Theatre Comprehensive


In Class:


 12/20  *Warm-up
*Finish Final Scene Performances
*Peer Feedack
*Semester Relection
 12/18  *Warm- up
*Final Run-Through
*Final scene performances'
 12/14  *Final Day for Coaching in groups 
*Smykil Coaches
 *Final Scenes begin on Tuesday!!
*Paperwork due
 12/12  *Begin Coaching scenes
*Off book!
 12/10  *Full work day on staging
*Peer coaching groups
 12/6  *Full work day for Final scene project
*Character development WS
*Begin staging
 12/4  *One-word scene- Using stage pictures to tell a story
*Final script edits
 11/30  *Final Day for Script writing
*Scripts must be submitted by end of class!
*Terms for next vocab quiz- 7,13,14,15
 11/28  *Full day for script writing
 11/26  *Finish Final duet scenes
*Rubric for final projects
*Groups for final scene projects
*Begin script writing
 11/15  *Final Scene performances
*Have paperwork ready to go!
 11/13  *Duet scene coachings
*Peer coaching groups
*Final coaching day!!
 11/9  *Duet scene work
*Coachings with TA and Smykil
*Coaching groups
*Begin Performances on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!
 11/7  *Duet Scene work
*Begin coaching with TA and Smykil
*Coaching groups
 11/5  *Duet scene work
*Coaching groups
*Begin staging
 11/1  *Begin Duet scene work
 10/30  *Finsh Every Little step
*Begin acting Unit
*Voice for the actor
*Duet scene assignments and requirements
 10/26  *Finish group design presentations
*Begin watching Every little step
*make prediction for who will get cast- why?
 10/24  *Final Group Design Presentations
 10/22  *Group Design Work- Final Day!!!
 *Presentations on Wednesday!!!!
 10/18  *Group Design Work
 10/16  *Group Design Work
 10/11  *Group Design Work
 10/9  *Group Design Work
*Meeting with Lighting designers- resource packet
*TERMs quiz 3
 10/5  *Collect "The Desk" responses
*Lighting design presentation (under assignments and resources)
*Rubric for Final Group Design Project
*Assign groups 
*REad One Act with Group
*Begin Design Process (refer to rubric under assignments and resources)
 *Terms quiz on Tuesday!!
 10/3  *Finish scenic design presentations
*Brainstorm what is neccesary for theatre critique
*Read examples of theatrical reviews- do they contain each of the six elements?- Acting, directing, technical elements, summary, marketing, opinion?
*Geothe's Principles- WS
*Watch short film- "The desk" and use Goethe's principles to critically analyze and review film
 10/1  *40 minutest to finish scenic design
*Present scenic design to class
*Justify artistic choices
 9/27  *Full work day for scenic design project
*Ground Plan/Front Elevation
*Present on Monday
 *Scenic Design Presentations on Monday!!!!
 9/25  *Finish Costume Designs
*Scenic design Presentation (on website under assignments and resources)
*Set Design Rubric
*As Rise Moment
*In groups of two, design Front elevation and ground plan based on as rise moment of your choosing
*Scenic Design Research
 9/21  *Terms Quiz #2
*Costume design Presentations
*Tickets on sale for 26 pebbles
 *Buy tix to 26 Pebbles!!
 9/19  *Full Work day for Costume designs
 *terms Quiz on Friday
*Costume design presentations on Friday
 9/17  *Turn in improv reflections to be graded
*Terms for next vocab quiz (Friday)- Terms 1,2,8,11,12
*Brainstorm different roles/jobs in theatre- 90% of jobs are not acting in theatre
*Begin costume design unit
*Costume design powerpoint (under resources and assignments on website)
*Rubric- costume template
*Begin designing costumes based on time period that we discussed
 9/13  *Warm-up with TA
*10 minutes of basketball Freeze practice
*Improv Final
*Peer reviews
 *Turn in Reflection on Monday!
 9/11  *Model basketball Freeze
*Break into groups and practice basketball freeze
*Check for understanding
 9/7  *Characterization through physicalization
*Circle Walk/Character Walk
*Leading Points
*Watch Whose Line is it Anyway - Analyze- How do they accomplish CORE?
 *Print CDE Improv Rubric off of my website and bring to class Tuesday
 9/5  *Rehearse Fairy Tale scenes 20 minutes
*Perform Fairy Tale scenes- Rubrics/paperwork
*Reflection- What did you learn about CORE?
 8/31  *Hitcherhiker
*Three line scenes
*Work on Group Fairy Tale
 8/29  *One Word Story
*First line of story that never has been told
*Group Fairy Tale project work
 8/27/2018  *Terms Quiz
*Warm up-claps/zip/zap/zop
*Birthday Game
*CORE - Character, Objective, Relationship, Environment
*Mirror Game/Slow motion kung foo fighting
*Grid work/Tableaus
*The Accident
 8/23/2018  *Terms for quiz- 8, 16-20
*Ensemble building games
*Focus and concentration
*Zip, Zap, Zop/claps/count to 20/Yes
*Intro to improv
*What are you doing?
*Pass the object x2
*Ball games
 *Terms quiz is Monday
