Multicultural Literature

May 1st

 1st hour- Complete story

 In class writing

 Movie version

 Hints for final

 3rd hour- Complete story

 In class writing
 In class essay on   Friday

April 29

 Purpose of art?

 "Meta" and "Sur"

 "La Chien Andaluz"

 Varese- Poem Electronique

 Cont./complete story
 No H.W.

April 25

 Cont. short story  No H.W.

April 23

 1st hour-
 Short video on Existentialism and   description of Modernism

 Cont. short story

 3rd hour-

 Talk about Modernism and

 Kafka and connection to Magic

 Short video on Existentialism  

 Begin reading "The   Metamorphosis"
 No H.W.
April 19  1st hour- Continued with short   story

 3rd hour- More work on Japanese
 No H.W.

April 17th

 1st hour- Warm-up

 Introduction to Kafka and   relationship to Magic Realism

 Introduction to Modernism and

 Begin reading "The   Metamorphosis" in class

 3rd hour- Read "The Little Green 
 Monster" by Murakami

 In class work
 No H.W.

 April 15

 1st hour- Warm-up

 Read "The Little Green Monster"
 by Murakami


 3rd hour- Looked at Japanese

 Worked on in class assignment
 No H.W.

April 11

 1st hour-

 2 Japanese female authors

 Modern Haiku

 Read "The Little Green Monster"

 Read "Just Lather, That''s All"

 2nd hour-

 Warm-up on reincarnation

 Read Chinese and Japanese   versions of "The Painted Skin"

 In class writing on stories
 No H.W.

April 3

 1st hour-

 Worked on "My Life With The   Wave" assignment

 Looked at Zen parables- writing

 Began looking at Tanka poems

 3rd hour-


 Li-Po poetry

 In class writing

April 1st

 1st hour- Read about Japanese   culture and society

 Talked about Zen Buddhism

 Read "My Life With The Wave" by
 Octavio Paz

 3rd hour- Warm-up

 Background on China

 Doc on Confucius

 Read Analects

 Intro. Lao-tzu and Taoism

 Writings by Lao-Tzu

 Exit ticket

 No H.W.

acquaint ourselves with Lao
 Tzu and Confucius

 In class writing assignment

 2nd Hour - Warm-up

 Discussed Suspense

 Read "Lather, and Nothing Else"
 by Tellez

 Watched short video of story

 In class writing assignment

 No H.W.
March 19

 1st Hour- Read more Analects by

 Introduced Taoism and Lao-Tzu

 Began watching documentary on   artist Ai Weiwei

 3rd hour- More stories from
 Central America


March 15

 1st Hour- Introduction to
 Confucius video from
 "Geniuses of the Ancient World"
 on Netflix

 Read introductory material on
 Confucius and a couple of his

 3rd Hour- Introduced Octavio Paz

 Read "My Life With  the Wave"

 In class writing assignment
 No H.W.

March 13th

March 11th

 In class essay  no H.W.

              March 7

 Discussed "Fall of the House of
 Usher" and how it relates to
 "House Taken Over"

 Read "House Taken Over"

 Played blue links game
 No H.W.

March 5th

 Final on unit - March 11

 Watch for...?- TAKE NOTES
 No H.W.
March 1st

 1st hour- Warm-up

 Read "A Very Old Man With   Enormous Wings"- assignment
 while reading


 Begin "Big Fish"- students will
 identify elements 
Feb. 27

 1st hour- warm-up

 Went over characteristics of 
 Magic Realism and discussed

 Read "In The Family" By Maria

 Group questions due by end of

 3rd hour- Warm-up

 Introduced Marquez and 
 characteristics of Magic   Realism.

 Read "The Handsomest   Drowned Man In The World"

 No H.W.

Feb. 25th

 1st hour- Ted Talk

 Introduced Magic Realism

 Read "The Handsomest   Drowned Man In The World


 3rd Hour- Warm-up

 Read poems by Leo Romero


 TP-CASTT assignment in class
 No H.W.
Feb 21st

 1st hour- Warm-up

 Introduction to Magic Realism

 Read "The Handsomest   Drowned Man In The World".


 3rd hour- Warm-up/share

 Read poetry by Leo Romero

 In class TP-CASTT assignment
 No H.W.
Feb. 19

 1st hour-Warm-up (quote   analysis)

 Excerpt from "The West"

 Began to discuss elements of Art
 Analysis-line, color, composition

 Show checklist

 Two examples- Fuseli and   Friedrich

 Jesse Cooday
 No H.W.
 Feb. 14


 Other Native creation stories

 Read "The Way to Rainy   Mountain" by Momaday and
 "The Man to Send Rain Clouds"
 by Leslie Marmon Silko
 Feb. 12th   Article on climate change and
  the genocide of Natives

 "Twin Spirits"

 Began to read "The World On
 Turtle's Back"
 No H.W.
Feb. 8th

 Watched "Persepolis"
 No H.W.
Feb. 6
 In class essay  No H.W.
Feb. 4
 Collect poems

 Finish/discuss novel


Jan. 31
 S.SR. Persepolis

 Intro. creative writing

 Begin work in class

 H.W.-Six poems due
 next class, typed, 12
 point font and double-
Jan. 29

 Warm-up due in class

 Sunni-Shi'a split

 Discuss novel

 Ted Talk by el Seed and J.R.- The 
 Power of Street Art as a change 
 No. H.W.
 Jan. 25  Warm-up due in class

 Islamic art and design (3rd hour)

 Sunni-Shi'a split (1st hour)


 Discuss novel

 Vocabulary game
 No H.W.
 Jan. 23  S.S.R./writing prompts

 Discuss book

 B/G on Koran

 Passages from Koran

 Work on in-class writing. Due   by end of class
 No H.W.
 Jan. 18  Warm up- in class writing

 S.S.R. Persepolis in class

 3rd hour- Rumi poems- in class
 writing assignment.

