IB Social and Cultural Anthropology


In Class:


8/17/2018 Internal Assessment Part I
-Proposal due 8/22,23 (time, place, interest)
-Observation Report 9/4,5

- Name Research (first, middle and last: origins, story and meaning) due 8/20,21
-Summer Assignment due 8/20,21
-Syllabus reviewed and signed due 8/24,27
8/20,21 -Name Introductions
-Symbolic Representations of Cultural Facets on class folders
 -Syllabus signed due 8/24,27
-IA proposal due 8/22,23
-Text Intro pages 1-4 Quiz 8/22,23 (Bring handwritten notes for use on quiz.)
8/22,23 -Proposals due
-List your roles and Intro Quiz
-Intro to Anthro ppt
 -Syllabus signed due 8/24,27
- Quiz Text pages 5-11 8/24,27
- IA Observation Report due 9/4,5
8/24,27  -Syllabus due
-Quiz Chap 1 Reader pages 5-11
- See Intro to Anthro ppt above for discussion on "Big Anthropological Questions"
-Quiz Reader Chap 2 pages 11-15 due 8/28,29
-IA Observation Report due 9/4,5
8/28,29 Quiz Reader Chapter 2 pages 11-15
-Intro to "The Gift" 
Discussion on Exchange
 -Quiz on Reader Chap 3 pages 16-25 due 8/30,31

-IA Observation Report due 9/4,5
8/30,31  -Quiz Reader Chapter 3 pages 16-25
-article on Magical Thinking
 -IA Observation Report due 9/4,5
Find an editor and get proofed before printing!
9/4,5 -IA part A due
-IA debrief
-Summer Assignment debrief
-Story Cards and symbolic thinking
-Tea Party and Bio Research Project

-Lottery for Bio Research Project choices (3 paragraphs - one for each of your top choices justifying why you want to study that individual.

-Reader chapter 19 pages 143-150 quiz on 9/6,7
9/6,7 -Quiz Reader Chapter 19 pages 143-150
-Lottery for Boigraphical Research Project
-Article "Trans Parenting" and discussion
 -Reader Quiz chap 5 pages pages 27-31 "When Brothers Share a Wife" 9/10,11
9/10,11 Intro To Anthro ppt slides 13-23
-Quiz Reader Chap 4 
-History of Anthro ppt 
 Read and annotate handout of History of Anthro Theory for next class 9/12,13
9/12,13  Wade Davis Tedtalk "Cultures at the Edge of the World"- History of Anthropological Theory (Handout) and Assignment -Complete Theory Assignment for 9/14,17
-Come prepared for initial research on Anthropological Biography Project next class
9/14,17 -Scholarly Articles Research Engines instructional video   Reader Quiz on pages 31-35 Chap 5 "How Many Fathers are Best?" 9/18,19

9/18,19  -Quiz Reader chapter 5 with videos for our discussion
-Article on "Na of China"
 -Reader chapter 6 pages 36-48 "To Give up on Words" for quiz 9/20,21
-3 Sources initial Bibliography for Bio Research due 9/20,21
9/20,21 -Reader Quiz Chp 6
-3 Source formatted Bibliography due

-Research Day for Bio Presentations
-Reader Quiz chp 7 "How Families Work" pages 46-61
9/24,25 Quiz on chp 7

-Read chap 9 for class 9/28,-10/1

Simulation next class 9/26,27 in Library Classroom

9/26,27  Bafa Bafa  Chap 9 for quiz 9/28, 10/1 pages 68-79
"Ritual in the Operating Room" 

Last day of in-class research for Bio Presentations next class. Due date for presentations is 10/4,5.
9/28,10/1  -Quiz for Chap 9
-Last day for in-class work time for Bio Presentations
-Reader chap 10"Plastic Red Rituals" pages 81-84 for quiz on 10/2,3
-Bio Presentations due 10/4,5
10/2,3 -Quiz on chp 10 "Red Cups"
-Read chp 8 "Nacirema" in class and discussion (see me after reading if absent)
-Bio Presentations start next class 10/4,5. 
10/4,5 - Bio Presentations and Notecatcher -Reader chp. 11 quiz on 10/8,9
-Remaining Bio Presenters be prepared for next class
10/8,9  Quiz on chap 11 "Adaptive Value of Ritual"
-Bio Presentations
 Reading for next class:
"Why some women choose to get circumcised" online for quiz 10/10,11
1010,11 -FGM/C discussion

 -Reader Quiz for chapter 17 pages 133-138 "Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving?" 10/15,16
10/15,16  - Quiz on Chp 17 "Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving?"
-Burqa Articles and Videos
 Read Chapter 12 "The Worst Mistake in History of the Human Race" pages 92-95
10/17,18  -Read Chapter 12 Quiz

