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Class Expectations and Grading Policy

Students in this class are enrolled in either SL or HL1 IB Economics.  SL students will test in May, and HL students will continue studying with me again next year.


Economics is both a practical and an academic discipline.  Although economics involves the formulation of theory, it is not a purely theoretical subject; economic theories can be applied to real-world examples.  Neither is economics a discrete subject, since economics incorporates elements of history, geography, psychology, sociology, political studies, and many related fields of study. 


In this course, students will acquire an understanding of several economic theories by examining how the economy functions and by discussing pertinent economic issues currently being debated.  From the IB Programme guide: Economics (page 6) the objectives of this course are that students will

  • Have an understanding and knowledge of economic concepts and theories
  • Apply economic theory to a range of circumstances and a variety of situations
  • Analyze information through the use of economic concepts and theories
  • Evaluate concepts and theories from different economic perspectives

Course Content

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • International Economics
  • Development Economics                                                                                                                               

Course Texts

IB Economics Course Companion 2nd Edition by Jocelyn Blink and Ian Dorton 


There will also be other readings assigned throughout the course. In some cases, required readings will only be available online. It is expected that you will read all assigned literature prior to class discussions.

General Expectations
I will instruct this class in a method that best exemplifies an introductory level college course, and I expect students to act accordingly. Due to the short nature of the course and the vast amount of material involved, students are expected to become learners both IN and OUT of the classroom. This means doing reading when it is required and becoming aware of current events and political happenings. It is expected that students stay informed about current events; it would be ideal to read a newspaper every day as well as a weekly magazine such as Business Week. Only in this fashion can students begin to truly understand and apply knowledge. True learning does not occur in the vacuum of the classroom.


Classroom Expectations

I do not expect student behavior to be a problem.  Students will respect themselves, their classmates, their teacher (including substitutes), and any adult joining us during class at all times.  Students will be held accountable to the Code of Conduct for Lakewood High School students.  Students will arrive on time and be ready to participate each and every day. 

Cell phones MUST be out of sight (not seen or heard).  Violation of this policy WILL result in confiscation!


Grading Policy
Grades are earned, not given.  Points are earned for quizzes, projects, tests, class-work, and homework.  Grades are cumulative on a semester basis and are calculated on a standard 10-percent scale.


Late Work

It is the students’ responsibility to ask for any notes or assignments related to tardiness or absences during office hours.  I will post lecture notes and other handouts on the class website.  Flexibility regarding this policy will be allowed for students who communicate exceptional circumstances directly to the teacher.  Graded problems and worksheets may be submitted at any time until the content quiz for full credit, and there is a 10% deduction if assignments are turned in after the quiz.  No assignment will be accepted after that material is tested.


Course Work

The following provides a brief outline of the assignments during the course and their impact on your final grade:


Assignment Category

% of

Final Grade

Quizzes: These will be brief quizzes and will be announced in advance.


Economic Commentaries (IA):

IB candidates will complete a portfolio of three written commentaries applying economic tools, techniques, and theories to current articles from the print media. This assignment is worth 25% towards the IB Economics certificate and will be a major portion of your class grade. A full description of the assignment and due dates will be provided well in advance. A copy of the assignment and due dates will be available on my website.

*2nd semester, 10% will be for review activities.



Exams: An exam will be given after each unit of study. Each exam will be worth 15% of your semester grade.


Classroom projects, activities and discussions: Students will be involved in numerous learning activities and discussions throughout the semester. Homework will generally take the form of reading the textbook, but there will also be question sets, projects, and other opportunities.



How to Reach Me


            303-887-3105 (cell)

Office Hours

3:10 pm – 3:50 pm

Planning Periods blocks 4, 5, and 6

Please make an appointment ahead of time for meetings during planning period(s) as I have many duties at LHS.  

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