Genre Studies


In Class:



Dec. 19


Dec. 17

 Discuss horror       elements


 Questions on final
 No. H.W.

Dec. 13

 What is Absurdism?
 What is   Existentialism?



 Some really short   stories

 Background on 
 Rosencrantz and

 Clip from Stoppard   play- In class work

Dec. 11


 Discuss horror   elements

 Investigative   journalism-

 Read article

 8th Amendment
 Discussion questions

 Ted Talk
 Question on Junger
 No H.W.

 Dec. 7

 Watch "Hush"  No H.W.

Dec. 5th

 Poe "the Black Cat"
 cont.- relationship to

 Short stories

 Two types of horror

 Thoughts on movie
 No H.W.

 Dec. 3

 a) From   Romanticism  to
 Gothic Horror-
 Frankenstein and it's
 Romantic properties

 b) Romantic painters-
 Gericault, Delacroix,
 Fuseli, Friedrich.

 c) Poe

 d) Diamanda Galas

 e)Begin "The Black   Cat"
 No H.W.

 Nov. 29

 In class group work   on "Fences" (20   minutes)

 Group work due

 Horror as genre

 Some predecessors:

 Elements of   Romanticism leading   into Horror

 What is true horror?

 Poe and Obsession

 Listen to/read
 "The Black Cat"
 No H.W.

 Nov. 27

 Completed movie

 No H.W.

Nov. 16

 Continue movie  No H.W.

 Have a great break

Nov. 14

 Began movie version
 of "Fences"
 No. H.W.

 Nov. 12

 Completed reading
 play in class

 Discuss play
 No. H.W.
 Nov. 8

 Continue reading   play in class

 No H.W.

Nov. 6

 Finish presentations

 Discuss Drama as a 

 Intro. August Wilson



 No H.W.

 Nov.   2nd


 Oct 31


 Oct 29

  In class work on
 Presentations next time

 Oct   27th

 In class work on
 You know

 Oct. 25

  Definition of "genre"

  Introduce                      presentation                assignment


  Begin work in class
 H.W. - You know what is upcoming

 Oct. 23

  In class essay

  Introduce                      presentation 

  Begin work on 
 H.W.- Work on presentation

 Oct. 19




 Presentation project   intro.
 H.W.-start brainstorming about   presentation

 Oct. 17


  Recap "Persepolis"

  Sunni-Shia split



  Gave essay prompt

 Ted Talk on Islamic   street art
  No H.W.

 Oct.   15th

 ?'s/comments on   book

 In class S.S.R. to   page 94


 Handed back   Comedy Unit Essays 
 No H.W.

 Oct. 10



 Read "Persepolis"-   (Should be to page   60)

 Watched Ted Talk by   Lesley Hazleton
 No H.W.

 Oct. 8


 Discuss Persepolis

 S.S.R. to page 71

 No H.W.

 In class essay  No H.W.

 Oct 2

 Discussion about   Iran

 Discuss graphic   novels
 - Maus
- Alan Moore

 Begin reading   Persepolis


 Discussed novel
 No H.W.

  Watched episode of    "The Office"

  Schedule for next        week

  In class essay on          Thursday

  Importance of the
 Extra credit- Due Tuesday 2nd
 Typed, double-spaced,12 point font
 a) What are the IMPLICIT aims of 
 b) What elements of of comedy make
 it an effective genre?
 c) Each of the 3 pieces that we saw
 contain examples of well constructed
 and effective subtext. Provide   examples of subtext from the 3 pieces
 and explain how it is used to further 
 the narrative value of each piece.
 ( If you don't know what subtext is,
 look it up).

Sept. 26

 Completed film


 Discussed  "mockumentary"

 Read a script in class   from "The Office"
 No H.W.

Sept. 24

 Introduced Coen         Brothers

 Began watching "Raising Arizona"
 No H.W.

 Sept.   20

 Completed movie


 Study guide due
 Questions assigned (Due next class)

 Sept.     18

  Background on            Kubrick and Peter        Sellers

  Began watching 
  "Dr. Strangelove"

  Study guide                  assigned.
 Sept.   14

 What is comedy?
 Comedy is serious
 Clips from Chaplin,
 Keaton, Chan and
Sept. 12

 Hand back essays
 Ted Talk- "The     Dangers of a Single   Story"
 Recap. chracteristics
 of Magic Realism
 Read " The   Handsomest   Drowned Man in the 
 Assign writing work
 Assignment due on Tuesday 18th
Sept. 10


 Collect homework
 Recap. elements of 
 Magic Realism
 Short story
 (Writing assignment)
 H.W.- (Writing assignment)
 Sept. 6  
 Collect essay
  Bring to class on Thursday:
  a) one natural object
  b) one manufactured object
  c) one photograph containing ANY   image
 August   30th Completed Faulkner and O'Connor stories.

Discussed stories
 After reading the  Faulkner and O'Connor pieces, you should be able to identify elements of Southern Gothic literature in both pieces ("A Rose For Emily" and "The Life You save May be Your Own"). However, merely because the two pieces belong to the same genre, there are some distinct differences. I would like you to write a five paragraph essay about the depiction of women in both pieces. This is a compare/contrast essay. Address how the women's roles are similar/different in both stories.Address the way that both authors depict women and to what extent they are able to wield power (or not) in the respective pieces. Finally, analyze which literary techniques each author uses to characterize the women in each story.DO NOT EXCEED FIVE PARAGRAPHS AND MALE SURE THAT YOU INCLUDE PLENTY OF TEXTUAL EVIDENCE.
12 point font
Double spaced
Times New Roman font
 Due on Tues.4th
August 28 

 Assignments due
 Introduce Southern Gothic
 - YouTube
 - Romanticism-Gothic- Southern Gothic
 - pg. 516 in text
   Begin Reading " A Rose For Emily"- (Intro.
 ( If time, introduce Flannery O' Connor).
August 24 

 Work time in class  None
 August     22   Work time in class  None
August 20 

 General questions
  Satire from "The Onion" and read "Harrison      Bergeron"
 Satire assignment/discuss
 August 17  Name game   None

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