 8/21/2018  *Syllabus
*25 Terms to know
*Getting to know you (or getting rid of awkwardness day 1)
*Classmate interviews
*Ball Games
 *Have syllabus signed and returned by Thursday
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 _______  __________Fall 2018_________  _______________
 _____  ____________________________  _______________
 12/15  *Work on final scenes
*Smykil coaches
*Last day!!!!!
 12/13  *Work on final scenes
*Smykil coaches
 12/11  *Continue staging final scenes 
*Fix tweaks
*Gather props
*Off-book wednesday
 12/7  *Finalized scripts
*Begin staging final scenes
*Off-book wednesday!!!
 12/5  *Finish writing script for final project
*Scripts due by end of class to be shared with Mr. Smykil over google docs to be approved
 12/1  *Begin writing scripts for final project with group
 11/29  *Finish Final duet scene performances
*Begin final project
 11/27  *Review of duet scenes
*Final duet scene performances
*Paperwork due
11/16   *Final day for duet scene coaching
*12th night papers due!!!!
 *Scenes and paperwork happen the Monday we return from break- be ready to go!!!!!!!!!
 11/14  *Duet Scene work
*Peer coachings
 *12th night reviews/reflections due Thursday!!!
 11/10  *Duet scene work
*Coaching- peer coachings
 11/8  *Terms Quiz 4- Terms 21-25
*Coaching signups
*Peer coaching groups
*Must sign up for a slot to be coached
*12th night opens tonight!
*Review due on Friday, next week
 11/6  *Terms quiz cancelled until Wednesday (Terms 21-25)
*Duet Scene Assignments
*Character Questions and Backstory WS 
 *Get Tickets for 12th Night!!!!!
 11/2  *Finish Every Little step
*Begin voice for the actor
 *Get tickets for 12th Night!!!!
*Quiz on Terms 17-21 on Monday- Be ready!
 10/31  *Watch Every Little Step
 *Get 12th Night Tickets!!!
 10/27  *Finish Groups Design Presentations
*Begin next unit: Acting
 *Get 12th Night Tickets!!!!!
 10/25  *Group scenic design presentations
 *Get your 12th night tickets!!!!
 10/23  *Final day for Group Design Work
*Presentations on Wednesday!!!!!
 *Be ready for group design presentations on Wednesday- Bring Rubric!!!
 10/19  *Group Design Work
 10/17  *Group Design Work
 10/12  *Groups Design Work
 10/10  *Introduction of Final Group Design Presentation
*Assignment of One-Acts to design
 10/6  *Finish scenic design presentations
*Terms for next quiz
*Goethe's Principles
*Critical review of a play
 *First LHS Theatre Company production opens tonight at 6:30!
 10/4  *20 Minutes to finish Scenic Design Project
*Present Scenic Designs
 *First fall LHS Theatre Production opens Friday this week!
 10/2  *Full Work day on Scenic Design
*Presentations on Wednesday
 *Scenic design Presentations on Wednesday
 9/28  *Quiz on Terms 1-5
*Finish costume design presentations
*Begin Scenic design
 *First fall production is next week!
 9/26  *Costume design presentations
*Begin scenic design
 *Quiz on Terms 1-5 (25 Terms to know sheet) on thursday
 9/22  *Costume design work
*4 total costumes- two different social classes
 *Costume design presentations are Tuesday
 9/20  *Finish Theatre History Presentations
*Brainstorm different roles/careers in theatre
*90% of jobs in theatre have nothing to do with acting
*Costume design Presentation
*Get in groups of two to design costumes for given time period- rubric and templates provided
*Powerpoint under assignments/resources on website
 9/18  *Theatre History presentations
 9/14  *Theatre History Project
*Groups of three
*6 Google slides with theatre tradition information
 *History Presentations on Monday- Be ready!
 9/12  *Improv Final- Basketball Freeze
*Peer Reviews
 9/8  *Final performances of Fractured Fairy Tales
*Practice/Analyze Basketball Freeze for improv final
*Check for understanding
 *Improv final on Tuesday!  Have rubric printed and ready to go
 9/6  *Work on fractured fairy tales- perform friday
*Watch "Whose line is it anyway"- examine CORE
*Review rubric for improv final
*Work on final-basketball freeze in groups
 *Print rubric for final off of my website- CDE improv rubric
*Be ready to go!
 9/1  *Warmups
*Sound and motion
*Open monologues
*Work on Fractured Fairy Tales
 *Perform Group Fairy Tales on Wednesday
 8/30  *Physicality
*How do you create character?
*Character walks/leading points
*Group Freeze tag
*Begin Group fairy Tale project
 8/28  *Grid Work/Viewoints
*Group Tableaus
*One word Story
*Story that's never been told

 8/24  *Warmups
*Ensemble Games
*improv continued
*Terms for vocab quiz
 *Quiz for terms 15-20 on Monday
 8/22 *Syllabus
*Website Tour
*Partner Interviews
*Ball Games
*Improv- Questions only..
*Have syllabus signed by thursday
*Print up 25 terms from website

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