-Reading on Guns Germs and Steel
 Read Chap 25 pages 200-205 "Just Another Job?" for quiz on 10/19,22
10/19,22  -Chap 25 Quiz
 No Reading for next class. Please take care of doing corrections on past quizzes at this time.
10/23,24  Presentations  -Reader Quiz chapter 38 pages 295-302 10/25,26
-Tea Party 10/28,29 -Bring 3"x 5" card with essential notes and a Character Prop
Also: Postcard (half page max size)
      +2nd Block include Name, DOB, DOD, Theoretical Lens
      +4th Block include Name, Most Important Publication with date and research interest
       +5th Block include important conceptual contributions to the field and photo

 10/25,26 Chap 38 Quiz

Sahlins Interview 

Marshall Sahlins on Claude Levi-Strauss 

Questions on reading 

-See above for Tea Party deliverables due next class 10/28,20

Bring a mug for tea!
10/29,30 Anthropologists Tea  -Postcard, Prop and Poem

 Reader Quiz on chp 30 pages 240-242 "Army enlists Anthropology in War Zone" for quiz 10/31,11/1
10/31,11/1  Kevin Carter Story
Ethics Assignment
 Complete and share Ethics Assignment before next class 11/2,5
 11/2,5  Ethics Fishbowl (make up assignment: summarize four ethics scenarios giving your justified stance)  Read Preface including Glossary of "Tales from Facebook" for quiz 11/6,7
11/6,7  Trini Vlogs

Updated Intro ppt
 Read Chapter 1 of Tales from Facebook for quiz 11/8,9
11/8,9 TFF Preface and Chap 1 Quiz

Trini Cultural Context Vids
 Read Caps 2 and 3 in TFF for quiz on 11/12,13
11/12,13  Quiz for chaps 2+3 of TFFB

Ethnography Methodology ppt
 Read chaps 4 and 5 of TFFB for quiz on 11/14,15
11/14,15 Digital Anthro vids 

Quiz for TFFB chaps 4 and 5
 Read chaps 6 and 7 of TFFB for quiz on 11/16,26
11/16,26  Quiz on TFFB chaps 6-7

Ethnography of Youtube

E of Youtube Notecatcher
 Read chapters 8-9 in TFFB for quiz on 11/27,28
11/27,28  Quiz on TFFB chaps 8-9

Videos for appropriation  and localization of Pentecostal Church and a little Steel Band
-Read chaps 10, 11, 12 for quiz and writing assessment 11/29,30
11/29,30  6 Traits ppt (Read before Quiz)

Quiz chaps 10-12

AOI Communication, expression and technology ppt
 Read pages 145-180 of TFFB for quiz on 12/3,4
 12/3,4  Quiz on Doubles and Analysis pt A

 Read TFFB pages 181-204 for quiz on Analysis pt B for 12/5,6 Be prepared to summarize and give examples of each of the 15 theses
12/5,6  TFFB Analysis part B   Complete Analysis B and Read Pages 205-218 for quiz on 12/7,10
12/7,10 -Quiz on TFFB Analysis part C
-How the World was Trolled
-Questions for How the World was Trolled
-Complete Questions for "How the world was trolled" by beginning of class 12/11,12

-Deadlines for missing work and corrections is 12/14 at 3:30
 12/11,12 -" How the World was Trolled" questions due
-Economist Article "The Partisan Brain" discussion
-Internal Assessment Guidelines
 Listen to Radio Lab: "Post No Evil" and take notes on anthropological connections for quiz on 12/13,14 Download App or use youtube link
12/13,14  Internal Assessment Guideline Discussion and examples -Step 2 of your IA is due 1/14,15. Feel free to get it tom earlier so you can get your head start on Part 3 (due 2/4,5)

-"Post No Evil" Quiz will take place 12/17,18. Please bring your copy of TFFB to class. We will critique the ethnography on these dates as well.

-Bring ALL notes, Quizzes and Assignments on Finals Day
 12/15,16  Quiz on "Post No Evil" Podcast

Read article and watch documentary in right hand column.
 -Bring ALL notes, Quizzes and Assignments on Finals Day
-"The Value of Solitude" Article and "Pygmies: Children of the Jungle" Documentary (Netflix)  Questions
12/19,20  Final

IB SCA Assessment Study Guide
 Have a restful and rejuvenating break!

