Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #17 
Week of 4/22 The past two weeks have been hard on our preparation. I need you all to work hard for the last 3 weeks.  Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #16
Week of 4/15 Just be ready. Don't forget the ticket to the show. Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #15
Week of 4/9 I guess I will not see you at all this week. Homework will not be due this week, but I will give you the assignments for next week. We will quiz everyday next week.

Download Timed FRQ (test week). I created a folder call "FRQ Download" and it is the only file in it. It is your ticket into class on Monday. Time yourself for 45 minutes and be ready to check it against the scoring guidelines on Monday.
Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #13

Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #14 
Week of 4/1 I hope you had a great Spring Break. We are at the final stretch of the year and I need you to be at your best. Expect quizzes every class. I was asked whether we would have a quiz the first day back...well, if 10 students will come up to me and say, "Captain, my captain." then we will not. 

I will be handing out daily practice and handouts. 
Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #11

Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #12 
Week of 3/18 Last week before Spring Break. Also, we will be finishing up our last topic...logistic growth. Quizzes will be given on both days, since the two snow days messed up "money time".

Power Point: Logistic Growth

Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #9

Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #10 
Week of 3/10 We will be continuing with Taylor Series and start La Grange Error. Expect quizzes on Wednesday and Friday.

Sorry about not having POW #8 ready. Actually, I asked Thomas to get it ready for class...he said "Ngo".  
Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #8 (voiceless)  

Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Convergence #2 (Bonzo)
Week of 3/3  We will be finishing up Taylor Series with La Grange Error. We will continue our practice of polar, vector and convergence test. Expect a quiz this week.

The cookies are due this Tuesday. There is an error...I am sure many have figured out. Use 1/2 teaspoon of salt, as the problem turned out to be undefined. 

Powerpoint: La Grange Error
Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #8 (pirate)

Worksheet: Integration: BC Topics: Series General Formula

Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Convergence Puzzle (Daycare)

Week of 2/25 We are starting our last major topic, Taylor Series. This is the topic that decides a 4 or a 5 for BC Calculus. Learn it! Expect a quiz every class, especially multiple choice of prior topics. If you need points, sign up for study points. Let's get this party started!

I am planning on having a 20 question multiple choice quiz on Wednesday (including polar and parametric) and a FRQ quiz on Friday, instead of a POW. 

Power Point: Power Series 
Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #7

Worksheets: BC Topics: Convergences Test #2

Week of 2/18 We will continue with series and convergence tests. Meanwhile, it will be your job to memorize formulas and master techniques. If you wish to score better on quizzes and ,ultimately, the AP exam, you will need to write down problems that you miss from homework (mixed review)  and past quizzes. Expect quizzes to keep you honest. Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #5

Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed #6

Worksheet: Integration: Worksheets: BC Topics: Convergences Test #1 (in question #1, the n is the exponent of 3)
Week of 2/11 We will begin series and sequence... convergence.  You will have to trust that this long stretch will come together in the end. What will help immensely is you studying old topics, formulas, missed questions, and techniques. 

Power Point: Infinite series and sequence. 
 Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed 4 (number sense)

Worksheet: Puzzle: Integrals: BC topics: Mixed BC #3 (forest)

Handout on Polar
Week of 2/4 We will be having a 20 question multiple choice quiz on Wednesday, covering previous topics (not polar or vector value). I will give handouts on Polar and vector value, mostly as FRQ questions.  Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed 2 (Zeppelin Concert) 

Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed 3 (Santa) 
Week of 1/28 We will finish up Polar Area and begin vector value equations. Warm ups will be FRQ questions. A worksheet with polar area and vector value equations will be posted for next week.

Power Point: Polar
Power Point: Vector Value Equations
Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed 1 (Rational Integrals)

AP Mini #3: I will post the key

Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Calculator #1 (More Wisdom)

Week of 1/22 Sorry for the delay...the website was giving me an error and I couldn't edit, until I talked to the tech guru. We will be starting Polar equations, arc length, and possibly vector value equations. Expect a quiz over first semester topics.

Power Point: Arc Length
Power Point: Polar

Worksheet: Puzzle: Mixed: Mixed 1 (Tea)

Worksheet: Puzzle: Integrals: Mixed topics: BC Mixed #2 (snow man)

Handout: slope fields (due Friday)

Download AP mini if you haven't yet. Mini #3 will be due next week. 
Week of 1/14 We will study differential equations, including separation of variables, slope fields and Euler's method. 

