IB Social and Cultural Anthropology


In Class:


8/17/2018 Internal Assessment Part I
-Proposal due 8/22,23 (time, place, interest)
-Observation Report 9/4,5

- Name Research (first, middle and last: origins, story and meaning) due 8/20,21
-Summer Assignment due 8/20,21
-Syllabus reviewed and signed due 8/24,27
8/20,21 -Name Introductions
-Symbolic Representations of Cultural Facets on class folders
 -Syllabus signed due 8/24,27
-IA proposal due 8/22,23
-Text Intro pages 1-4 Quiz 8/22,23 (Bring handwritten notes for use on quiz.)
8/22,23 -Proposals due
-List your roles and Intro Quiz
-Intro to Anthro ppt
 -Syllabus signed due 8/24,27
- Quiz Text pages 5-11 8/24,27
- IA Observation Report due 9/4,5
8/24,27  -Syllabus due
-Quiz Chap 1 Reader pages 5-11
- See Intro to Anthro ppt above for discussion on "Big Anthropological Questions"
-Quiz Reader Chap 2 pages 11-15 due 8/28,29
-IA Observation Report due 9/4,5
8/28,29 Quiz Reader Chapter 2 pages 11-15
-Intro to "The Gift" 
Discussion on Exchange
 -Quiz on Reader Chap 3 pages 16-25 due 8/30,31

-IA Observation Report due 9/4,5
8/30,31  -Quiz Reader Chapter 3 pages 16-25
-article on Magical Thinking
 -IA Observation Report due 9/4,5
Find an editor and get proofed before printing!
9/4,5 -IA part A due
-IA debrief
-Summer Assignment debrief
-Story Cards and symbolic thinking
-Tea Party and Bio Research Project

-Lottery for Bio Research Project choices (3 paragraphs - one for each of your top choices justifying why you want to study that individual.

-Reader chapter 19 pages 143-150 quiz on 9/6,7
9/6,7 -Quiz Reader Chapter 19 pages 143-150
-Lottery for Boigraphical Research Project
-Article "Trans Parenting" and discussion
 -Reader Quiz chap 5 pages pages 27-31 "When Brothers Share a Wife" 9/10,11
9/10,11 Intro To Anthro ppt slides 13-23
-Quiz Reader Chap 4 
-History of Anthro ppt 
 Read and annotate handout of History of Anthro Theory for next class 9/12,13
9/12,13  Wade Davis Tedtalk "Cultures at the Edge of the World"- History of Anthropological Theory (Handout) and Assignment -Complete Theory Assignment for 9/14,17
-Come prepared for initial research on Anthropological Biography Project next class
9/14,17 -Scholarly Articles Research Engines instructional video   Reader Quiz on pages 31-35 Chap 5 "How Many Fathers are Best?" 9/18,19

9/18,19  -Quiz Reader chapter 5 with videos for our discussion
-Article on "Na of China"
 -Reader chapter 6 pages 36-48 "To Give up on Words" for quiz 9/20,21
-3 Sources initial Bibliography for Bio Research due 9/20,21
9/20,21 -Reader Quiz Chp 6
-3 Source formatted Bibliography due

-Research Day for Bio Presentations
-Reader Quiz chp 7 "How Families Work" pages 46-61
9/24,25 Quiz on chp 7

-Read chap 9 for class 9/28,-10/1

Simulation next class 9/26,27 in Library Classroom

9/26,27  Bafa Bafa  Chap 9 for quiz 9/28, 10/1 pages 68-79
"Ritual in the Operating Room" 

Last day of in-class research for Bio Presentations next class. Due date for presentations is 10/4,5.
9/28,10/1  -Quiz for Chap 9
-Last day for in-class work time for Bio Presentations
-Reader chap 10"Plastic Red Rituals" pages 81-84 for quiz on 10/2,3
-Bio Presentations due 10/4,5
10/2,3 -Quiz on chp 10 "Red Cups"
-Read chp 8 "Nacirema" in class and discussion (see me after reading if absent)
-Bio Presentations start next class 10/4,5. 
10/4,5 - Bio Presentations and Notecatcher -Reader chp. 11 quiz on 10/8,9
-Remaining Bio Presenters be prepared for next class
10/8,9  Quiz on chap 11 "Adaptive Value of Ritual"
-Bio Presentations
 Reading for next class:
"Why some women choose to get circumcised" online for quiz 10/10,11
1010,11 -FGM/C discussion

 -Reader Quiz for chapter 17 pages 133-138 "Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving?" 10/15,16
10/15,16  - Quiz on Chp 17 "Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving?"
-Burqa Articles and Videos
 Read Chapter 12 "The Worst Mistake in History of the Human Race" pages 92-95
10/17,18  -Read Chapter 12 Quiz