 Discuss novel

 Ted Talk -J.R.
 No H.W.

 Jan. 16


 Rumi's poetry-writing   assignment- 1st hour

 Talk by Lezley Hazleton- 2nd 
 hour- writing assignment

 S.S.R. Persepolis


 Discuss novel
 No H.W.

Jan. 14


 The benefits of Multiculturalism-
 Ted Talk by Wade Davis

 Background on Persia/Iran

 Gallery walk

 If time, begin reading Persepolis
 in class


Jan. 10

 Why is it important to study

 Map activity


 Ted Talk- "The Dangers of a   Single Story"

 "The Fraud of Multiculturalism"

 In class writing activity

Jan. 9


 What we will be studying this 

 Name game
 No H.W.

Dec. 19


Dec. 17

 Discuss play/movie

 Questions in class to assist on
 No. H.W.

Dec. 13

 Complete movie

 Discuss: What positive outcomes
 emerge from Troy? His Death?
 Is this an overall optimistic or
 pessimistic play? Themes?

 Intro. Harlem Renaissance

 Zora Neale Hurston- "How It   Feels To Be Colored Me"

Dec. 11

 Watch "Fences"  No H.W.


 Finish reading "Fences"

 Discussion on Institutions and
 their role in the play
 No H.W.

Dec. 5

 Cont. reading play  

Dec. 3

 Background on August Wilson,
 Negro Leagues, characters in   

 Assign roles

 Begin reading
 No H.W.

Nov. 29

  Chinese Poetry/Short story

  In class assignment
 No H.W.

Nov. 27

 Read  stories by Chinese writers

 2 Ted Talks

 In class assignment
 No H.W.

Nov. 16

 Chinese poetry and short stories

 In class assignment


Nov. 14

 Discuss Zodiac

 Ted Talks by Chinese artists

 In class assignment
 No H.W.

Nov. 12

 Discuss basic concepts about

 Introduce Confucious

 Introduce Thaoism
 No H.W.

Nov. 12

 Read "the Little Green Monster?
 by Haruki Murakami

 In class assignment due in class

Nov. 8


 Tanaka poetry

 Video and text-based examples 
 read in class

 Introduce Murakami

 Read "The Little Green   Monster"  short story

 In class work

 No. H.W.

Nov. 6

 Complete presentations

 Overall discussion about Asia

 Intro. lit.

 Read in class


 In class Haiku assignment- due
 by end of class
 No H.W.

Nov. 2nd


Oct. 31st

 Work on presentations  

 Oct. 29

 Continue work on presentations  

 Oct. 25

  Continue working on                      presentation in class  H.W.- You know that   the presentations
 begin next week

 Oct. 23

  Introduce presentation


  Begin work in c;lass

 Oct. 19th


  Chief Joseph

  Excerpt from "The West"

  Introduce presentation                  assignment
 Begin work on   presentations

 Oct. 17th


 More trickster tales

 Videos on Tricksters

 Read one story

 In class questions due at end of   class
 No H.W.

 Oct. 15


 (Other creation stories, if time).

 Introduce "Trickster Tales"

 Examples of Trickster Tales

 Short videos
 No. H.W.

 Oct. 10th


 Discussion about Creation   Stories

 Read "The World On Turtle's   Back"

 Discussed story AND similarities
 between Native story and
 Judeo-Christian creation stories
 Oct. 8


 The Nations

 Literature before the Europeans

 Ted Talk
 No H.W.

 Oct. 4

 College fair signup

 Read "Earnesto's Mother"


 Ted Talk
 No H.W.

 Oct. 2nd


 Introduce first story
 - away from Magic Realism
 - deals with the harsh realities   of authoritarian rule

 What is a Hero?

 Read story


 In class assignment
 Sept. 28

  Warm up

  Octavio Paz poems and short      story


 In class writing activity
 No. H.W.

 Sept. 26


  Intro. to Octavio Paz

  Read two poems and a short        story

  in class questions

 Sept. 24


  Read " A Very Old Man with          Enormous Wings"
  Assignment due next      class


 Intro. to Marquez

 Read "The Handsomest   Drowned Man in the World"

 Questions for H.W.
 Questions due next   class
 Sept. 18


 Recap. on Magic Realism

 Read "House Take Over"

 Sept. 14

 Introduced Magic Realism

 Looked at paintings by Kahlo   and Rousseau

 Read "in The Family" By 
 Maria Elena Llano

 Sept. 12

 Completed film
 Took test over Persepolis
 No H.W.
 Sept. 10

  Begin watching Persepolis
 Review text/notes for   exam over novel
 6th   September

 Iran-Iraq war video        
 Questions in class from pg. 80-   86
 Collect questions
 Look at parts from novel
 Culture and Judgement


 30 August


 In class writing
 Vocab. game

 28 August

 Warm up
 Questions on Theme
 Look at individual frames in book
 Wade Davis Ted Talk
 Map activity
 24 August   Warm-up
 Questions on graphic novel
 Continue reading

 22nd August 

 Background on Iran
 Black and White in the dictionary
 Reasons for teaching/learning   Multiculturalism
 Video- "The Fraud of Multiculturalism"
 Began reading Persepolis
 20 August  Syllabus
 Name game

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