Stephanie Ramsey

2021-2022 Google Classroom codes sem. 1
Español 3
p. 1 = rutvrmz
p. 2 = hvukxuk
p. 3 = djaxlip

Español 2 Honors
p. 5 = 3medaau 
p. 6 = smjmnaz


Hola, mi nombre es...

Profe Ramsey

¡Bienvenid@ a la clase de español  2021!  I exclusively use Google classroom, so if you need the classroom codes for semester 1, they are posted above.

About Me- some basics:
*I have been teaching Spanish for over 25 years in several different states (Missouri, Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado) which has allowed me to get to know and work with amazing young people around the country.
*I am from Missouri originally and attended the University of Missouri, Columbia.
*I spent a semester abroad during college living in London, England.
*My first trip to a Spanish-speaking country was studying at the Universidad de Costa Rica in San José for a semester.
*In 2002 I earned a Masters in the Art of Teaching Language (MATL) degree.
*I moved to Colorado in 2003 in order to be closer to family.
*I absolutely LOVE to travel and explore other places/cultures anytime anywhere!
*A few places that I've visited:  U.S., Germany, England, Wales, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador... and many more still remain on my bucket list!
*I am a severe
chocoholic - it's an addiction that I do not try to fight.
*I foster dogs through a local organization that brings them to Colorado from other states where they would likely be euthanized.  We find them permanent homes in this dog-loving state.

*I have a spoiled-rotten 10 lb terrier mix named Miss Piggy.  She was my 'foster fail'  when I still had my 16 yr old  shepherd/husky mix that I recently lost.
*I think llamas and alpacas are adorable!

Students:  Please go to our Google Classroom page to look for additional handouts and class info.
Parents:  Please email me with the name and class period of your child if you would like to see their Google Classroom page as well and I'll send you the access code... or you can have your student show it to you.

Contact Information:
Email: [email protected]
Voicemail:  982-7250

Office Hours:  Thursdays  a.m. and other times by appointment.
Hall Supervision duty:
  per. 8

Office/Classoom Location:  B109 (World Language office)/B101 (Classroom)

Español    Class Organizer 2021-2022 Have all your key class info in one location!  : )

Bloque / 


Best way to contact your teacher:

How / When assignments are submitted:

Late work policy?

Online platform used for this class?

Thursday morning intervention hours:

Bloque #

***By email (preferred):

[email protected]

By Google text:


You must begin the text with your first name, last name and your class period, por favor.

FYI: I may not respond if it’s before 7am or after 7pm.

*Submit immediately when requested by  teacher in class.  

*Online assignments are due by 8:00 am the next class day (unless otherwise noted by teacher).

*Must use complete Spanish sentences, as applicable.

*Check Google classroom for outline of daily activities + links, if applicable. 

*Organized by date.   It should be posted and available to you on that same night.

Generally, late work is not accepted.

It receives a 5 point completion score so we can discuss it in class.

Google Classroom

You will receive an invite and/or the code will be posted during class.

You can find me in B101 from 7:30-8:15.

I am available for you at lots of other times.  Please email me to schedule an appointment for before/after school/during your  off-hour on BLACK DAYS only if your hour corresponds with my planning time of periods 7-8.  Located in B109.

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