-Reading on Guns Germs and Steel
 Read Chap 25 pages 200-205 "Just Another Job?" for quiz on 10/19,22
10/19,22  -Chap 25 Quiz
 No Reading for next class. Please take care of doing corrections on past quizzes at this time.
10/23,24  Presentations  -Reader Quiz chapter 38 pages 295-302 10/25,26
-Tea Party 10/28,29 -Bring 3"x 5" card with essential notes and a Character Prop
Also: Postcard (half page max size)
      +2nd Block include Name, DOB, DOD, Theoretical Lens
      +4th Block include Name, Most Important Publication with date and research interest
       +5th Block include important conceptual contributions to the field and photo

 10/25,26 Chap 38 Quiz

Sahlins Interview 

Marshall Sahlins on Claude Levi-Strauss 

Questions on reading 

-See above for Tea Party deliverables due next class 10/28,20

Bring a mug for tea!
10/29,30 Anthropologists Tea  -Postcard, Prop and Poem

 Reader Quiz on chp 30 pages 240-242 "Army enlists Anthropology in War Zone" for quiz 10/31,11/1
10/31,11/1  Kevin Carter Story
Ethics Assignment
 Complete and share Ethics Assignment before next class 11/2,5
 11/2,5  Ethics Fishbowl (make up assignment: summarize four ethics scenarios giving your justified stance)  Read Preface including Glossary of "Tales from Facebook" for quiz 11/6,7
11/6,7  Trini Vlogs

Updated Intro ppt
 Read Chapter 1 of Tales from Facebook for quiz 11/8,9
11/8,9 TFF Preface and Chap 1 Quiz

Trini Cultural Context Vids
 Read Caps 2 and 3 in TFF for quiz on 11/12,13
11/12,13  Quiz for chaps 2+3 of TFFB

Ethnography Methodology ppt
 Read chaps 4 and 5 of TFFB for quiz on 11/14,15
11/14,15 Digital Anthro vids 

Quiz for TFFB chaps 4 and 5
 Read chaps 6 and 7 of TFFB for quiz on 11/16,26
11/16,26  Quiz on TFFB chaps 6-7

Ethnography of Youtube

E of Youtube Notecatcher
 Read chapters 8-9 in TFFB for quiz on 11/27,28
11/27,28  Quiz on TFFB chaps 8-9

Videos for appropriation  and localization of Pentecostal Church and a little Steel Band
-Read chaps 10, 11, 12 for quiz and writing assessment 11/29,30
11/29,30  6 Traits ppt (Read before Quiz)

Quiz chaps 10-12

AOI Communication, expression and technology ppt
 Read pages 145-180 of TFFB for quiz on 12/3,4
 12/3,4  Quiz on Doubles and Analysis pt A

 Read TFFB pages 181-204 for quiz on Analysis pt B for 12/5,6 Be prepared to summarize and give examples of each of the 15 theses
12/5,6  TFFB Analysis part B   Complete Analysis B and Read Pages 205-218 for quiz on 12/7,10
12/7,10 -Quiz on TFFB Analysis part C
-How the World was Trolled
-Questions for How the World was Trolled
-Complete Questions for "How the world was trolled" by beginning of class 12/11,12

-Deadlines for missing work and corrections is 12/14 at 3:30
 12/11,12 -" How the World was Trolled" questions due
-Economist Article "The Partisan Brain" discussion
-Internal Assessment Guidelines
 Listen to Radio Lab: "Post No Evil" and take notes on anthropological connections for quiz on 12/13,14 Download App or use youtube link
12/13,14  Internal Assessment Guideline Discussion and examples -Step 2 of your IA is due 1/14,15. Feel free to get it tom earlier so you can get your head start on Part 3 (due 2/4,5)

-"Post No Evil" Quiz will take place 12/17,18. Please bring your copy of TFFB to class. We will critique the ethnography on these dates as well.

-Bring ALL notes, Quizzes and Assignments on Finals Day
 12/15,16  Quiz on "Post No Evil" Podcast

Read article and watch documentary in right hand column.
 -Bring ALL notes, Quizzes and Assignments on Finals Day
-"The Value of Solitude" Article and "Pygmies: Children of the Jungle" Documentary (Netflix)  Questions
12/19,20  Final

IB SCA Assessment Study Guide
 Have a restful and rejuvenating break!

Consider listening to an Audible ethnography over the break:  "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down"  , "Gang Leader for a Day", "Guests of the Sheik", "Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street"(kind of long...), "Dead Men Do Tell Tales" (autobio of forensic anthropologist)
 1/9/19  Discussion of IA markscheme and final 2018 loose ends. Pass out new ethnography: "Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies" IA part 2 due 1/14,15

Foreward to FF, BB read with four written questions based on reading to turn in at beinning of period 1/14,15

Read chapter 1 in full for quiz on 1/16,17 
1/10,11  Paper 1 discussion and examples  IA due shared before next class
4 questions from Foreward of Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies due next class
1/14,15 - IA due shared
-4 Questions from Foreward of FF, BB due
-Triqui and the Neo-Marxists Contextualization Online Assignment
 Read Chapter 1 of FF, BB for quiz on 1/16,17
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