Power Point: Slope Fields and differential equations

Power Point: Euler's Method

Power Point: Arc Length (Friday or next week)

Worksheet: Puzzle: Derivatives: Mixed #17 (Mermaid) 

Handout: Slope Fields

Worksheet: Puzzle: Integrals: Mixed topics: BC Mixed integrals ($20000)
 Week of 1/7 Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your break. We will discuss 2nd semester expectations on Wednesday.

Power Point: Improper Integrals
Power Point: slope fields and differential equations.
Worksheet: Puzzle: Derivatives: Mixed #15 (Halloween)
Worksheet: Puzzle: Derivatives: Mixed #16 (Belt)

Review worksheets are due Friday.

Integration (not puzzle): Worksheets: BC Topics: Improper Integrals
 Week of 12/10 This is the final week of assignments. All homework, late or otherwise, is due on Friday. Yes, expect a couple more quizzes. 

Smart Board: Volume by known cross-sections. 
 Worksheet: Puzzle: Derivatives: Mixed #14 

Worksheet: riddle: volume: crossroads

 Week of 12/3 We will be learning about inverse trig functions, both derivatives and integrals. Although, it's the integral that is mostly used.  We will also learn the second fundamental theorem of Calculus, average value and mean value...there is a difference. Make sure you are studying EVERYDAY. There is not a lot of time left in the semester to learn new topics.  

Power Point : Inverse Trig
Power Point: Fundamental theorem of calculus.
Power Point: Average Value
Worksheet:  Integrals: BC Topics: Inverse Trig (due this week)

Worksheet: Puzzle: Integral: BC topics: Partial Fractions (pencil). I can't remember if I gave this out as a handout.

Worksheet: Riddle: Derivatives: Mixed #12 (Jimi Hendrix)

From Last week:

AP Mini #2
Top 10

Week of 11/26  I hope you had a wonderful break. We needed it...back to work. This is the time your will earn your grade. Starting Thursday, we will be having a quiz everyday. 

I made a new worksheet on volumes, since many of you stated that you were having trouble. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Power Point: Partial Fractions
Power Point: Finding C
Riddle: Integrals: Area Volume: Volume #3 (pterodactyl) 

Riddle: Derivatives: Mixed Derivatives: Mixed #11

Riddle: Integrals: Motion (top ten). Most likely due this week.

Mini Review # 2 (implicit). Due next week.

 Week of 11/12
One more week until break. We need it! We will be learning volumes of revolution by washers/disks and shells.

Power Point: Volumes of Revolution

Expect a quiz on basic integrals on Wednesday. Derivatives and limits are always possible.

The first 3 students who come to my room and says "Led Zeppelin Rules!" will get a piece of chocolate. 

Riddle: Derivatives: Mixed Derivatives: Mixed #10 

Mini Review # 1 is due this week.

Riddle: Integrals: Area Volume: (Ted Nugent)

Riddle: Integrals: Area Volume: 

 Week of 11/5  will finish up the Power Point on area between two curves. 

Integration technique: Integration by parts.

Make sure you are consistently studying limits and derivatives. Expect a quiz anytime...grading period ends this week. 
Riddle: Derivatives: Mixed Derivatives: Mixed #9 (Calculus Wisdom)

Riddle: Integrals: BC topics: Integration by parts

POW #2 is due on Tuesday.

Der. @ int mixed review: AP mini review (There are 5 reviews in this packet. We will be doing the first one. It will be due next week. I will post answers next week)

 Week of 10/29 We will continue integration with u-substitution and area. Expect quizzes at any time over the next 6 weeks. They will always cover topics we have done for a while.

Power Point: U-Substitution 
Power Point: Area under the curve
Riddle: Derivatives: Mixed Derivatives: Mixed #8 (Due Friday)

Riddle: Integrals: Basic: (boogie) Due Friday

Riddle: Integrals: Substitution: Chicken (Due this week. Don't wait until the last minute. This takes a some time, since it is new)

 Week of 10/22 We will continue with Area under the curve, Reimann Sums, and the anti-derivative. I will hand out our first POW on Thursday (I will let you know what this essential assignment is about). 

Expect a quiz on both days. Derivative only, of course.

Smart Board: Reimann Sum
Power Point: Anti Derivatives and Definite integrals
Riddle: Derivatives: Mixed Derivatives: Mixed #7 (Lord of the Rings) 

Riddle: Integrals: Meatloaf (due Friday)

Riddle: Integrals: Basic: Rock Star (due next week)

POW #1 (due next Monday) 

 Week of 10/15 We will be finishing up differential calculus and starting Integrals. Your job is to study and master limit and derivative topics. 