Consider listening to an Audible ethnography over the break:  "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down"  , "Gang Leader for a Day", "Guests of the Sheik", "Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street"(kind of long...), "Dead Men Do Tell Tales" (autobio of forensic anthropologist)
 1/9/19  Discussion of IA markscheme and final 2018 loose ends. Pass out new ethnography: "Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies" IA part 2 due 1/14,15

Foreward to FF, BB read with four written questions based on reading to turn in at beinning of period 1/14,15

Read chapter 1 in full for quiz on 1/16,17 
1/10,11  Paper 1 discussion and examples  IA due shared before next class
4 questions from Foreward of Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies due next class
1/14,15 - IA due shared
-4 Questions from Foreward of FF, BB due
-Triqui and the Neo-Marxists Contextualization Online Assignment
 Read Chapter 1 of FF, BB for quiz on 1/16,17
1/16,17 -Chapter 1 Quiz for FF,BB 
-Article on Gang Violence in Oaxaca (see me for handout)
-Video of Triqui Women
 Read chapter 2 for quiz on FF,BB  1/18,22
1/18,22  -Chap 2 Quiz for FF,BB
Article: A Pain in the Back
Video: Tri-lingual Triqui

 -Read Chap 3 in FF,BB for 1/25,28

-IA part 3 due 2/4,5
1/23,24 -Paper 1 Part A ( see me for make-up)

-Film- The Harvest
 Chap 3 quiz for FF,BB 1/25,28

Internal Assessment part 3 due 2/4,5
1/25,28 -Chapter 3 Quiz on FF,BB

- Las Castas (Read article and submit annotated notes)
 Read chapter 4 of FF,BB for quiz on 1/29,30
1/29,30  Chapter 4 Quiz FF,BB

"Spirit Catches You" Reading
(See me for Make-up)
 -Read FF,BB Chap 5 for 2/4,5

-IA part 3 deadline has been extended to 2/8,11
1/31,2/1 "In Defense of Superstition"

Ethnographic Perspectives on Differentiating Shamans
 -Read FF,BB Chap 5 for 2/4,5

-IA part 3 deadline has been extended to 2/8,11
2/4,5  -Quiz on chap 5 FF,BB
-Plot Questions for Netflix film - 13th  (first 56 minutes)
 Read FF,BB chap 6 for 2/6,7
2/6,  13th Documentary (Netflix) 

13th Questions
2/7  Snow Day  
2/8  Health and Wellness  
2/11  Finish 13th  This is the last week of the 6 week grading period. Corrections and missing assignments will be accepted until 3:30 on Friday 2/15
2/12,13 -Quiz on chap 6

-IA discussion
-Notes on Conclusion of FF,BB due 2/14,15

-IA part 4 deadline has been extended to 2/25,26
Internal Assessment Guidelines

Guiding Questions for IA part 4 Reflection/Critique

2/14,15 -Resistance Circle notes added to FF,BB Conclusion

Chavez video
Ludlow Massacre
Gramsci video

 Homework Readings and Questions due 2/19,20 shared through gmail by beginning of class
2./19,20  Exam Paper 2 part B Samples and Marking comments (see me for make-up) -Contextualize FF, BB to be turned in 2/21,22

-IA part 4 Draft due 2/25, 26
2/21,22  Contextualization of FF,BB and circle conversation wrap-up   IA parts A-D ready to share with peer editors in google docs due 2/25,26
2/25,26  IA part 4 due

Peer Critique Form
 Two Peer Critiques are due for each Author by 2/28,29

Read Night Shift Chapter 1 and appendix for quiz on 2/28,29
2/27,28  -Night Shift Chap 1 Quiz

-stuck in the back article
 -Read "Night Shift" chapter 2 for 3/1,4 
3/1,4  -Quiz Chap 2 Night Shift

-Unconscionable article

-Q2P  film
 -Read Chap 3 in NS for 3/5,6
3/5,6 -NS Quiz chp. 3

-Crash Course -Feminism

-Gender Conflict Theory Questions
 -Read NS chap 4 for quiz on 3/7,8

3/7,8  Quiz for NS chap. 4

Laws and Customs assignment (see me for Reader and Questions)
Read chap 5 of NS for quiz on 3/11, 12

ALL IA's properly submitted with gmail invite have been given suggestions for revision. Contact me immediately if you have not received my comments!  

Final IA due printed and complete before Spring Break 3/21, 22. Proof read thoroughly after revision. Invite others to help in this endeavor BEFORE printing ONE-SIDED and in the proper format:
-Title page with date and student #
-Sections A-D labeled with accurate word count
-Pages numbered not including Title page
-All appendices and graphs at the end of the document
-NO evidence of identification of school, self, or informants in text or headers
-12 pt font and double spacing in conventional script
3/11,12  Quiz for NS chap. 5

History of Social Reform in India
 Read Chapter 6 in NS for quiz on 3/13,14
3/13,14  Snow Days  
3/15,18 -Quiz on chap 6 NS

"A Wife Less Ordinary" (annotated for those that missed discussion)
-Read Chapter 7 for 3/21,22

will be a work day for finalizing the Internal Assessment. Ideally, come with revisions complete for a final proof exchange with a partner. A hard copy final is due with the proper format articulated above on 3/21,22. This is a hard deadline!
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