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It is an honor, privilege, responsibility, and commitment to be a high school leader for the Outdoor Education Laboratory School (OELS).  Students who are juniors and seniors (occasionally sophomores) have the unique opportunity to serve as high school leaders.  This is a week-long, resident experience.  While at OELS, the student leaders help 6th graders learn about science, history, and mountain ecosystems while also learning about themselves and their fellow human beings.  To many of the 6th graders at OELS, the most important person is the high school leader.  Therefore, the leader must be able to put 6th graders’ needs ahead of their own needs.  Leaders serve as guides, friends, teachers, advisors, and a source of inspiration.  In order to fulfill 6th graders’ expectations, the high school leader must be emotionally mature, use good judgment and demonstrate a natural love and respect for children as well as the environment.  

2022-2023 Outdoor Lab Calendar

September 6 - 9 with Edgewater @ Mt. Evans
September 19 - 22 with Patterson / Rose Stein @ Mt. Evans
September 19 - 22 with Lasley @ Windy Peak
October 3 - 7 with Lumberg @ Mt. Evans
October 3 - 7 with Creighton/ Free Horizon @ Windy Peak
October 10 - 14 with Creighton @ Mt. Evans
October 10 - 14 with Creighton @ Windy Peak
October 24 - 28 with Deane @ Mt. Evans
February 27 - March 3 with Molholm @ Windy Peak
2022-2023 Application/Interest Form

Contact Ms. Yantorni if you have any questions or concerns.
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