IB European History

   Homework due

due Tuesday 11/5

"1861 Reforms in Russia" by Orlando Figes reading 22
due Thursday 11/7
"Paradox of Alexander II" reading 23
due Monday 11/11
"Russian Terrorism" reading 24
due Wednesday 11/13
"Alexander III" reading 25
due Friday 11/15
"Unlucky Nicholas" reading 26
due Tuesday 11/19
"Revolution of 1905" reading 27
due Thursday 11/21

Essay.  Groups of 3 or less.  From the study guide.

No homework for Thanksgiving Break.  Next assignment due Wednesday after break.
due Wednesday 12/4
"Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905"  reading 29
due Friday 12/6
"Sergei Witte" reading 30
due Tuesday 12/10
"Stolypin #1" by Massie  reading 31
due Thursday 12/12

 "Stolypin #2" by Figes reading 32
due Monday 12/16

due Wednesday 12/18

 Final Exam essay.  No study guide.  No groups.  Students will choose ​one​ prompt from a list of at least 4 prompts from 4 different topics from this semester.  

Our topics were   I - Metternich System including 1848 & Crimean War.  II - Unification of Italy.  III - Unification of Germany.   IV - II Reich Germany (1871-1890).   V -  Reform Russia including Alexander II & Alexander III.  VI -  Nicholas II's early rule (1894 -1912)

Simply reading the readings is not enough – you must learn the important ideas in each reading. 

Develop a strategy.  Which ideas, names, arguments, events, dates, etc. are important?  How can I best learn them? 
We will have written reading quizzes every day and oral reading quizzes very frequently. 

Please remember that this is only the first year of a two year class – so, when you are learning readings be sure that your strategy will help you remember important information in May 2020.  Simplify.  Be organized.  Learn carefully and thoroughly NOW to help you in the future.

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