Students have expressed that related rates was difficult for them. So, I have uploaded a worksheet and a Power Point on related rates. The Power Point is a step-by-step solution to the worksheet. 

Smart Board: Derivative Tables
Power Point: The area problem
Smart Board: Riemann Sums 
Derivatives: Worksheets: Applications: Related Rates: Related rates worksheet (Due this week.  Check answers with the power point in the same folder)

Derivatives: Worksheets: Applications: Chain rule tables

Riddle Worksheet: Derivatives: Mixed Derivatives: Mixed #4 Egg (due Friday)
 Week of 10/8  We will be finishing up differential calculus in a few weeks. Parent conferences are this week, so assignments are due on Thursday. 

Topics: Related Rates

Riddle handout (Bono) on interpretation of derivative graphs (due Thursday)

Riddle: Derivatives: Mixed Derivatives: Elephant (due Thursday)

Riddle: Derivatives: Extrema: Word Problems: Train
 Week of 10/1 We will be working on more derivative applications, derivative graphs, and optimization.

Smart Board: Graphs of derivatives interpretation
Power Point: Optimization (if there is time)

Riddle: Limits/continuity: Der limits: Dandruff (due this week)

Riddle: Derivatives: Mixed Derivatives: Pilgrims (handout on Friday)

Riddle: Derivatives: Mixed Derivatives: Donkey with a defect (due Friday)

 Week of 9/24 We have a bit of "clean up" to do on graph analysis, since we stepped away from our agenda and did the scavenger hunt activity. It will be due this week.
Blueberry pancakes "optional" activity is due this Friday. Bring pancakes (and syrup) on Friday if you wish to share. Remember, plenty of pictures. 
We will study linearization, motion, and begin optimization.
Power Point: Motion
Power Point: Optimization
Smart Board: Linearization

Derivatives: worksheets: applications: Linearization
 (from last week)

Riddle: Derivatives: Mixed Derivatives: Honor Led Zeppelin

Riddle: Derivatives: Applications: Velocity (Demon Sitcom)

 Week of 9'17  We will continue with applications of the derivative. An important topic, is analysis of curves. This is a big topic on the AP exam. We will look at linearization approximation, which is related to the tangent line. I will hand out Blueberry Pancakes and Limits, an extra credit assignment that will be due next week. Take advantage of any extra points...points are hard to come by. Always be prepared for a quiz.  Smart Board: Graph Analysis
Power Point: Linear approximation
Worksheet: Riddle: derivatives: product/quotient: Bingo (due this week)
Worksheet: Derivatives: worksheets: applications: Linearization (due next week)
Worksheet: Riddle: Derivatives: extrema: Named Led Zeppelin. (due this week, unless we do not finish the topic on Tuesday.
 Week of 9/10 We will start applications of the derivative. The first thing is writing the equation of the tangent line. The second will be L'Hopital's Rule.  Keep in mind, if a worksheet covers something that hasn't been discussed by Wednesday, it will not be due until the following week.  I will also go over a technique for taking a derivative...I call it "double switch". 

Expect a quiz on derivatives and limits.
Power Point: L'Hopital's Rule
Notebook: Tangent lines
 Worksheet: Puzzle: Tennessee (from last week)
Worksheet: Puzzle:Derivatives: Tangent lines: Doctors job 
Worksheet: Puzzle: Limits/continuity: L'Hopital's Rule (goblin)

 Week of 9/2  We will be learning derivatives of trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Seems like a good week for a quiz on limits. Power Point: Derivatives of Trig. functions.

Power Point: Derivatives of logarithmic and exponential functions.

Worksheet: Calculus riddle: Derivatives: Trig: Wacky Definition (due this week).

Worksheet: riddle: Limits/Continuity: Der-Limits (Tennessee) (due this week)

Worksheet: riddle: Derivatives: Exponential: Van Halen (due next week)

 Week of 8/26

Power Point: Basic derivatives, product rule, quotient rule, and chain rule.
You will be responsible for downloading worksheets. Each week I will list topics that I plan on covering for the week. Sometimes a topic will carry over to the following week. Mastery is NOT expected...it takes time.

Worksheet: Limits: Limits analytically

Riddle: Derivatives: Math nerd pickup lines: Big Hurry

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